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    Thank you Jedi I'll check those. That's more what i was hoping for. And you are right - it doesn't matter who's hosting. I just thought that i was missing the correct spot to go play on a team. :-)
  2. Hi there, I am probably misunderstanding something, but the manual says that this game has built in multi-player and voice. I thought that meant that BI hosted the server and there would be voice communication. I have played for several hours and all the games I joined seemed to be hosted by folks other than BI. I never heard even one peep on the radio channels. I did see a few folks that typed messages which was cool, but being a slow typist (and a worse arma player), the last thing i need is to have to type my messages. ;-) I was hoping for an interactive experience, rather than just a bunch of folks getting killed and respawning. Am I missing something? Thanks In Advance. :-)