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  1. Jan Cepera

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    Thank you for feedback :) I'm glad that you help me wit final work in this island. It's very important to me, but this is my first island and want to know your opinion. I think that these comments will be good for both sides (player x maker) ! Thx for support again ! :)
  2. Jan Cepera

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    Ok.. thx you for comments guys, I will try to fix it in next version ;) I'll remove some trees and bushes.
  3. Jan Cepera

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    Glad to hear it ! :) Thank you :)
  4. Jan Cepera

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    BETA version released! Download here ! http://ulozto.cz/xbunrKcE/porres-island-rar
  5. Jan Cepera

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    @ Krzychuzokecia : Ok I will set some fields for you ;) But Island look like some land from north and place for fields is only few. @R0adki11 : Thank you very much! In our language (Czech) means "Poser" vulgar word! So you did well ! :) @ fraczek : "ChybiÄka se vloudila ! " :D @all : Thx to all positive comments ! ;)
  6. Jan Cepera

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    I don't know yet. Island is useing Res textures. There are about 5-6 lakes so little bit of Finland style :) But it's can be some russian area. Why not ;) notice: this is my first island so do not expect mirracles! :p
  7. Jan Cepera

    New Island PÖRRES (BETA version)

    Damn !! :D You're right :D It Pörres! I dont know what Im was thinking about when I was typing it ! :D Thx for warning ;)
  8. Hi everyone ! It's a long time when I was here. But I take some minutes of my free time and tried to make SMALL island, so here is some pictures of my BETA product! Hope that you will like it :) You can download BETA version NOW! http://ulozto.cz/xbunrKcE/porres-island-rar What's is on the island now done ? 4 Villages 3 Small Military base 2 Ghost villages 5 Autentic lakes and many forrest Pörres "stonehange" Secret factory Castle Make some short mission on this island and you can get present from us ! OFP_world@centrum.cz OFP will never die ! ERAecp
  9. Jan Cepera

    SgS 10th anniversary

    It's been exactly ten years since the founding of Sarge studio. Ten years of loyalty to the OFP / ArmA. Can you think of some of their projects? Have you played them all? No?! This is link on video witch celebrate 10th anniversary of this fantastic studio! Sarge studio is preparing to release new campaign to ArmA second Are you interested? http://www.sarge-studio.wz.cz/
  10. I cant download new version ! :(
  11. Are you serious Bronze Eagle ? . I hope not ! You can make better project !
  12. Jan Cepera

    FMF Project (Still in progress)

    Im still waiting for some new mission. I hope that you will finish it soon :) I have little break with my editing now, cause I had little troubles at my school.
  13. Jan Cepera

    Black Hawk Down (Old project)

    Thank you for your opinion Bielow! I thought it would be lagging. This mission was the MP version that I previously created for my friend;) with MP player version wasnt a bad choice;). As I was saying. Bugs is there enough! I just hope that you survived in good health and enjoyed my mission! And you say how many objects is not the right choice;) Chooper the city would raise a lot more bugs, but I was thinking about it do not worry :) Excuse me for the wrong end: p There are triggers with normal end and i dont know how you did it that those that akhle ended: ((;) Try mission again if you want: D) On Bloody Island we are still working! Just be patience please! :) It Will Be One of my best project ever! I just release this mission for fun! and i dont know if I have time for a remake of this mission. (F ***** University: () And what about your activity OFP? :)
  14. Jan Cepera

    Black Hawk Down (Old project)

    Thank you for warning ! ;)
  15. Jan Cepera

    Black Hawk Down (Old project)

    This mission dedicated to all who still play OFP and cant wait for my my projects (Bloody Island and Guardian Angel) This mission was created in 2008 and it is one of my oldest project witch a never want release! So dont expect any miraclesas and enjoy mission as best you can! OFP_world! >>>DOWNLOAD MISSION<<< Requier addons BAS_blackhawks BAS Rangers African militia Pack JAM 2 UWAR grass Editor upgrades are included! oldtruckwithMG Some screenshots: http://cepera.own.cz/wp-content/Obrazky/bhd4.jpg http://cepera.own.cz/wp-content/Obrazky/bhd2.jpg http://cepera.own.cz/wp-content/Obrazky/bhd1.jpg