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  1. yes i did that..

    but should i copy the whole folder or just the .hpp

    the file structure should look like this:

    (arma 3 server folder with your server.exe) \Userconfig\ctab\ctab_settings.hpp

    Also are you running CBA before ctab? CBA is required. CBA should always be your first to run mod.

    Those are the only two things that I can think of that could cause the crash.

  2. Thanks for the interest guys. I am about 70% done with the next update. But its got a lot of moving parts that deal with mp so I'm working to make sure it functions well.

    As to the faction question. Yes in my new version you can use other factions other than NATO. But only one faction at a time can use BFT.

    Now that the Holliday's are over I have more time to code so I will hopefully have more info soon for everyone.

  3. We are porting the M119 from arma 2. We have it in game working no problems. But I configed all the ammo based off the 120mm stuff(http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_ammo/Sh_120mm_HE/config?version=72). When the cannon fires with the HE rounds and only the HE rounds the cannon slides back from recoil about 6 feet.

    I have other rounds configed, Like smoke, Laser Guided. None of them have the recoil effect.

    has anyone else ran into this issue?

    class CfgMagazines
       class 30Rnd_120mm_HE_shells;
       class 30rd_105mm_meu_HE : 30Rnd_120mm_HE_shells
    ammo = "Sh_120mm_HE";
    count = 30;
    displayname = "HE 105mm Shells";
    displaynameshort = "HE 105mm";
    initspeed = 1350;
    maxleadspeed = 290;
       class 15rd_105mm_meu_Smoke : 30rd_105mm_meu_HE
    ammo = "Smoke_120mm_AMOS_White";
    count = 15;
    displayname = "Smoke (White) 105mm";
    displaynameshort = "White Smoke";
       class 15rd_105mm_meu_Guided : 30rd_105mm_meu_HE
    ammo = "Sh_155mm_AMOS_guided";
    count = 15;
    displayname = "Guided 105mm";
    displaynameshort = "Guided";
       class 2rd_105mm_meu_LaserGu : 30rd_105mm_meu_HE
    ammo = "Sh_155mm_AMOS_LG";
    count = 2;
    displayname = "Laser Guided 105mm";
    displaynameshort = "Laser Guided";
       class 5rd_105mm_meu_Cluster : 30rd_105mm_meu_HE
    ammo = "Cluster_155mm_AMOS";
    count = 5;
    displayname = "Cluster Round 105mm";
    displaynameshort = "Cluster Round";

  4. Ok so after a great bit of trial and Error from one of our team members this seems to be a problem with the "tankX" simulation.

    We reconfigured the AAV as a "carX" simulation and it worked fine in the water. But since the Track (tankX) and Wheel(carX) systems are very different this breaks the land operation. We are going to try and hack around with the config and the carX sim to try and make a tracked vehicle work in this simulation. But I don't have high hopes that this will work.

    Could some one from BI confirm this, is this a "Bug" with tankX or is this "Working as intended"?

  5. No we are working to port the AAV from Arma 2 in to A3. Unfortunately there is only a wheeled amphibious veh. I'm unaware of any tracked ones.

    Here is the config: (please excuse the formating im going to fix it later.)

       class AAV: Tracked_APC
           scope = public;
           vehicleClass = "Armored";
           model =\AAVB\AAV;
           mapSize = 9;
           threat[]={1, 1, 0.3};
           damageResistance = 0.01168;
           canFloat = true;
           supplyRadius = 5;
           hiddenSelections[] =
           hiddenSelectionsTextures[] =
           cargoAction[] = {"passenger_generic01_leanleft", "passenger_apc_narrow_generic01", "passenger_apc_narrow_generic01", "passenger_apc_narrow_generic03", "passenger_apc_generic03", "passenger_apc_narrow_generic02", 
    "passenger_generic01_foldhands", "passenger_generic01_leanright"};
           transportSoldier = 19;
           getInAction = GetInHigh; // driver
           getOutAction = GetOutHigh;
           driverAction = crew_tank01;
           driverInAction = AAV_Driver;
           driverForceOptics = 0;
           commanderUsesPilotView = true;
           driverOpticsModel = "\a3\weapons_f\reticle\Optics_Driver_01_F";
           /// PhysX part
           simulation = "tankX";
           enginePower = 650;
           maxOmega = 395;
           peakTorque = 4932;
           torqueCurve[] = {{0, 0}, {(1600/2640), (2650/2850)}, {(1800/2640), (2800/2850)}, {(1900/2640), (2850/2850)}, {(2000/2640), (2800/2850)}, {(2200/2640), (2750/2850)}, {(2400/2640), (2600/2850)}, {(2640/2640), (2350/2850)}};
           thrustDelay = 1;/// how much time does it take to get the full thrust (default 1), used to reduce initial wheel slipping
           clutchStrength = 160.0;
           fuelCapacity = 1885;
           brakeIdleSpeed = 2;/// speed in m/s below which braking is applied
           latency = 0;
           tankTurnForce = 600000; /// Random magic number, expected to be something like 11 x mass of vehicle
           // inwater check
           precision = 15;
           steerAheadSimul = 0.5;
           steerAheadPlan = 0.35;
           predictTurnPlan = 0.8;
           predictTurnSimul = 0.6;
           brakeDistance = 5.0;
           acceleration = 15;
           turnCoef = 3.75;
           overSpeedBrakeCoef = 0.2;
           waterLeakiness = 55.5;
           waterLinearDampingCoefY = 5;
           waterLinearDampingCoefX = 2.0;
           waterAngularDampingCoef = 1.2;
           waterResistanceCoef = 0.005;
           rudderForceCoef = 14;
           rudderForceCoefAtMaxSpeed = 18;
           waterEffectSpeed = 5;
           engineEffectSpeed = 5;
           waterFastEffectSpeed = 8;
           memoryPointsLeftWaterEffect = "waterEffectR";
           memoryPointsRightWaterEffect = "waterEffectL";
           memoryPointsLeftEngineEffect = "EngineEffectL";
           memoryPointsRightEngineEffect = "EngineEffectR";
           waterspeedcoef = 0.2;
           waterSpeedFactor = .50;
           // in water check ends 
           /// Gearbox and transmission
           idleRpm = 200; // RPM at which the engine idles.
           redRpm = 2990; // RPM at which the engine redlines.
           engineLosses = 5; // power losses on the engine's crank-shaft (before the gearbox) in Nm. (Multiplied by the gear ratio)
           transmissionLosses = 90; // power losses on wheel axis (in/after the gearbox) in Nm. (Constant)
           class complexGearbox {
               GearboxRatios[]    = {"R2",-1.5,"N",0,"D1",5.7,"D2",3.6,"D3",2.5,"D4",2.0,"D5",1.5,"D6",1.105,"D7",0.85};
               TransmissionRatios[] = {"High",13};
               gearBoxMode        = "full-auto"; //gearbox can be of type: full-auto (only requires 'W' or 'S'), auto (requires shift between drive and reverse), semi-auto, manual
               moveOffGear        = 1; // defines what gear an automatic or semi-automatic gearbox will move off from stationary in. 1 by default.
               driveString        = "D"; // string to display in the HUD for forward gears.
               neutralString      = "N"; // string to display in the HUD for neutral gear.
               reverseString      = "R"; // string to display in the HUD for reverse gears.
               transmissionDelay  = 0;
           /// end of gearbox
    class Wheels {
       class L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkoloL1";
           center   = "wheel_1_2_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_2_bound";
           damping  = 5.0;
           // tanks do not have steerable wheels
           steering = 0;
           /// We need to distinguish the side to apply the right thrust value
           side = "left";
           /// weight of the wheel is defined per wheel, it reduces overall mass of vehicle
           weight = 150;
           mass = 150;
           MOI = 27;
           latStiffX = 20;
           latStiffY = 200;
           longitudinalStiffnessPerUnitGravity = 100000;
           maxBrakeTorque = 45000;
           sprungMass = 7000.0;
           springStrength = 324500;
           springDamperRate = 50990; // good so far
           dampingRate = 0.1;
           dampingRateInAir = 8855.0;
           dampingRateDamaged = 10.0;
           dampingRateDestroyed = 10000.0;
           maxDroop = 0.15;
           maxCompression = 0.15;
       class L3: L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolol2";
           center   = "wheel_1_3_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_3_bound";
       class L4: L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolol3";
           center   = "wheel_1_4_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_4_bound";
       class L5: L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolol4";
           center   = "wheel_1_5_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_5_bound";
       class L6: L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolol5";
           center   = "wheel_1_6_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_6_bound";
       class L7: L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolol6";
           center   = "wheel_1_7_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_7_bound";
       // rear left wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket
       // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway!
       class L9: L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolol9";
           center   = "wheel_1_9_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_9_bound";
           sprungMass = 1500.0;
           springStrength = 37500;
           springDamperRate = 7500;
           maxDroop = 0;
           maxCompression = 0;
       // front left wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket
       // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway!
       class L1: L2 {
           boneName = "";
           center   = "wheel_1_1_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_1_1_bound";
           sprungMass = 1500.0;
           springStrength = 37500;
           springDamperRate = 7500;
           maxDroop = 0;
           maxCompression = 0;
       class R2: L2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolop1";
           center   = "wheel_2_2_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_2_bound";
           side = "right";
       class R3: R2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolop2";
           center   = "wheel_2_3_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_3_bound";
       class R4: R2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolop3";
           center   = "wheel_2_4_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_4_bound";
       class R5: R2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolop4";
           center   = "wheel_2_5_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_5_bound";
       class R6: R2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolop5";
           center   = "wheel_2_6_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_6_bound";
       class R7: R2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolop6";
           center   = "wheel_2_7_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_7_bound";
       // rear right wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket
       // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway!
       class R9: R2 {
           boneName = "wheel_podkolop9";
           center   = "wheel_2_9_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_9_bound";
           sprungMass = 1500.0;
           springStrength = 37500;
           springDamperRate = 7500;
           maxDroop = 0;
           maxCompression = 0;
       // front right wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket
       // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway!
       class R1: R2 {
           boneName = "";
           center   = "wheel_2_1_axis";
           boundary = "wheel_2_1_bound";
           sprungMass = 1500.0;
           springStrength = 37500;
           springDamperRate = 7500;
           maxDroop = 0;
           maxCompression = 0;
    /// End of PhysX

  6. Gnat;2591681']Maybe try adding these two MEMORY LOD points and this config code;

    memoryPointsLeftEngineEffect = "EngineEffectL";
    memoryPointsRightEngineEffect = "EngineEffectR";

    Points must be below the waterline.

    See related;


    Thanks Gnat. But even with those it still will not move. It works fine on land, it floats great, just will not move or steer in the water.

  7. hi Riouken,

    I tried out the testm ission today and had a couple of errors pop up using the cTab

    This one when I first went into the Helmet Cam feed - everything still appeared to function. But it has spammed the rpt file.

    I believe its due to having nothing selected when opening for the first time

    Error in expression <_pos = getPosATL _obj;
    _cntrlScreen drawIcon [_texture,cTabColorBlue,_pos, c>
     Error position: <drawIcon [_texture,cTabColorBlue,_pos, c>
     Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected
    File cTab\player_init.sqf, line 355

    And this one if I pressed the delete marker too many times - I think it goes below a count of 1 in the array.

    Error in expression <_size = count _array;
    _element = _array select (_size - 1);
    _array resize (_size>
     Error position: <select (_size - 1);
    _array resize (_size>
     Error Zero divisor
    File A3\functions_f\arrays\fn_arrayPop.sqf, line 22

    Thanks for the bug report, I see if I can work it out and have a fix for the next update.

    Very nice addition, been waiting for this one

    However, it seems you need to have Community Base Addon ( @cba ) enabled.

    I got an error message saying "Include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_common.hpp not found" when I only Enabled cTab in the configure. I removed the classmod line in my Arma3profile.cfg to have it open the game again and went back in and enabled @cba and @ctab, now it works.

    Is this intended?



    Yes CBA_A3 is required , sorry I did not make that as clear in my first post as I should have. I have updated the first post, CBA_A3 is required for this mod(Really everyone should always run this mod, it is so useful, it should be in the game) sorry about the confusion.

    Funny, same thing here.

    Only seems to work with single keybindings.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Not sure what is causing that, Ill take a look and see if I can fix it.

    Is a nice addon, but it works as a script. No have ammobox for get these items, VAS Virtual Ammobox System not show the equipment of the cTab. If the editor not include scripts lines in the mission, this addon not work, for my this is not good. I hope in the futur updates include ammobox with this items, and vehicles have this equipment without activating the code in the editor.

    Another problem is the helmetcam, which is placed in the box of radio, if you have a helmetcam have no radio in the ACRE? makes no sense, seek another solution, eg put it on the clock, which is almost never used.

    But is a good addon, nice work.

    As I posted above in the thread, the items do not have to stay in the assigned items slots in your inventory, you can move them out to your vest,uniform or elsewhere. As long as you have the item in "Your" gear it will work for all intents and purposes for the mod.

    As to the ammo box, cTab items will show up in VTS as long as the mission maker has not restricted VTS items. go to items then his miscellaneous and the cTab items will be the last three items. Also if people would like a cTab ammobox included with the mod I can easily make one that you can drop down in the editor.

    ---------- Post added at 07:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:12 AM ----------

    Can I suggest maybe having the cTab only show units who have a GPS (or similar device) in their inventory.... more realistic.

    Dismounted troops will not show on BFT unless they have a Tablet or Android device in their inventory. Thats in cTab right now. Because that is how it works in real life. I consulted with multiple people who have used these systems in Real Life, some of that use was in a combat Theater.

  8. Thanks everyone! :)

    Very nice mod!

    But did you have to use the radio slot? Basically this addon and acre are gonna be mutually exclusive. :-/

    Like another poster said, ACRE does not have to be in your radio slot, and neither does cTab. It just needs to be in your inventory somewhere, when you first take it it will snap to that slot but you can move it anywhere in your inv. after that. I think I need to update the documentation about that, Ill add something to the top post about this for future refrence, and I will have the documentation updated in the next release.

    I have some issues to activate the cTab with my assigned key.

    I assigned Left Control + T as key.

    Nothing will work.

    Should there not be a "userconfig" in my Arma3 folder?

    No there is no userconfig folder or file.

    Make sure you have the mod running, that you are assigning the ( UserAction 12 <------) key, in custom controls, very important.

    Really like this mod, the chances for usage are amazing.

    I have only one question - would it be possible to enable the Field-Portable Android Device to be opened "in the background", so we can view live-feeds of helmet cams while playing ourselves? Kinda like the Helmetcam Scripts already available - but compatible with the cTab mod. Because right now, of course, those scripts work without the cTab Helmet Camera item, like two different systems.

    Would be a nice feature, to work with true livestreams, watching what the Teammates in a Specops team are doing etc.

    Thanks for the feedback. Im not sure, the UAV and Helmet cams are not the main focus of the mod, more so the BFT and having a Command level tablet and Squad level android device to help improve battlefield awareness. That said anything is possible.

    But the first updates/additions that will come to cTab will be a direct text message system. This will be a text message system that is in the real FBCB2 system and is used heavily in real life. Keep checking back as I will update my progress in this thread so stay tuned!

    ---------- Post added at 07:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:03 AM ----------

    Thanks for the headsup Numrollen :cool:

    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


    We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

    This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

    When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

    Thanks foxhound, I was tired after posting last night and figured I would report it to armaholic today.

  9. This is awesome.

    Would like to see that the vehicle cTab system would come up instead of your android tab when you are in a vehicle. (had to uneqip it to get the vehicle version.

    If you have the rugged tablet i think ppl want to have that in their hand when it has more options.

    Fixed will be in the next update.

    And I dont know if you should be allowed to go to 3rd person when watching an UAV. But atlest you can do that right now.

    Keep up the great job.

    The third person when viewing is a side effect of the issue with the command being broken right now(see known issues above) I could script a solution to this problem but that is pretty heavy handed for an issue that really is not a game breaker. Hopefully BI will fix the command so that I can show the view only just as its seen from the object. Please vote on the ticket that I linked to in the first post.

    Thanks for the input :)

  10. cTab

    Commander's Tablet - FBCB2, Blue Force Tracker, UAV, and Helmet Cam Interface

    Thanks to

    • SpectreRSG - Graphic Design
    • Capt Drumheller / Jester814 - Technical advisor / Ideas / Media
    • LCpl C. Johnston - Technical advisor
    • LCpl Schwanke - Technical advisor
    • Knobee - Documentation
    • Raspu - TAD, Android and MicroDAGR background graphics and 3D models
    • Killzone_Kid - for his many excellent tutorials
    • Everyone else in the 15th MEU SOC and C-L-F for help with support and testing.
    • BI - for ArmA 3 and all the opportunities to mod for this game.


    • Commander's tablet
    • Working FBCB2 Blue Force Tracker system
    • User placed makers - place markers for enemy, medical and general purpose
    • Tracks all crewed Bluefor Military vehicles
    • Tracks any dismounted troops with the proper equipment
    • Android based Blue Force Tracker
    • MicroDAGR hand-held GPS with Blue Force Tracking
    • Commanders Tablet can view live UAV streams
    • Commanders Tablet can view live Helmet Cam streams
    • Vehicle mounted FBCB2 interface, Blue Force Tracking
    • Tactical Awareness Display (TAD) for air vehicles, Blue Force Tracking
    • This system is available to only one side at a time, there is a mission configurable parameter to choose sides
    • None of the markers or icons show on maps, need one of the devices to view

    Known Issues

    • Switching to or from the full screen views while in a vehicle can cause issues (fixed by exiting vehicle)
      BIS issue with command, please vote for a fix
    • If your are viewing yourself from the UAV or Helmet Cam in PiP screen, your textures can bug on your unit
    • Even though items go into the GPS slot they are not required to be there for cTab to operate, they can go anywhere in your inventory, i.e. your vest or uniform
    • Players that are experiencing conflicts with help screens (uses "H"as a key as well) are advised to rebind cTab "IF_MAIN", for example to "SHIFT"+ "H". This used to be an issue with Zeus but has been resolved as of cTab version 2.1. There might be other such cases though.
    • Helicopter pilots (and co-pilots) that are using RAVEN's LIFTER mod are advised to rebind cTab "IF_MAIN" to something other than the default as "H" is used by that mod and cannot be changed (as of this writing).
    • When a UAV is being actively piloted and a cTab user is already connected to the UAV's gunner turret, it is currently impossible to detect that there is a gunner connected in order to prevent a second player to connect to the same gunner turret. Wonky things happen to the player in the gunner seat if a second player connects and it might break the game. Please vote for a fix.



    hKVHT6Sm.jpg CzQ0HhUm.jpg bjarZTqm.jpg ngtjm2Dm.jpg Rt9IVQ2m.jpg 0lOIuvem.jpg g6frBhdm.jpg 2RpXNyDm.jpg ZoQjPMXm.jpg vEuteq0m.jpg


    Place the "@cTab" and "userconfig" folders in your ArmA 3 folder (both on the server and the clients). Then start the game with "@CBA_A3"and "@cTab". It can be done either by enabling the necessary mods in the game settings (Settings -> Expansions), or by adding the mod names to the game shortcut after the EXE file, i.e. "...\arma3.exe -mod=@CBA_A3;@cTab".

    The keys folder is for the server key.

    How to configure

    Key Bindings

    Key Bindings can now be configured via the CBA Keybinding system available to you from the configure controls screen once you are in game.

    Select "cTab" from the ADDON dropdown

    You can reconfigure the default keys in the configuration file, which can be found in the ArmA 3 folder "...\Arma 3\userconfig\cTab\ctab_settings.hpp". The file can be edited in Notepad or any other text editor. These are the default key bindings:

    "H"                            This key is used to open and close whatever cTab device is available to you, showing the "small" version where available. It can also be used to close UAV view.   
    "CTRL" + "H"                   Opens and closes the secondary view mode of the cTab device available to you. This would usually be the "large" version.                                           
    "ALT" + "H"                    Opens and closes an alternative cTab device that you may have available (i.e. when a pilot carrying a tablet, this will open the tablet).                          
    "LEFT DOUBLE-CLICK"            Opens dialog to place markers at mouse cursor location. Not available on MicroDAGR                                                                                 
    "DEL"                          Deletes the highlighted user placed marker under your cursor.                                                                                                      
    "F1"                           Change to Blue Force Tracker on tablet.                                                                                                                            
    "F2"                           Change to UAV cameras on tablet.                                                                                                                                   
    "F3"                           Change to helmet cameras on tablet.                                                                                                                                
    "F4"                           Change to Message mode on tablet.                                                                                                                                  
    "F5"                           Toggles map tools (grid/elevation/range/direction to mouse cursor).                                                                                                
    "F6"                           Toggles map mode (satellite/topographical/black).                                                                                                                  
    "F7"                           Center map on current position.                                                                                                                                    
    "CTRL" + "SHIFT" "PAGE_UP"     Zoom in on the "small" TAD, MicroDAGR and Android.                                                                                                                 
    "CTRL" + "SHIFT" "PAGE_DOWN"   Zoom out on the "small" TAD, MicroDAGR and Android.                                                                                                                
    "ESC"                          Closes all interactive cTab devices (i.e. all but the "small" variants) as well as the UAV view.                                                                   

    Define vehicle types that have FBCB2 or TAD available

    To configure the list of vehicle types that have FBCB2 or TAD available, edit the "cTab_vehicleClass_has_FBCB2" and "cTab_vehicleClass_has_TAD" arrays in the configuration file on the server, which can be found in the ArmA 3 folder "...\Arma 3\userconfig\cTab\ctab_settings.hpp".

    class cTab_settings {
       cTab_vehicleClass_has_FBCB2[] = {"MRAP_01_base_F","MRAP_02_base_F","MRAP_03_base_F","Wheeled_APC_F","Tank","Truck_01_base_F","Truck_03_base_F"};
       cTab_vehicleClass_has_TAD[] = {"Helicopter","Plane"};

    Note: This is a server-side setting, i.e. whatever is set on the client-side userconfig will be overridden by the userconfig on the server.

    Define helmet classes with enabled helmet camera

    To configure the list of helmet classes that enable helmet cameras, edit the "cTab_helmetClass_has_HCam" array in the configuration file on the server, which can be found in the ArmA 3 folder "...\Arma 3\userconfig\cTab\ctab_settings.hpp". It needs to be within the class "cTab_settings" (same area as above).

    class cTab_settings {
       cTab_helmetClass_has_HCam = {"H_HelmetB_light","H_Helmet_Kerry","H_HelmetSpecB","H_HelmetO_ocamo","BWA3_OpsCore_Fleck_Camera","BWA3_OpsCore_Schwarz_Camera","BWA3_OpsCore_Tropen_Camera"};

    Note: This is a server-side setting, i.e. whatever is set on the client-side userconfig will be overridden by the userconfig on the server.

    For Mission Makers

    Class Names

    ItemcTab // Commander Tablet
    ItemAndroid // Android based Blue Force Tracker
    ItemcTabHCam // Helmet Cam
    ItemMicroDAGR // MicroDAGR GPS

    Add items to a box

    Place this in the initialisation of an Ammo box to add 10 of each item:

    this addItemCargo ["ItemcTab",10];this addItemCargo ["ItemcTabHCam",10];this addItemCargo ["ItemAndroid",10];this addItemCargo ["ItemMicroDAGR",10];

    Add item to a unit directly

    Place this in the initialisation of a soldier:

    this addItem "ItemcTab";

    Note: This will add the item to the actual inventory, but not assign it to the GPS slot. The unit will have to have enough space in its inventory to fit the item, otherwise it won't be assigned. "addItem" assigns the item to the next best inventory container that fits the item, in the order of uniform, vest and backpack. The Tablet ("itemcTab") for example won't fit in most uniforms, so there has to be space in either the vest or backpack. Use "addItemToBackpack" to add the item directly to the unit's backpack and "addItemToVest" to directly assign it to the vest. To assign an item directly to the GPS slot (it has no space restrictions, but will still count towards the unit's total load), use ´linkItem´ instead.

    This will for example assign the MicroDAGR to the GPS slot and place the Tablet into the unit's backpack:

    this linkItem "ItemMicroDAGR";this addItemToBackpack "ItemcTab";

    Set cTab side-specific encryption keys

    If you wish multiple factions to share cTab data, you will have to set their encryption keys to be the same. These are the variables that hold the encryption keys with their default values:

    cTab_encryptionKey_west = "b";
    cTab_encryptionKey_east = "o";
    cTab_encryptionKey_guer = "i";
    cTab_encryptionKey_civ = "c";

    Note: It is advised to keep the encryption keys as short as possible since some actions use them to exchange data across the network, so by keeping them short, there is less data exchanged.

    So if you want to have for example OPFOR and GUER share cTab data, put this at the TOP of your "init.sqf":

    // set GUER encryption key to be the same as the default BLUEFOR encryption key
    cTab_encryptionKey_guer = "b";

    Note: If "GUER" is set to be friendly with either "WEST" or "EAST", "GUER" will by default have the same encryption key as the friendly faction. Set "cTab_encryptionKey_guer = "i";" to override.

    Override vehicle types that have FBCB2 or TAD available

    If you wish to override the list of vehicles that have FBCB2 or TAD available, put this at the TOP of your "init.sqf":

    // only make FBCB2 available to MRAPs, APCs and tanks
    cTab_vehicleClass_has_FBCB2 = ["MRAP_01_base_F","MRAP_02_base_F","MRAP_03_base_F","Wheeled_APC_F","Tank"];
    // make TAD available to all helicopters and planes with the exception of the MH-9 Hummingbird and AH-9 Pawnee
    cTab_vehicleClass_has_TAD = ["Heli_Attack_01_base_F","Heli_Attack_02_base_F","Heli_Light_02_base_F","Heli_Transport_01_base_F","Heli_Transport_02_base_F","I_Heli_light_03_base_F","Plane"];

    Override helmet classes with enabled helmet camera

    // Only have BWmod helmets with a camera simulate a helmet camera
    cTab_helmetClass_has_HCam = ["BWA3_OpsCore_Schwarz_Camera","BWA3_OpsCore_Tropen_Camera"];

    Change display name of a group

    Groups are displayed on cTab devices with their groupIDs. To define custom groupIDs, add the following code to the group leader's initialization:

    // Change the unit's groupID to "Red Devils"
    this setGroupId ["Red Devils"];

    Change display name of a vehicle

    By default all vehicles will be shown with their group names next to them. This can make it difficult to distinguish multiple vehicles of the same type when they are in the same group. To change that, use the following code in the vehicle's initialization:

    // Change this vehicle's identification displayed on all cTab Blue Force Trackers to "Fox"
    this setVariable ["cTab_groupId","Fox",true];



    • Support for updated CBA keybinding API (introduced with CBA 1.20 RC6)
    • Prevent TAD from being accessible when using a parachute
    • Added 500m zoom-level to small TAD
    • Fixed player's camera breaking when exiting UAV full screen view while in a vehicle
    • Fixed control of new target designator turrets (introduced with marksman DLC) from the Tablet's UAV screen
    • Immediately terminate UAV cameras if UAV is distroyed
    • Added own helmet cam back into the list of accessible helmet cams (to reduce confusion)
    • Sorted helmet cams by group ID
    • Made area around the map gray instead of black to increas readability of off-map markers / units
    • Made TAD map tools follow mouse cursor instead of map center. This also allows for measuring distances to off-map destinations.
    • Discrepancies between cTab client and server versions will now be reported to RPT on both client and server via CBA versioning
    • Available UAVs / helmet cams are now automatically refreshed on tablet whenever the lists have changed (lists are updated every 30 seconds), eliminating the need to switch modes or close and reopen the tablet for the display to refresh
    • Added UAV type to list of available UAVs to help with orientation
    • Re-Categorized helmet cam item to show up as face-wear (goggles) in Arsenal. Note: It can still be moved anywhere else in the inventory without losing its capability
    • Fixed keybinds not working in Zeus and causing RPT errors after update to CBA 1.20 RC6


    • Added basic TvT support, so now cTab will work on any side out of the box. Note: A stolen enemy device will currently not provide you with enemy intel, instead the device will inherit your encryption key.
    • Provided encryption keys that can be set by the mission designer to allow or disallow cTab data to be shared.
    • Improved Zeus support when remote controlling AI
    • cTab can now be operated as Zeus even with default keybinding "H"
    • Added MicroDAGR hand-held GPS.
      It features a self-centring small view mode that can be kept visible while navigating and a large view mode that allows for user interaction. The small view mode can be kept open while navigating and zoomed in and out using the "Zoom_In" and "Zoom_Out" keys. Only units with a cTab device in your own group are displayed.
      The MicroDAGR can also operate as a companion device to the Tablet (i.e. you are carrying both) and in that case the MicroDAGR will show you the same BFT data as your Tablet.
    • Added configurable server-side list of helmets that define the presence of a helmet camera, defaulting to vanilla ArmA 3 and BWmod helmet models with a camera.
    • Improved co-pilot seat detection for helicopters as previously the TAD could not be accessed when in the co-pilot seat of some community provided helicopters
    • Enabled support for CBA Keybinding system to make key bind changes more user friendly and changeable without a restart. Userconfig settings now define the default keybinds.
    • Helmet Cam item no longer occupies the radio slot when added to inventory. This is to prevent complications with TFAR.
    • Changed weight of all items to be close to their real-world equivalents (before everything did weight 45g)
    • Updated Android background graphic and added 3D model (for when you drop it on the ground)
    • Completely reworked Android user interface
    • Added messaging to Android interface
    • Sent messages are now kept with the list of received messages
    • Message receive notification has been made a lot less intrusive, both visually (now a small white envelope icon on the right side of the screen) and audibly (a humming sound similar to that of a mobile phone vibrating)
    • The "delete messages" function will now only delete selected messages (instead of all)
    • Added "small" version to Android interface, so you can now keep it visible while navigating
    • Reworked Tablet user interface, switching modes feels a lot more natural now
    • Reworked UAV camera positions, gunner and driver camera will now reflect what the UAV gunner and driver actually sees. Gunner camera now uses FLIR (white/hot) mode.
    • Added function to lock the currently selected UAV gunner's camera to the location double-clicked on the map (select from double-click menu on BFT map). This is only available to the tablet.
    • Lists of UAVs and helmet cameras are now alphabetically sorted
    • Reworked helmet "full-screen" view to only occupy the whole screen of the Tablet instead of the whole screen
    • Added ability to remove marker at mouse cursor position. The marker currently under the cursor will be highlighted and removed upon pressing DEL (delete on your keyboard).
    • Made significant improvements to marker network synchronization. Instead of having an individual client manipulate the list of markers and then send it to every other client, a marker addition / deletion request will now be sent to the server and the server will inform all clients of the change by sending just what has changed.
    • Players sitting in the back of the trucks (HMTT and Tempest by default) now no longer have access to the vehicle based FBCB2
    • All interfaces are now restored to last mode of operation operation (BFT,Messaging,...) on open
    • All interfaces will now restore last map position and zoom level on open
    • Added topographical map mode to all devices
    • Added black map mode to TAD
    • Added switch (F6) to toggle map modes (satellite, topographical, black) via the "large" versions of the devices (the "small" versions will use the same setting)
    • Added switch (F7) to center map on current player position
    • Added current in-game time to all interfaces
    • Added current grid location as well as current heading in degrees and octant to all interfaces
    • Greatly enhanced user placed map markers to properly scale when zooming the map (including the directional arrow and group size denominators) as well as making sure the directional arrow does not interfere with the time-stamps
    • Added new marker types for infantry (Rifle, AT, MG), static weapons (MG, AT, AA, Mortar) and wheeled MRAPs/APCs
    • Added an "Exit" menu entry to the map double-click dialog (the one you place map markers with)
    • Added map tools (can be toggled using F5) that show grid and elevation at mouse cursor as well as distance and direction from the current position to the mouse cursor position.
    • Island sizes are now dynamically detected, no more waiting on islands being supported
    • Tweaked map visuals to be easier to read
    • General performance tweaks
    • Added new keybinding (ALT + H) to allow access to alternative interface (i.e. to get access to the Tablet that is being carried while in one of the pilot seats of a helicopter)
    • Infantry carrying a cTab device in your own group will now show with a smaller infantry icon that points in the direction of the unit as well as the index of that unit within the group (instead of a square infantry symbol with the full group ID). To anyone outside this group, there will only be a single icon shown for the group at the position of the group's leader (if equipped with a cTab device, otherwise the next unit in line).
    • Infantry groups will now automatically show the group strength with dots above the icon
    • Changed BFT list generation and display functions to help de-clutter everyone's view. For example transports will no longer show overlayed icons for other units with cTab equipment that are mounted. Instead, the names of groups and the group indices of units from your own group will be displayed to the left of the transport's icon.
    • The arrow on the inner TAD range circle (that used to show north) will now rotate with the direction of the aircraft to help show the current direction of travel
    • Made large TAD interface movable
    • Excluded static weapons from showing up on BFT
    • Added ability to define custom names for vehicles via the mission or scripts


    • Fixed "_chk_all_items" script error that could appear during Zeus (and probably other) missions


    • Reduced network traffic by moving the list generation of tracked elements from the server to the clients
      The server now sends an update pulse to all clients every 30 seconds (previous update interval was 20), instead of sending the whole list to every client. The clients then generate the list locally. This lessens the server load a little (shifting it to the clients), greatly reduces cTab related network traffic, while hopefully keeping the list content the same across clients since they update (almost) at the same time.
    • Addition of messaging system (currently on Tablet only)
      Send text messages between team members equipped with tablets.
    • Addition of cTab equipment box to be used in editor
      A simple box filled with your favourite cTab equipment. Includes 5 Tablets, 15 Android devices and 25 helmet cameras. The box is also available to Zeus.
    • Tablet, Android and helmet camera are now available in Zeus when editing the contents of boxes
    • Addition of TAD (Tactical Awareness Display) for use in air vehicles.
      There are two variants, one is small and can be kept visible while operating your aircraft, similar to the GPS but populated with information from your cTab network. The map will be kept centred on your current position. In the upper right hand corner of the screen you can see the current scale represented by the radius of the outer circle. The inner circle is exactly half of that.
      The other variant is a larger representation of the same TAD, but in an interactive mode and you will lose your vehicle controls while open.
      Overall the TAD has been modelled to have a similar look to the TAD found in the DCS A-10C module.
      All friendly aircraft icons are replaced with a little circle that has a small line attached to it, representing the current orientation of that vehicle.
      When in one of the pilot seats of an aircraft, press "IF_Main" to open or close the small TAD. Use the new "Zoom_In" and "Zoom_Out" keys to zoom the small TAD. "IF_Secondary" opens the large TAD.
    • Addition of userconfig for key bindings
      This frees up the previously used "UserAction12".
    • Addition of vehicle arrays to userconfig (server side) to define vehicles equipped with on-board FBCB2 or TAD
      The lists will be read by the server and distributed to all clients. It can also be overridden by mission makers.
    • cTab now closes when exiting a vehicle or when the player is killed
    • Added Ifrit, Strider and Tempest to the default list of FBCB2 enabled vehicles.
    • Players sitting in the cargo area of an FBCB2 enabled vehicle will no longer have access to the vehicle based FBCB2. The currently known exceptions are the trucks (HMTT and Tempest), they are working as before. We are waiting on a new command in ArmA3 release 1.26 to hopefully be able to address this.
    • Fixed error appearing when helmet cam screen was selected on the tablet for the first time
    • Added artillery and mortar symbols
    • The increase / decrease font function now actually resizes the fonts (in addition to the symbols as before)
    • General performance improvements and bug fixes

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  11. This is really great, incredible !!!

    Thanks :cool:

    Pretty nice work there. :ok:

    Maybe you can use some parts of my script to improve your helmetcam setup. Feel free to check it out:


    (I haven't updated it in a while but the basics work pretty well)

    Main difference beeing that it actually attaches a virtual camera directly to your helmet, also taking headmovement into account.

    Thanks for the offer. But I have already fixed the issue in the video, pretty much the same way your script does as well. I pushed the update a few days ago to my beta testers. But I will take a look at your script and see if there are any other areas I can optimize mine. Thanks :cheers:



    Maintenance Crews at the 15thMeu have been hard at work trying to get all the new equipment installed in the vehicles. This is still [WIP] but here is a little preview: