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  1. Just drag the brush over all the map area
  2. Had the time to do a quick fix. Re download the mod. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0
  3. Hi guys not enough time to really finish what I wanted, Real life stuff. So here is the update you've been waiting for MCC R20. Hope it doesn't have to many bugs. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0
  4. It's a bug in the current MCC version, not related to RHS or any other mod as suggested. It already been fixed in the dev version and we'll be released soon. I played on Havoc server with zero problem. Most likely you are using the mod on top of the mission version.
  5. Thanks great video. It's even cooler when you let an AI squad under your control do the job http://mccsandbox.wikia.com/wiki/Forward_Observer_Artillery Thanks i'll check it out
  6. For those who can't wait for the R20 you can disable the helicopter message by passing this anywhere. It's client side and it saved to the profile so no need to put it on init file. profileNamespace setVariable ["MCC_FCtutorialLogisticsHeli",false];
  7. New WIP update https://youtu.be/war3arJ5DSQ
  8. Yes set in the init.sqf or anywhere else MCC_ConsoleACTime = 3600; or any other value you like.
  9. Wow you've been busy... Yes there is a problem with group spawning which might lead to blue on blue. I'll hotfix it.
  10. There is a problem with the current version and spawning. I'll suggest moving back to an older version - i'll hotfix it ASAP
  11. DON'T PREVIEW - seriously I think it's buggy as hell same as typing #restart in MP session - 100% bugs. Just exit the mission and press play.
  12. MCC save the camapign you can delete the data by pressing the Save/Load in MCC and clicking on the clear DB
  13. Access right module: http://mccsandbox.wikia.com/wiki/Modules
  14. ArmA voodoo is strong with you young padawan. What do you mean?
  15. Ok let me know if you find something. Thanks mate. Oh ok i'll take a look. What CBA version are you using and where did you get it from. Any one else can confirm. There is no proper setup - just setup the mission as you see fit. I'll recommend to put this modules: - MCC start location. - MCC settings. - MCC settings mechanics. - Don't put Zeus modules - MCC take care of it when mission initialize. I'l suggest trying the new Campaign module. There is an error report coming from the Curator module when you generate a mission - it has to do with trying to assign a null unit to Zeus - it is coming from MCC but I just can't find where. But it won't break your game.
  16. I've updated the files. Try re downloading and see if the keys are correct now. MCC will choose random tracked vehicles some of them will be tanks some will be APC. You can always add some manually after the mission gen finished. Can you provide more info? You can access the commander console from ACE or MCC self interaction - any way try rebinding your keys Try playing the mission without preview. Check the same factions on Altis or Tanoa. Some addon's maps have different buildings configs.
  17. Guess I will never find the time to make proper videos exc... so let just release it as it. I strongly recommend trying the new campaign and if someone want to make a video on it I would send him milk and cookies. The campaign just paint the entire map and you have to conquest square by square. So enjoy - and if you know of a light, mature community/clan in Europe that is playing MCC regular - or close to my time zone (GMT +2) let me know. Download Link - MP/SP Mod version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0 Download Link - MP Mission version - Altis: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d25xly1ln63dgd6/mcc_sandbox.altis.pbo
  18. I'm working on release and on the MCC's Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/3DzkzAn
  19. I had this report from another fella and at the end it turns out to be the Nimitz mode.I'm sorry but I have no clue on why is this error accruing. The survival module is bugged at the moment you can only run it from inside the mission pressing the MCC settings in the MCC console and then it will not allow any other JIP. A fix will be released soon.
  20. Try putting this in init.sqf 0 spawn { ep = [] execVM "earplugs.sqf"; }; wituntil without it's own private instance in a scheduled environment isn't smart thing to do. also I recommend replacing the "ep = [] execVM "earplugs.sqf";" at the end of the earplugs.sqf with 0 spawn { ep = [] execVM "earplugs.sqf"; };
  21. I will I just need to find the time to make a proper introduction video ... if only I knew someone that could make some YouTubes for it...... -_-