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  1. your do not have the correct scope to use the magic variable "this". Use player instead. _unit = _this select 0; if (!local _unit) exitWith {}; player removeItemFromPrimaryWeapon "optic_Arco"; player removeItemFromPrimaryWeapon "optic_Aco"; player removeItemFromPrimaryWeapon "optic_Hamr"; player removeItemFromPrimaryWeapon "optic_holosight"; player addprimaryweaponitem "optic_Aco_grn";
  2. Use this for backpacks - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147892-Riouken-s-Gear-Menu-Alpha
  3. riouken

    Riouken's Gear Menu - Alpha

    Thanks for the hosting Foxhound :), i updated the links in first post.
  4. riouken

    Wearing clothes

    No Jsmuk that just updates the vehicle/ammo box across the network(so all players know about it). This issue with the cloths (the best I can tell) is that they are limited to a certin faction or class, and when you try and pick up something that is blocked it wont let you put it on. Now its a bit buggy and you can get around it by droping it on the ground sometimes. But you can overcome most of this by scripting. ( There are still limitations. If you script the civ clothes on yourself, they are actulay only visiable on your client. Others cant see it in MP). For a greater selection of gear use my Gear Select Menu and my ammo box script. *note the gear system is very buggy right now, people have to remember this is still an Alpha.
  5. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addPrimaryWeaponItem https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeItemFromPrimaryWeapon https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addSecondaryWeaponItem player addPrimaryWeaponItem _optic;
  6. uniforms are limited to your side, like the civ and the opfor uniforms. They are included in this box. You can force wearing them.. but you have to script it. For the greatest amount of options, use this ammo box along with my RGM- Riouken's Gear Menu, links in my sig.
  7. riouken

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Nice! thanks. Works great.
  8. nvm, I found the class names in the folder with the addon. Thanks.
  9. That just scales back the signal loss due to terrain, it does not effect the overall max distance the radios can rx. If you want to rx longer distances you need to do what they do in real life... set up a re-transmit station. // This will requre one free ACRE Channel that will only be used for Re-Trans. _radiotype = "ACRE_PRC117F"; // Type of radio you want to use. _object = myAwacsPlane; // Object you want to attach this re-trans to, can be any object, There are also static antenna in ACRE you can use. _chan1 = 215.875; // First ACRE Chan _chan2 = 218.500; // Second ACRE Chan , This is our re-trans only Chan. _power = 20000; // Power to transmit at. // This will set up an effective retrans station on the object. It will take a rx on _chan1 and re-trans it back out. _nop = [_radiotype, _object, _chan1, _chan2, _power] call acre_api_fnc_attachRxmtToObj; _nop = [_radiotype, _object, _chan2, _chan1, _power] call acre_api_fnc_attachRxmtToObj;
  10. It looks like we will have a ton of things to work with. I cant wait.
  11. Thanks for the info Sickboy, I'm not pressuring you at all, was mostly just curious. Also thanks for the info on submitting to cba. I made a fork and will see about adding in one or two of my functions.
  12. Wanted to say thanks for CBA, I have used it quite a bit in my work and it is very helpful. Are you planning on bringing it to A3? You hade it ported over to TOHC very fast :) ... Also is there anything we can do to help, for me CBA is the number one mod needed in A3.
  13. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?88925-Mondkalb-s-quot-How-to-create-an-Addon-from-scratch-quot
  14. Lean to script with sqf in A2. Sqf will still be in A3 with most of the syntax staying the same, there will be some new/updated commands but the vast majority will stay the same and you will use them the exact same way in A3 as you do now in A2. As DNA said in another thread, java is planned at some point but won't be in the alpha.
  15. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Yes because the L4D2 and MW2 communities were so mature in the first place... Kinda like the drama from the [sDF]Steam Defense Force. What is pointless is you guys heckling someone because they spoke out on their opinion. Btw... I have never said that I'm not buying the game(I don't like the Steam decision) but I'm waiting till we get more info on the mod situation. I have just been trying to stick up for all the guys that are not happy and are not going to buy. Its their decision/opinion and they are entitled to it just as much as you.
  16. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    What your saying reminds me of this: People are buying a game, its there perogitive if they want to buy a game with a Required third party program. They don't have to give anything a chance. Did you earn the money and give it to them so they could buy the game? Then no one else gets to decide how they spend their money.
  17. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Most people are not questioning why, I fully understand why they are doing it. But that does not mean I have to like it or that someone else has to go against their principles just so BI can make a profit.
  18. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    How is it childish when someone has a set of standards and principles and they choose to live by them and now this is going against there wishes, so they are leaving. Actually that sounds like a sound mature decision based on ones principles.
  19. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    I think all you guys should form a new group you could call it: [sDF] Steam Defense Forces Maybe even ol Gabe will sponsor you guys.
  20. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    I was referring to the huge, Mature Community that pretty much left when they dropped mod support. Its hard to find a good game or good Unit to play BF3. Just trying to read the forums over there will give you a headache.
  21. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Stolen mods, Workshop tools not working, Errors updating mods , Errors deleting mods.... And these are just the first few pages on there respective forums. So yea some people are apprehensive. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/846943418822382113/?appid=72850 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/846945955318392780/?appid=72850 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/846944689685161130/?appid=72850 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/846945579838916760/?appid=72850 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/882953811546326262/?appid=72850 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/846945955311758080/?appid=620 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/846945579825064950/?appid=620 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/846944689809154506/?appid=620
  22. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    I have posted several questions that need to be answered before I make a final judgement, but had to respond to the BF3 comment, EA shat all over modders and community developers. They removed modding all together... Im done with EA and Origin, I will not buy another product from them. Sure they sold a ton of BF3 but look at the community... Is that what you want to take the place of people that leave due to the steam issue?
  23. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    No one said they were doing it out of spite or greed. I understand fully why they are doing it. That doesn't mean that I have to like the decision or that someone is being immature because they do not like steam and don't wish to develop content for the steam-verse.
  24. riouken

    Things you wish NOT to have in the game!

    You can turn it off for the server, but its still going on your client. That's not off like BE. Some people like to play with signature checking, some with out it, some like to play with BE some with out it. We will have to wait and see if those types of options are still available in A3.
  25. riouken

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    @ W0lle, lol I know most of the steam users that post on the forums can not even get their game running with mods... let alone develop them.