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  1. I have tried this as well

    I have set the server.cfg file to read... // some ArmA specific stuff - signature verification

    onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // unsigned data detected

    onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // tampering of the signature detected

    //onDifferentData=""; // data with a valid signature, but different version than the one present on server detected

    //BattlEye=0; //Server to use BattlEye system

    Yet i still cant play.

    We can conect to the server, read the mission, but as soon as we hit continue on the map screen we get kicked back to the server list lobby.

  2. ive even tried to disable battleye on our dedi box ( set it to read //BattlEye=0; //Server to use BattlEye system in the config ) but still cant join a game. Well i can get on the server choose a slot and start but as soon as it gets to the map screen and i select contine it crashes me ( and other stem users ) back to the map screen.

    no matter what is done not one of our community on steam can play....this is ridiculous patchs are meant to fix things not break them.....or is this a ploy to get all steam users to go out and but a fresh retail copy of the game.....

  3. Based on NON Steam version

    install OA into your A2 directory

    Patch A2 to 1.7

    Patch OA to 1.52

    Set up your server configs ( http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Server_configuration )

    Launch the ArmA2OAserver.exe

    make sure all your missions include an addon entry to stop OA only clients from joining. (Known issue >> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=102169 )

    To help you do this either use

    SbSMac's tool >> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=102271


    Deadfast's tool >> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=102521

    Ive done what is listed there but i had to create a shortcut on the dedi box desktop and add the -config=server.cfg command to the shortcut to get it to read the config file.....but i cant see any of the standard ArmA 2 maps ie chenarus isn't there just the OA maps

  4. i have tried this in many different vairations on our dedicated server and it will not work at all.

    There is no application data / profiles / BEpath folder any where the only battleye folders are actually in the game installs.

    Ive tried everything but nothing works surely someone has come up with some other easier way?? theres got to be a tool that will enable us to rcon operation arrowhead with out giving us mightmares trying to install it

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    i do think there is a issue with how you have it all configured together.

    i find your parameters strange. maybe this will help you a bit..

    I have made a dir in my arma2 installation dir, i called it Server.

    in that dir i have 2 main files. server.cfg and arma2.cfg

    hence the startup parameter.

    C:\......server.exe" -config=Server\server.cfg -cfg=Server\arma2.cfg -profiles=Server

    now in that dir "Server" in your arma dir. you should make a dir called BattlEye

    C:\path\ArmA II\server\BattlEye

    put BEServer.cfg in that dir.

    in your BEServer.cfg put

    RConPassword MyPassword

    if BEServer.dll isnt copyed there automaticly during serverstartup try copy it manualy

    copy BEServer.dll there


    C:\path\ArmA II\BattlEye


    C:\path\ArmA II\server\BattlEye

    hope this can help out a bit.

    Ive just tried all that and i still cant connect to our dedi cated servers operation arrowhead install

  5. hmm so we have 2 dedi servers

    1 main server open to members and public

    1 Private member only server

    both show British Armed Forces LITE in the server list.

    like this

    http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c11/systemshock/ArmA2OA_2010_08_27_17_49_23_931-1.jpg 351 kb

    So now i confused big style....will I have to installed the DLC on to the servers as well as each members rig will have to have it installed

  6. Ive followed these instructions to the letter...

    IVe created a command line that reads

    -server -port=2310 -profiles=rcontools -cfg=BEServer.cfg -config=server.cfg

    on the dedi box i have got a new folder in there is the profile rcontools

    Ive made the config folder which reads as follows







    but no matter what i do i cant connect to the server via rcon

  7. cheers m8 ill give it a try tomorrow and post back here to let you know.

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    Your script worked fine buddy however ive just tried it now i reset the trigger to activation blufour present then in effects selected the tracks ( mission_1 ) and it didnt work....so set activation to playMusic "misson_1"; yet still didnt work.

    What am i doing wrong lol?

  8. I have created a mission and almost got it finished how ever i want to trigger the mission impossible theme as people leave camp.

    I have done the following

    1. created a music folder and inthere i have placed an ogg file called mission_1.

    I have added the text above to my description folder like this

    // Mission Header
    class Header
     gameType = Coop;
     minPlayers = 1;
     maxPlayers = 16;
    onLoadMission = "REVIVE TEST MISSION";
    OnLoadMissionTime = FALSE;
    // description.ext settings for revive
    respawn = "BASE";
    respawndelay = 4;
    disabledAI = 0;
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\config.cpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\define.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\rev_cam_dialog.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_2.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_3.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_4.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1b.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1c.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_2b.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_3b.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_4b.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_1map.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_2map.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_3map.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\respawn_button_4map.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\OK_map.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\dead_cam_dialog.hpp"
    #include "revive_sqf\dialogs\rev_cam_dialog_blank.hpp"
    class Params
           class DayTime
                   title = "Time Of Day";
                   values[] = {-6, 0, 8, 13};
                   texts[] = {"Morning", "Clear day", "Sundown", "Night"};
                   default = 0;
           class Revive
    	// paramsArray[1]
                   title = "Number of Revives:";
                   values[] = {2000,1000,20,10,7,5};
                   texts[] = {"No Revive","Infinite - Cadet","20 - Easy ","10 - Normal","7  - Hard","5  - Extreme"};
                   default = 10;
           class CfgMusic
          // List of tracks (.ogg files without the .ogg extension)
              tracks[] = {mission_1};
          // Definition for each sound
      class mission_1
    	    name = "mission_1"; // Name for mission editor
    	    sound[] = {\music\mission_1.ogg, db + 0, 1.0};
    	    titles[] = {0, ""};

    3. I went into game set the trigger activated by blufor present went into effects but the ogg file was not in the tracks list???

    I know theogg file works as its in my sounds folder for use in game anyway,

    and help would be appreciated