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  1. Yeah for me setting up turrets and later towers in the pattern of my choice to blow away the onrushing enemy was great fun. It was the first and best tower defense game. I also loved the fact that i could hop into just about any vehicle or even turret and play the game as an fps. If Carrier command has these features then i'll be buying it for sure.
  2. Good point. That one still looks slightly bigger in scale though. He he. Actually, i might prefer a more compact carrier. Be easier to have a sense of where everything is. Also, it will make a smaller target.
  3. Hi. I didn't play CC on the Amiga back in the day as it was too heavy on the HUD and stats and not in the right age for graphics. I love this kind of game though if A: the graphics are nice and B: I can feel that i'm 'there' rather than just moving stuff around. That's why i totally loved Battlezone 1 & 2 even though I don't like RTS games so much (cept RTW & to some extent Ground control 1). It's been a long time since I played a good game of this time and BZ2 was the last one. I'm not saying this will be the same game as Battlezone 2 but would you say that it might come close to giving me a similar gameplay experience? I hope so as i've been waiting a long time for something to fill the game space left after BZ2 got long in the tooth. Also, will we be able to play as a fps human/bot point of view for sniping etc? finally. I like the teaser video but the Carrier looks kind of small don't you think. If you see the woman on the bridge and calculate the scale from that then it's about one tenth of what we might imagine a carrier would be. I guess it doesn't matter as far as game play goes in reality.