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    Music Recommendations

    Lets hear some Classical Music/Film Music Two classical composer which I think are absolutely worth to mention, really brilliant music Band Name: Henry Mancini Title: Lujon Album: Mr. Lucky Goes Latin Country: USA Band Name: Henry Mancini Title: Exodus (soundtrack) Country: USA Band Name: Mantovani & Orchestra Title: Sweet Leilani Country: Italy Band Name: Mantovani & Orchestra Title: Somewhere Over The Rainbow Country: Italy
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    Music Recommendations

    Damn earth is flat, I knew it Funny music/music videos, mmmh let me see Band Name: Bob Log III Title: Goddamn Sounds Good Album: My Shit Is Perfect Country: USA Band Name: Kishidan (氣志團) Title: YATTA ! Country: Japan Band Name: The Wanton Bishops Title: Hitman Album: EP Nowhere Everyhwere Country: Lebanon
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    Germany General

    German Towns Filled With Refugees Ask, ‘Who Is Integrating Whom?’ Earlier influx of foreigners feeds concerns about budget, safety, jobs and the quality of education SALZGITTER, Germany—Late this summer, Nadine Langer took her six-year old to her first day at school. The girl was one of two German children in her class, she said, amid 20, mostly Syrian, refugees. “I am not against foreigners,” said Ms. Langer, 41. “But there is a point where we have to wonder who is integrating whom.” Some 140,000 asylum seekers have entered Germany so far this year—a sharp drop from the 1.2 million who arrived in the past two years. But in places such as Salzgitter there is a sense that the government, having housed and fed the newcomers, is failing in the longer-term effort to integrate them in German society. This unease, pollsters say, boosted the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany at last month’s election, making it the first far-right party to enter parliament in half a century. A national school report released Friday showed a correlation between rising numbers of migrant schoolchildren and a deterioration in academic performance. In 2016, the share of foreign fourth-graders rose by one third to 34% from 2011, according to the education ministry, while the number of children who passed standard writing requirements dropped to 55% against 65% five years earlier. more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/german-towns-filled-with-refugees-ask-who-is-integrating-whom-1508074522
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    Russia General

    Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet? Last Friday, most major media outlets touted a major story about Russian attempts to hack into U.S. voting systems, based exclusively on claims made by the Department of Homeland Security. “Russians attempted to hack elections systems in 21 states in the run-up to last year’s presidential election, officials said Friday,” began the USA Today story, similar to how most other outlets presented this extraordinary claim. This official story was explosive for obvious reasons, and predictably triggered instant decrees – that of course went viral – declaring that the legitimacy of the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election is now in doubt. So what was wrong with this story? Just one small thing: it was false. The story began to fall apart yesterday when Associated Press reported that Wisconsin – one of the states included in the original report that, for obvious reasons, caused the most excitement – did not, in fact, have its election systems targeted by Russian hackers And now we have the Russia-hacked-the-voting-systems-of-21-states to add to this trash heap. Each time the stories go viral; each time they further shape the narrative; each time those who spread them say little to nothing when it is debunked. more to read: https://theintercept.com/2017/09/28/yet-another-major-russia-story-falls-apart-is-skepticism-permissible-yet/
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    Russia General

    mmh good question
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    Russia General

    Russia Now Iraqi Kurds' Biggest Source of Funds, Signals Support for Kurdish Independence read more: https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/1.813476
  7. Russian meddling machine sets sights on Catalonia The global network that acted in favor of Donald Trump and Brexit turns attention to Spain After undercover campaigns in favor of Brexit and the leader of the French right-wing party National Front, Marine Le Pen, as well as the far-right in Germany, the Kremlin is using the Catalan crisis as a way to deepen divisions within Europe and consolidate its international influence. It appears in the form of websites that publish hoax stories, the activity of activists such as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and a legion of bots – millions of automated social media accounts that can turn lies into trending topics. In a week in which the Spanish judiciary and the government disarmed the logistics of the illegal referendum, the most influential tweet on the issue, according to media monitor NewsWhip, was published by Assange on September 15 at 6.46pm. ElPais Report
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    Funny & interesting videos

    A true survival Game
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    Music Recommendations

    Band Name: Unknown Mortal Orchestra Title: No Need For A Leader Album: UMO II Country: New Zealand/USA Band Name: Kula Shaker Title: Dr. Kitt Album: Strangefolk Country: Great Britain Band Name: Kasabian Title: Fire Album: West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum Country: Great Britain Band Name: Lord 13 Title: Get You High Album: 2013 Country: Greece
  10. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    Band Name: alt-J Title: Left Hand Free Album: This Is All Yours Country: Great Britain Band Name: The Arcs Title: Stay In My Corner Album: Yours, Dreamily, Country: USA Band Name: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Title: Around The Bend Album: (Single) Country: Denmark Band Name: Dan Auerbach Title: King Of A One Horse Town Album: Waiting On A Song Country: USA
  11. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    1000mods - Vidage8:48, 15/30fps Band Name: 1000Mods Title: Vidage Album: Super Van Vacation Country: Greece Band Name: The Morlocks Title: Who Do You Love Album: Play Chess Country: USA Band Name: The Bonnevilles Title: No Law in Lurgan Album: Arrow Pierce My Heart Country: Ireland I'm gonna eat you baby and not the way that you like...................... Band Name: The Meteors Title: Wolfjob Album: Psychobilly Country: Great Britain
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    Visit to Chernarus IRL

    This would be cool, seems like you did enjoy it
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    Music Recommendations

    Band Name: Blues Saraceno Title: Dogs of War Album: Dark Country 3 Country: USA Left Lane Cruiser - Putain!3:49 Band Name: Left Lane Cruiser Title: Putain Album: All You Can Eat Country: USA Band Name: Dan Auerbach Title: Heartbroken, In Disrepair Album: Keep It Hid Country: USA The Black Keys - Lonely Boy [Official Music Video]3:15 Band Name: The Black Keys Title: Lonely Boy Album: E l Camino Country: USA
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    Music Recommendations

    Some modern groups influenced by the 60s/70s The German band does revivalist psychedelic garage rock with elements of surf rock and pop music Band Name: The Roaring 420s Title: Blue Jay Album & Link: What is Psych ? Country: Germany Year: 2014 lol... Peace warriors of the new paradigm recreating the sounds (and visual) of the 60s The Babe Rainbow - Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest [Official Video]3:52 Band Name: The Babe Rainbow Title: Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest Album & Link: The Babe Rainbow EP Country: Australia Year: 2015 whole album reminds a bit on Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin/Cream etc... Band Name: Radio Moscow Title: No Good Woman Album & Link: Brain Cycles Country: USA Year: 2009 Band Name: Gary Clark Jr. Title: Numb Album: 'Black and Blu' Country: USA Year: 2012
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    Chris Cornell

    Ouch...didnt even read about this in the news, just here right now after posting some music titles. Damn, Soundgarden was one of my favourite bands in the 90s. I was at a concert in this time to see them and we were dancing to the music in the clubs..awesome band.
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    Music Recommendations

    Lets hear some covers from the Rockabilly genre, maybe some of you like it.... Band Name: Top Cats Title: Basket Case (Green Day Cover) Album: No More Heartache Genre: Rockabilly Country: Sweden Year: 2012 Band Name: Nine Lives Title: Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover) Album: Grim Reaper Genre: Rockabilly Year: 2008 Band Name: The Pinstripes Title: Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover) Album: Still Kickin´ Genre: Rockabilly Country: Germany Year: 2013
  17. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    . Band Name: Spaceslug Title: Parahorizon Album & Link : Time Travel Dilemma Genre: Stoner Rock / Doom Metal Year: 2017 Country: Poland Band Name: Hidden Trails Title: Hands Unfold Album & Link: Instant Momentary Bliss Genre: Psychedelic Rock Country: Belgium Year: 2016 Band Name: Three Leg Dog Title: Tiger Album Link: Red Sun Genre: Psychedelic Rock Year: 2016 Country: Estonia
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    Music Recommendations

    After I saw the Fugazi Video I thought maybe some more oldschool classics would be cool... Two bands from Germany. Genre: Independent Music The Multicoloured Shades Title: Teen Sex Transfusion Year: 1986 Country: Germany Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club Title: And Then She Kissed Her Year: 1991 Country: Germany Next is something different, "funky" Dub title from 2003... Genre: Dub Music Burning Babylon Title: Echoes of Dub Year: 2003 Country: USA
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    European Politics Thread.

    --> UK Government wants to penalize uncoverings by Journalists: Whistleblowing Government advisers accused of 'full-frontal attack' on whistleblowers (The Guardian - 2017, Feb. 12) Outcry follows plans to radically increase prison terms for revealing state secrets and to prosecute journalists Draft recommendations from the legal advisers say the maximum prison sentence for leakers should be raised, potentially from two to 14 years, and the definition of espionage should be expanded to include obtaining sensitive information, as well as passing it on. A spokesperson said: “The proposals to threaten journalists and whistleblowers with draconian punishment, combined with powers just introduced in the [2016] Investigatory Powers Act to surveil journalists without their knowledge, represent a further attack on freedom of expression. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/feb/12/uk-government-accused-full-frontal-attack-prison-whistleblowers-media-journalists
  20. oxmox

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    1983 CIA intelligence report: America should encourage Saddam Hussein to attack Syria to secure oil pipeline to Med and Gulf America urged Saddam Hussein to attack Hafez al-Assad, 1983 CIA report said Ex-CIA official Graham Fuller said US should 'urge Iraq to take the war to Syria' This was because Assad had closed Iraq's oil pipeline and so had a 'hammerlock' on US interests in both Lebanon and in the Gulf America urged Saddam Hussein to attack Hafez al-Assad's Syria because of the closure of Iraq's oil pipeline, a secret 1983 intelligence report has revealed. A report, by former senior CIA official Graham Fuller, said the US should consider 'urging Iraq to take the war to Syria', noting that Saddam was 'fighting for his life' in the Iran-Iraq campaign. With that being the case, he said the US should consider 'sharply escalating the pressures against Assad' from three border states hostile to Syria - Iraq, Israel and Turkey. Faced with 'three belligerent fronts', Assad would probably be forced to abandon his closure of the pipeline, the report claimed. more... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4140190/America-urged-Saddam-attack-Assad-Syria.html And before you say, but this is the Daily Mail....link to the specific document and CIA release: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP88B00443R001404090133-0.pdf
  21. RIP - sorry to hear this :/
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    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    John Kerry In Leaked Audio Admits U.S. Allowed Rise Of ISIS To Force Assad Out Of Power
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    Happy New Year 2017

    Hey all wish you all the beeeeest, a happy new year and enjoyment of life
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    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    An internal UN Report did shed some light about Syria a while ago, some news did report abut it. The article is a bit older but maybe some of you did miss it. United Nations (UN) internal Report: Study o Humanitarian Impact of Syria-Related Unilateral Restrictive Measures https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3114567-Study-on-Humanitarian-Impact-of-Syria-Related.html US and EU sanctions are ruining ordinary Syrians' lives;... (The Independent; Oct. 2016) The conflict in Syria is the greatest humanitarian crisis the world has seen since the Second World War with 13 million people – two thirds of the population – in need of assistance The US and EU economic sanctions on Syria are causing huge suffering among ordinary Syrians and preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid, according to a leaked UN internal report. The embargo was supposed to target President Bashar al-Assad and contribute to his removal from power. Instead it is making it more difficult for foodstuffs, fuel and healthcare to reach the mass of the people. Aid agencies cited in the report say they cannot procure basic medicines or medical equipment for hospitals because sanctions are preventing foreign commercial companies and banks having anything to do with Syria. The revelations in the internal UN assessment of the effect of sanctions on aid delivery, entitled Humanitarian Impact of Syria-Related Unilateral Restrictive Measures and leaked by the investigative publication The Intercept, open up the US and EU to the charge of hypocrisy, after criticising Syria and Russia for impeding the delivery of UN aid supplies to besieged cities in Syria. Syria was once largely self-sufficient in pharmaceuticals, but many plants were in the Aleppo area and have been destroyed or rendered unusable by the fighting. The email says that many of the plants that survived have now been forced to close because of the impact of sanctions on obtaining raw materials from abroad and the foreign currency to pay for them. In many respects, the situation resembles that in Iraq between 1990 and 2003 when UN sanctions destroyed the Iraqi economy and helped dissolve its society while doing nothing to reduce the power of Saddam Hussein as Iraqi leader. Many critics of Iraqi sanctions argue that the mass impoverishment they produced contributed significantly to the political and sectarian breakdown after the invasion of 2003. The same process is now taking place in Syria. The report says that “in totality, the US and EU sanctions in Syria are some of the most complicated and far-reaching sanctions regimes ever imposed.” In effect, the US and EU sanctions are imposing an economic siege on Syria as a whole which may be killing more Syrians than die of illness and malnutrition in the sieges which EU and US leaders have described as war crimes. more details.... http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/syria-syrian-war-us-eu-sanctions-bashar-al-assad-patrick-cockburn-a7350751.html