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  1. Yes Just for buying units not weapons exc The transport trucks will sit and wait for another group from it side to request transport. What is module ini? Nope What rekkless post - shouldn't be any problem with ACE and MCC.
  2. Most likely you have an addon running that disabling action menu or you have put the MCC Settings and selected "No" in the "Action Menu" - which removes MCC entry from the action menu. Either way the good news it seems like MCC is running on your client and you can open it from the Ctrl + Delete key by default. Sorry not gonna happened, GAIA as every other script that is running on a computer is consuming CPU - if it is more or less then other - I don't know but it is a part of MCC and it only kicked in if you spawn units controlled by GAIA as you can spawn AI with the default BI behavior. Happens in multi-languages keyboards, something to do with the codex - no idea. But it happens to me sometimes I just type the text on the run's command line (Start + R) and paste it in game.
  3. Guys at the moment the survival module is bugged. If u enable it players can't log into the server unless they already in the server. So for now just enable it from the mission's settings while all players are in game. You can check the WIP version (mission only) here: https://github.com/shaygman/mcc_sandbox.Altis/tree/GAIA Where this changes are expected
  4. AFAIK MCC doesn't change effect the action menu - it strange what you describe, can it be related to other mod that you are using? Mate, MCC automatically adds valor to kills. I can add a shop if u need.
  5. Mod The mission wizard looks for building only if you set the CQB option on... otherwise it will look for empty places to place the objective
  6. I didn't know that - i'll fix it. The campaign is getting some TLC atm - so expect a lot of things to change and new functionality to be added.
  7. Just to remind you guys that there is a dedicated server waiting for you at or just look for "MCC Reality Squad" at the filter. It's currently down as i'm updating it to Apex and releasing a mission for it. It's running Vanila now and have CUP/ACE/TFR on it waiting for some dedicated admins. Here is the invite for the discord channel - feel free to drop by: https://discord.gg/3DzkzAn What is the different between that and selecting 3 tasks of: destroy cache in a zone? I'm currently struggling with getting this version out but I promise I'll work on the mission gen for next release.
  8. Yes both values effects the number of AI spawns and not the skill. The uses of those two gives users more control over the missions difficulty. I really don't know why the mission is ending upon capturing a zone I believe it is something to do with winning conditions that you put. Regarding inidbi I would wait for the update as this part completely reworked. Yes this are errors :rolleyes: would be fixed in the next update. You should have a combox up there where you can switch which mod keys are you defining. You should open it first at the normal editor to see that everything is placed right and then import to Eden. If you'll give me some nice advice regarding the mission gen you might get what you asked for.
  9. I'll take the few minutes while at work to introduce you to: 1. I've rented a server for MCC game and fun - it is a 40 slot public atm called: "MCC Reality Squad" (IP: look for it on the ArmA launcher and feel free to join. You'll probably find me around. 2. The server is running a new game mode AAS (Advance And Secure) mission, no mods needed. Which is a PVE/PVP mission based on my days on Project Reality for ArmA 3. You can join alone as there will be AI to fight with and against you and it is tons of fun. 3. ATM there are 3 type of missions: Infantry focused, vehicles focused and CQB focused but each mission has random weather including special weather such as sandstorms and blizzards and random time. I'll release more missions later. 4. The server is running inidbi2 atm so all your stats will be saved. 5. I've opened a discord server https://discord.gg/014LlRZaqzXGqCoV6 where you can instant chat with me and other MCC users about MCC, life, planning a mission or whatever you want to. 6. I'll give admin power to selected few so they can arrange private MCC nights on the server with you favorites mods: RHS, ACE, CUP exc. 7. I'll release the new version buy the end of this weekend so help me god (and my little daughter). :P Cheers and see you on the battlefield. :292:
  10. I sorry but I wasn't able to make the release tonight - baby had some other ideas regarding my spare time - I'll try to do it tomorrow
  11. I will publish great news regarding the new update and a new game mod and a new server for you guys to enjoy MCC (Europe region) tomorrow evening... spread the words guys. Nope but you can write something simple as: 0 spawn { //Run only on server if !(isServer) exitWith {}; private ["_res","_supply","_ammo","_fuel","_food","_meds"]; //Main Loop while {true} do { sleep 60; //Set whatever interval you like { //Get the res for the side _res = missionNameSpace getvariable [_x,[1500,500,200,200,200]]; //Set new values _supply = (_res select 0) + 100; _ammo = (_res select 1) + 100; _fuel = (_res select 2) + 100; _food = (_res select 3) + 10; _meds = (_res select 4) + 10; //broadcast to all missionNameSpace setVariable [_x,[_supply, _ammo, _fuel, _food, _meds]]; publicVariable _x; } foreach ["MCC_resWest","MCC_resEast","MCC_resGUER"]; }; }; Ok will check it out. The convoy is bugged ATM - a fixed version is coming soon. No a commander need resources and players need fame to buy vehicles. Unfortunately it will be fixed in the next update. ATM commander need both fame and resources. Ok i'll check it out. Engine limitation and kind of making sense to me. If you kill someone inside a group the whole groups should get alerted even if the didn't see the killer. Make sense and completely work with the buddy team system in my eyes. And yes MCC will work with Tanoa or any other island. AI don't revive but this will be fixed in the upcoming update. AI can be revived using epinephrine after bandaging him.
  12. If anyone have some problems with the 1.6 update state them here so I can quickly fix them in the next release as I don't know how long until I would find the time to make a new update. I can barley find the time to release the one that is ready.
  13. Unfortunately my HD crushed and I had to buy a new one and re-install windows - joy. The good news is that I had backup for almost everything. Now I try to find the time when i'm not beat up to finish and release. TBH I remember I've fixed it. Same, I think I did fixed it - I have to check. Ok Nice idea... we'll see I can't hold responsibility for mods that get you out of a group. Same for ALIVE
  14. Steam disabled the option to update missions. Only mods can be updated therefor I stopped updating the mission on steam but I do update the missions here. You can download the latest update in the first post of this thread. I believe I've fixed the UC module. I will add a check for the UC before adding a new option. you can start the undercover from a script where the player is local by using this: 1st variable - the unit - must be local. 2nd variable - BOOLEAN - true: remove all weapons from the unit.
  15. It's true i'm very busy with the new addition to our family i'll do my best to release the new version by this weekend. I'v looked over the script it defiantly save the AI skill on saving and load it upon loading. I remeber reading somewhere that the skill command will always return 0.5 on non-local units. Which might effect either your finding or if you are building the mission on a dedicated server MCC won't be able to get the correct AI skill therefor it won't be able paste it into the loaded units, you might want to check it by creating a local mission. This will need further testing. Yes there is from the Zeus MCC modules.
  16. Thanks guys :wub: If you want to give access to everyone just don't put the access module. The access module is to restrict access to specific players.
  17. The new version is ready - just need to make some video about it and release. here is the change log to give you time for comments and getting used to. Check the WIKI, correct my grammar if you can and give feedback :)
  18. babe_core isn't MCC related. Check you other addons. I have a website?!
  19. When AI is given a WP and not by GAIA as ALIVE might give him GAIA ignores him. I personally don't like whole island battlefield as even the greatest war is a serious of missions and not a constant battlefield but I think it is a fair trade that the AI outside of the mission will be less smart that the one inside the mission area. But that just me. Thanks will check it out. By default if you disable MCC logistics from module or MCC_allowlogistics = false; The ability to call construction of FOB, fortifications exc is disabled. This works for the self interaction in ACE or MCC but apparently I didn't disabled this on the PDA (will try to put it on my todo list) but if MCC logistics is disabled worst case team leaders will call for a construction of something that will never be constructed because they will never get the supplies they needed.
  20. I don't know if it is the mods you are using or the fact that i'm playing on a newer MCC version but for me all the units spawned by the mission gen are spawned on GAIA behavior. There is no match between MCC and ALIVE as the last is much better in creating a full map battlefield while in MCC we focus on specific missions. So If you want to mix the two to the best let ALIVE do the global randomization and use MCC for the mission itself. There are two ways to put AI in buildings using MCC:Fortify and garrison. 1. Fortify - in fortify behavior a group of AI will spawn and look for the neares buildings to, well, fortify in it. The will leave the fortification if needed or under fire. 2, Garrison - AI will spawn indevdually (not grouped) inside buildings and will never move from there position or go prone. The mix of the two will give them the beavior you are after. P.S when using the Missiow Generator only garrison units will spawn.
  21. Hi Moony 1. Units generated by the mission generator are controlled by GAIA with a few exceptions such as civilians and enemies spawned inside houses are not GAIA controlled. 2. It's kind of oxymoron as ALIVE do the same as GAIA when it comes to spawn AI and control it. And even if you give the spawned AI to GAIA, GAIA will ignore it as it ignores AI that have already WP assigned to them. So you can have ALIVE and GAIA run together handling different AI groups but both of them controlling the same group can lead to unexpected behaviors. That said I can imagine you want to use ALIVE for the random spawns of enemies across the map there are some way to do it in MCC such as the ambient modules or activating battlefield on. Regarding the update, it is ready and being polished I was waiting for Spirit to finish his work on GAIA but he is very busy lately so I can't guarantee it will be fully ready for the update.
  22. Try using: magazines[] += {"newblahblahnew"};
  23. You got a missing } at line 36,256 most likely something in the init line. I've tested it with the latest version and I don't see anything wrong with EVAC, I can't remember if I fixed it or not and I lost the changelog due to HDD crush. Hi Moon you can put the MCC GAIA settings module and select yes in the give all units to GAIA this should do the trick. GAIA should ignore any AI that have WP assigned to them so just give WP to units you want to exclude. Maps should get stuck only when you enable the surviving settings on. Do you experience something different? First you'll need inidb1 not 2 at least until the next update. Second, you just run it on the server as a mod nothing more. Regarding the flexibility of the inventory and survival mod framework you can find more here: http://mccsandbox.wikia.com/wiki/Survive_mod In short if you know your way around scripting you can accomplish what you are expecting.
  24. Well with Spirit back from Belgium and over 40K subscribers on Steam Workshop and a ready to release update we need to get this project running again. It will be really great if I could find a community to play with to get me invested in the game again - so i'm free for invite to any Europen but english speaking community that play seriously enough (no ammo boxed exc on start) but not a milisim (no sir, yes sir) to get me into this game again. I expect a release in a few days to fix the current issues and release some new features. You can add cloths just like any other item using the wiki. I'll fix the animation stuck when unarmed and yes MCC will spawn any items/weapons from any mod that is currently ruining on the server.