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  1. Nope, unless something is planned to change in the next GAIA updates accuracy or any other skill isn't effected by GAIA or MCC. Try re downloading MCC then try running the server only with MCC then add mods until you'll get to the mod that is interfering with MCC.
  2. So we can tell for sure that it isn't on MCC side. Some legacy errors need to be fixed. Nope MCC doesn't handle with micro managing AI including accuracy - it will only set the skill of units spawned with MCC. Unfortunately not. I'll get to it soon including how can one mod it as he see fit. But you can ask here and maybe even help expending the Wiki 1. You can't since it is local to the player. 2. You found out. 3. The "armed" variable of the IED should return false. The trick is that the real IED isn't the object that you are using but a hidden object next to it so you first need to get the realIED class and then check if it is armed. Something like this: _realIED = this getVariable ["realIed",objNull]; _realIED spawn { //give some time to MCC init to catch up waituntil {time > 20}; if (isnull _this) exitWith {systemchat "error: NO IED DETECTED"}; while (_this getVariable ("armed",false)) do {sleep 1}; hint "IED disarmed"; };
  3. iPwnR you rocks :cc: :cc: As stated before - if you have problems with MCC and Eden just create a new mission apparently there are some legacy issues.
  4. Both of you: It's already stated that the mission generator errors are coming from using Eden editor, or not using it, anyway it isn't on MCC side - the errors are coming from BI count function not from MCC. Yeah when you finish the game the IED timer stops that is the idea. Nothing happened. If you don't stop the timer it will explode when it reaches zero. There is an error that you can re-play already disabled IED but it fixed in the upcoming version.
  5. Thanks I thought it might be it. My suggestion is build new missions' templates. Welcome back :wub:
  6. I can check if I could minimize the spawn distance. The problem with most of the errors you are posting is that they are in BI function. I don't know if BI changed some of the functions I will have to take a look. What is it ARP2? you can add items to MCC yourself that is the idea behind MCC. Items will spawn only if a player searched the loot spawn before and looted it clean. Regarding cooking exc. I created the framework for the survival and I let the players create their own game. You can add any function to an inventory item you can read it here: http://mccsandbox.wikia.com/wiki/Survive_mod Thanks I'll check it out. What artillery vehicle are you using? Thanks
  7. I tested it and it seemed to work fine.
  8. MCC ammo boxes are used only by players. It is like BF ammopacks where a player can pick up an ammo box and drop it on the ground when needed and then him or other players can restock ammo, grenades and medical equipment out of it. It doesn't open an inventory dialog it just resupply weapons that the player already have. Each ammo box will vanish after certain amount of restocks or after 5 minutes. You use the bigger version which is the MCC Ammo Crates - that can be bought from the HQ if logistics is enabled which will allow vehicles and players to restock ammo from them (vehicles by getting close and players by using the MCC or ACE interaction key). To use the MCC ammo boxes one need to have at least one box in his inventory and then either use ACE self interaction or MCC key binds by pressing the 4 button and toggle between utilities until he get the ammo box and then pressing the left mouse button to place them on the ground. To resupply just use MCC or ACE interaction. Yes I would love to see more How-to videos :) 1. The start location HQ should spawn directly at the module location. Players that spawn on it will spawn near it depends on the empty positions found. 2. No, the enemy will eventually attack the player's HQ if the players inflict enough damage to the enemy's side. 3. The zone restriction restrict players not AI from entering it. You can't restrict AI from entering a zone ATM. I guess that you have the MCC settings module and because of the current error with modules not saving variables in Eden it just switch to "No action menu" option - that is why you don't see MCC in the action menu. Should be fixed in BI side. You need to place Supply crates not Ammo or Fuel and at least 2 more players or AI units next to the building placeholder until the process complete. You will see the crates turn into sacks and then vanish.
  9. Thanks for your responses. We can sum it up that MCC is good to go (waiting on GAIA update for the release). Regarding the red circle I can try and push something for the incomming release.
  10. After testing 1.56 tonight I don't find any errors with MCC. So pleas inlight me if you do.
  11. You should consult the BI Arsenal commands to restrict items from showing up in it. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arsenal Loot will respawn if the previous loot has been cleaned out. So if the players used some loot point as a stash MCC will not overwrite the values. In short: in order to respawn loot the cache need to be empty and 24 in game hours, by default (you can change that with the MCC_surviveModRefresh variable). Now do you even get the search option on your editor's placed items? did you loot everything from it? do you use inidb (in the next update i'm switching to inidb2 and you can even enjoy it without any 3rd party addons). It should save in 1.56 but I hadn't have the chance to check it out. Eden and ArmA 2d editor saves in different save files. So you can mixed match them.
  12. MCC will use any weapons loaded with addons if you want to restrict the weapon use this: class CfgMCCspawnItems { class MCC_survivalWeapons { itemClasses[] = {{"hgun_pistol_heavy_02_F"},{"SIG_P226"}}; }; };
  13. Ok, I need to update to 1.56 and see whats going on. I have a new version to release that would probably need some fixing since Eden update and I'm waiting on Spirit amazing progress on GAIA. Spawning without an HQ shouldn't be a problem i'm afraid some BI functions has been changed in the dev version the set insigna function was broken so it might be it. You have in the MCC 3d editor or in MCC's Zeus a preset for unit to force stand up.
  14. HI, Just came back from Prague - what a wonderful city it is: hot girls and cheap beers - or was it the other way around :rolleyes: I see there are some problem with the 1.56 update. We'll take a look on it. EDIT: After some reading the errors with modules in Eden are BI side and happends in other mods as well - so just stick to the 2d editor if you planning on adding modules.
  15. You can set whatever zone you want prior to mission start - a zone is just a marker and you can name it whatever you like. Again a zone is just a marker. Then put this init on the group leader group this setVariable ['GAIA_ZONE_INTEND',["zoneMarkerName","MOVE"], true]; Where "zoneMarkerName" is the name of the zone and "MOVE" is the behavior. The behavior can be any of the bellow: "MOVE" - AI will patrol the zone and pursuit known enemies outside the zone. "NOFOLLOW" - AI will patrol the zone but will not pursuit known enemies outside the zone "FORTIFY" - AI will look for empty building and static weapons and dig inside Now go an put this info on the Wiki for the next one who will ask the same questions - http://mccsandbox.wikia.com/
  16. I took it down to update it. I'm there now
  17. Just enter Vanila without any mods it is a mission version
  18. Guys, I'm planning to do some test mission to the new version and some PvP tonight on the ArmA Series Server - thanks Tango. You can find the server via remote in the address port: 2302 password: test You can experiment it atm and I'll be there tonight so you can buy me a virtual beer and test the new version. Cheers
  19. The boys are back in town :rolleyes: Thanks Spirit for returning to MCC and his wonderfull GAIA :619:
  20. I don't know much about the selectPlayer and what is transferred to the new player you can put this in the new player to get MCC accesss mcc_actionInedx = player addaction ["<t color=""#99FF00"">--= MCC =--</t>", MCC_path + "mcc\dialogs\mcc_PopupMenu.sqf",[nil,nil,nil,nil,0], 0,false, false, "",_string]; player setVariable ["MCC_actionMCCMain",mcc_actionInedx]; Regarding bleeding I've already stated atm it bugged. If you want to disable bleeding you can use: player setVariable ["MCC_medicBleeding",0,true]; I have no clue what you mean. You can add custom scripts by putting you own variables in your misison init. sqf ?(mccPresetsVehicle, mccPresetsUnits, mccPresetsObjects) Look at the init file in here to learn how to do it: https://github.com/shaygman/mcc_sandbox.Altis/blob/master/init.sqf
  21. Regarding FPS - yeah the more function of MCC you use the heavier it will be on clients and server - but following this logic no one should build a car that can drive over 120 KPH :) It is up for the users to decide what features they want and what they don't depend on their game style and rig. All of the new features are optional and in this update most of them are client side. Regarding your question: I didn't understand the "selectPlayer" thing... please explain in detail. Regarding MCC medical system it is broken since the new protection gear update by BI - I fixed it and I'll release it in the upcoming update.
  22. Oh that will be great. ATM it is a mission so no need for mods exc.
  23. Announcement In the past I was part of the Project Reality for ArmA 3 team. If you lived on the moon in the last 10 years Project Reality or PR in short was a realistic PvP mod for Battlefield 2 and today Squad is his spiritual successor. In the last few weeks I was working on getting all the pieces and bites that we did then and I did since then and combined them to be supported in MCC. A majority of the upcoming update is related to that (hence the new UI). I have some AAS mission template that is working and I would love to have some of you guys (and anyone you can get) help us test the new features and the template. We will need a server. So if there is anyone around here that is willing to get his clan/community to it and help out it would be great. Please contact me here or in Steam (shaygman) if you in. See you on the battlefield.
  24. I just want to clarify: I'm only working on stuff that I like and/or I find as a challenging enough - that is the idea of a hobby. I think we are going out of our way (I wish other mod makers will follow) in not forcing our ideas and leaving every new feature in MCC as optional and by default off, we also try to work out with other popular mods but If you don't like it - don't download it !!! Hence above, all the new features where asked from people using MCC so instead of ranting you can give ideas to what you would love to see i future releases and maybe if will find it suitable and challenging enough we might work on it. Regarding battlefield generation you can: 1. press the "Ambient Warzone(off)" button in the main MCC interface it will spawn ambient units around the player depends on the available factions on the battlefield. 2. Enabling the Campaign module that will spawn ambient units depends on the players performance in missions and will generate procedural missions - best combine with RTS so that the players can build and expend their base. 3. Enable the ambient civilians mod but putting enemy faction will spawn enemy units and vehicles in towns around the players. 4. Making some zones and spawning units with 9999 respawn value in GAIA will keep the units/group respawning. (Best combine with Cache). 5. Mix of the above.
  25. Wait a second are you trying to do it in the 2d editor?