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  1. ReverendCharlie

    Island: Watkins (Beta)

    willing to do above ;)
  2. ReverendCharlie

    [ADO] Quesh-Kibrul v1.0

    Thanks a lot too for this cool deserted cqb-area
  3. ReverendCharlie

    SIX Aiaktalik map Beta1 released

    Thanks a lot for the release of this combat area! The area is really cool, it will take a lot time to know every place, so missions wont get boring. Good Job! hint: those complainers bout the updater thingy: just dont use it and stay on your islands ;-) you are not forced to use chills stuff
  4. I am a fan of any working stuff. I dislike it, if there are problems with voice in game, as it is at the moment in Arma2. Mumble can help this out, If the VON is not getting better in huge steps, there are only a few ways to solve the comms-problems we suffer in game. I dont want to open discussion about any other programm, but TS has low quality, ventrilo cant handle the "up" and "down" channels, and so on and so on. We use muble already since a few, and thats a ROGER on this on...