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  1. What kind of ambient units do you use? You can't
  2. I'll check it out If you are using one of the MCC special weathers such as sandstorm or blizzard then the sound is not ambient and you can only lower it if you lower the music. Yes I'll check it out. Guys there is currently a problem with the mission wizard and the campaign. I'm working hard to get approval from the management (wife) to divert resources from the current project (kid) to fix some issues.
  3. Thanks i'll try and fix it I'm not aware of any problem with interaction keys.
  4. A quick hot-fix has been released - re download the mod. Finally smashed this error: Fixed: MCC breaks animation
  5. R22 is out - Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338988835 Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0 Full change-log:
  6. Or you can drop some loot able crates around the wreck
  7. @Husker-71 Sorry for the late reply, You don't need to add all the classnames as you can add only "wreck" to the itemClasses as MCC do a generic search for matching strings it will recognize it. I don't think MCC have a problem with recognizing it rather then a limitation to the minimum distance the player need to be from the object. Since ArmA calculate the distance from the center of the object to the center of the player object some larger, so some larger objects are exceeding the maximum distance only by its own model size.
  8. Just press OK an just to make it clear It will not change the name of a character it will give it a name in the mission name space: Example name: testDummy testDummy setdamage 1; testdummy is dead
  9. There is a new repository for the mod version - where you can follow on updates on the dev version you can also download and PBO it if you like: https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev
  10. And did Pilgrimage is working fine without MCC? You don't need to set a curator module when using MCC as it set it up to you. But I'll add an option to disable MCC function on non-MCC curators so you can add zeus users with limited powers.
  11. Thanks, It's a know bug since the LoW update - it isn't game breaking and it doesn't seems to effect the game. Nonetheless it will be fixed ASAP
  12. @missverstanden Just place the "Ambient Units (Restrict)" module
  13. Thanks for the pinpoint debug - I've fixed it for next release.
  14. Well the deny module restrict them from spawning in it but won't restrict them from wondering inside your base. Build some walls.
  15. Mission Control Center Sandbox (MCC Sandbox). MOD Version (SP/MP Vanila/ACE) So what is MCC Sandbox exactly? It is freedom. In this 2MB addon you'll find the power to create, control, alter and spice your missions on the run. You'll have the power to change and surprise your friends every time you'll play. You can use it a mainframe for mission making, as a strain test tool for mission making or even as a cheat tool for SP. You'll get a 3D editor, box generator, time control, weather control, fog control, you'll spawn enemy or friendly units asking them to patrol a zone or ambush the players, you'll call for paratroops, create IED, suicide bombers, hostile civilians, place ambushes, call a UAV, a ULB, place a hostage, call for more then 10 types of artillery and CAS missions to aid your friend or to harm them, create triggers, play music or sound, create briefings, tasks, markers, spawn an LHD , spawn some vehicles on it, call for evac, start a HALO and much much much more. You'll be able to save it and load it on later on the run. As Spirit put it in his own words: MCC is a dynamic, real time, in-game mission-creation tool. It enables people to build missions on-the-fly whilst in game and change mission parameters to match the reactions of progress of the players. MCC is capable of "saving" a mission and load it up on the server without using any FTP but by simple use of the clipboard. This means missions can be created out of the dedicated server and loaded up to play. From inside the mission, you can open a mission making interface that allows you place units on the map, create waypoints and briefing markers, call in CAS missions, artillery, support or whatever you feel like, the possibilities are endless. MCC is used to create both Coop and PVP missions. Its capable of using respawn on and off, including providing a spectator script. MCC makes use of a mission maker. Only one person at a time is capable of creating or interfering with the mission by login in to the mission making tool. That person is also capable of logging out again and giving somebody else a go on mission making. That way you don't need to distribute admin access for players to make or manage their missions. Did you guys make all of this yourself? No, by all means we would be totally grey an bold. We used, with permission, a lot of good content from the community. We also used a lot of work from our self of course. Initially this project was started by Spirit and slowly went into combined effort with me. As said before I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. So thanks: 1. Spirit for creating it and guiding me through. 2. Monsada, for his UPSMON script. 3. Mandoble, for his heliroute script. 4. Tuskan Raider, for his Arresting gear script. 5. Bon for his Advanced Artillery Request script. 6. DTM2801 for his Convoy Control Script. 7. TiGGA for his ILS Pro II. 8. iOnOs for his RTE. 9. Sickboy, Vking without them there was no MCC. 10. BIS 11. Ollem for helping developing and expanding MCC. 11. An endless list of people we forgot Instructions: Basically all you have to do is run the mod and you'll get a "mission generator" action in the action menu on every single or multiplayer mission. If you want to confine which players or roles can access MCC you can do it by placing the MCC sandbox module in the 2d editor. Then you can either sync units to it, only those units will have the MCC access, or you can set a variable to the module with the name of the players which have access to the module. If you want to let anyone access to MCC just don't put the module. How do I install this? MCC is a mod, it's required CBA for it to work. Just drop the @mcc_sandbox folder in the ArmA folder and use a launcher or the BIS addon selecting tool to run it. Place the bikey file in the keys folder. ACE is strongly recommended as some features are exclusive to ACE, but MCC will work without it. How do I use this? Well once you'll start a mission, any mission you'll have mission generator action in the action menu. Just click it. You can find the PDF manual here (or inside the installation folder): http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/3370000/manual-mcc-pdf-december-20-2011-8-06-pm-4-5-meg?da=y Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kar8h9e4dmu6ik8/%40mcc_sandbox.rar - Dropbox mirror http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15546&a=dl -Armaholic Mirror Some Media: Dva1gtmNLJU cEVa-51N-00 ZSefB9YpaHw wfe3Juv3lzA Tutorial video links: - Tutorial by Zdiddy - Tutorial part 1 - Tutorial part 2 - Tutorial part 3 - Tutorial part 4 - IED module tutorial - Constuction module tutorial - High Command tutorial - Some features - Som more featuresOld MCC mission thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=112854&highlight=mcc change log: ----------- Reserved for further info --------MCC mod r.11 change log: MCC Changelog: - Load/save mission config changed to allow restore in latest 1.62 beta's (To Do: writing config to arma logfile in case dedicated server config should be saved) - automatic Suunto open/close for both HALO paradrops if AceEnabled - automatic viewdistance increase/reduction during HALO jump - old mcc config (based on mod) should load successfully too - HALO parastart -> up to 18 SF should fit in C130 now - jumpmaster for HALO Parastart - Gunrun improved - should work in most cases now - Gunrun works for nearly all CAS planes/choppers now - 2 new 'logic modules': 1st module: allows to disable Teleport at start: if placed units will not be auto teleported to start location - which is usefull in case of combination of pre-edited mission file which e.g. places sniper team already at right location. 2nd module: when placed will always enable Teleport To Team - usefull for training missions - modified the SF dependent code to be more flexible: any unit who's name starts with sf.. is considered SF (so now even SF20 is considered SF. (and same for UnderCover: any unit who's name starts with UC..) - included option to have HALO start location based on sync to MCC SF module rather then being dependent on only name. - Headless Client support: zones, UPSMON, 3d editor, FPS display - Finally found a way to completely get rid of nearly all the STR_DOC error messages in the rpt - MCC GUI shows feedback current mission date and time - MCC GUI shows feedback current viewdstance
  16. Try removing the Access module and test JIP. Let me know if that helped. You can play the scenario as single player with AI. Make sure you have chosen the right opponent side in the AAS module and in the AI spawn module.
  17. It's time to announce that I will not making any new features, only focusing on stabling the code so please retest with the new update and let me know if you found some bugs. R22 is out. Have fun. Mod Download - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrd9xhjhfzmmc2/%40mcc_sandbox_a3.rar?dl=0 Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338988835
  18. Feeling exited for R22 release: The jpg is broken for me. What do you mean second load?! Any mission is good enough. No need to put any MCC modules unless you want to. Just make sure to enable "respawn on custom position" in the Eden Multiplayer settings.
  19. I don't know of any conflict with ACE as I frequently checking ACE + MCC on dedicated server. Not to mention that all MCC mechanics are off by default. But if you do find a conflict let me know.
  20. There are some bricks or a sand patch in the middile to mark the center of the construction, just place some supply crates around it and make sure at least two friendly units are neat it. Strange things happends while you preview a mission from Eden. Try saving and playing the mission instead of preview
  21. You can tell if the Campaign is working by looking at the map. The map should be covered with red squares that you later have to conquer. You still need to have MCC running on all clients and server you can disable access to it by droping the MCCs Access module. It seems that you are running the mission version but anyway you don't need to "break" the supply crate to build a FOB. Just place the crate next to the sand hip with a couple of friendly unit next to it and the crates will turn into sacks and then disappear and vola you'll get the FOB. IniDBI2 is required for saving persistent data - which means: player stats, location, weapons exc and the campaign progress. Once you are playing MCC campaign and clicked "Activate Persistence" one of two will occur: 1. You are running a campaign and no DB would be found for that island+mission name and MCC will start recording the campaign progress. 2. A DB for this campaign would be found and loaded. You can clear DB by pressing the "Clear DB" button if you want to start a new campaign.
  22. I'll fix it ASAP. 1. You don't need to enable roles to use the player's persistence. 2. MCC saves the global data only if a MCC's campaign is running. You can save the missions, units, vehicles exc by using the default MCC save to profile. GAIA is pretty much as it was before. Only minor things have changed as Spirit pretty much quiet ArmA for now. You can just move the zone to a new location and the AI will move too. Basically you are asking for something like the campaign without the conquer element and to have one of the destroy/kill missions. You can take a look at the campaign function and strip it out of the conquer parts and the DB parts https://github.com/shaygman/mcc_sandbox.Altis/blob/GAIA/mcc/missionWizard/fnc/fn_campaignInit.sqf The campaign generates random missions you can edit the part in the campaign function line 208 _obj3 = if (random 80 < _difficulty) then {["Destroy Vehicle","Destroy AA","Destroy Artillery","Destroy Weapon Cahce","Destroy Fuel Depot","Secure HVT","Kill HVT","Aquire Intel","Disarm IED"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom} else {"None"}; to have only the destroy and kill missions(edited) I can try and add the option to mark what kind of missions you want to have in campaign in the next release
  23. Just drag the brush over all the map area