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  1. I think someone made some decent looking lasers in a macross mod once. He used altered tracers and high caliber rounds. i think. VF-1S
  2. neither are mine. they are all white. the models look great though
  3. love this addon execpt one issue. just about every addon i try to import into gives me an error or doesn't see anything to add. any ideas?
  4. Those are actually great reasons you gave there. You can have the best of both worlds though. It is fairly easy to make an addon that works both via script or addon. it's been done quite a few times. Mando Missiles and TAW View distance to name a couple. With the TAW one you can even disable the addon in the mission via scripting if you want. I will offer to help if you want it.
  5. Well I would think your question could be answered by the same reason why they make other scripts into addons. For ease of use, for those that are not well versed in mission making, to make it not necessary to edit every mission to use the awesome features this script provides. I'm sure i can provide for you a few more reasons if I think on it more than the 2 secs i took to think of the reasons i just supplied.
  6. is it possible to make head mounted optics with different vision modes? i saw something in the configs about thermal goggles but never could seem to pinpoint the way they would be implemented. also is it possible to add optics overlays to head mounted stuff like the way they did in the laser designator and range finder? Id d give a look through the forums for a request like this and didnt find one. i hope i looked well enough.
  7. do you plan on making this an addon?
  8. ahh i see. dang i could have really used that. Our unit uses UAVs/UGVs alot. :(
  9. Excellent work. Only thing that i noticed was the lack of ability to spawn UAVs/UGVs. Was that on purpose or a simple over sight?
  10. ok TY. the script does look sweet. i might reinstall A2/OA just to check it out
  11. i'm a lil confused by the description. does this work with arma 3 as well?
  12. extremely nice work. small request if i may. ( lol and feel free to ask me to bugger off) I know for right now it would only be for cosmetic value, but would you consider making the jammer pods (one set goes on wing tips and the other type goes under wings) so that it is possible to have a EA-F18 Growler Variant? like i said small request that is only for looks ( but it would be sweet to have) EA-18G_Growler is case you will actually consider it lol and need pictures of the jammer pods. PS I totally understand if you dont have the time or want to make it. your work is amazing and i dont want to sound like an ingrate.
  13. does anyone know if they are gonna fix the jet pilot helmet? NVGS clip terribly with it. i looked in the configs and i see a separate .p3d for the visor, but i do not see away to remove or hide the visor currently on the helmet itself. if the visor was removes from the helmet, then the stand alone visor could be used as a NV device. when in use the visor would be down, and when not it would be up and out of the way. like the NVGs do now. any ideas or suggestions?
  14. i was digging through the configs of the binoculars and NVGs and i came across a section of the config i can not seem to find any information on. under class item info there is as follows: hmdType = 0; mass = 4; modelOff = "A3\weapons_f\binocular\NVG_proxy_off.p3d"; type = 616; uniformModel = "A3\weapons_f\binocular\nvg_proxy.p3d"; i know what everything there is for except hmdtype=0 does anyone know what this is for? i am mainly curious because i am trying to experiment with various setting of the HMDitem class to make things like futuristic heads up display goggles for pilots and also for a possible battlefield command mod. any input would be greatly appreciated.
  15. did anyone by chance ever figure out what HMDTYPE was for?
  16. Jynx

    Fast Roping

    i swear i saw models for ropes when i was browsing through the stock BIS configs. I do not know if it was part of an abondoned project or parts of a future one.
  17. you can also open the mission.sqm file with a text editor and change the side of the units there manually and not have to worry about respawn issues and the such
  18. I'll try just loading this addon and the one it requires and see what happens
  19. Jynx

    TMR Modular Realism

    do the bipods only work for stock rifles ?
  20. Will the MH9 have the functionality to use the built in animations like in ToH? What i mean is will we be able to add the flir camera to it and render PiP to the addon screen? right now we can add the flir cam, and the screen but they are not controlable. since BIS is using the same model for all the MH9 Variants it would be cool if they made it to where you could retro fit the MH9 to mission needs. Example: add flir cam and be able to paint targets, drop the benches, and add doors. I took some time to look for a similar post to this and did not find one after about an hours looking. If i over looked a post I do apologize . as always keep up the amazing stuff you guys do with this game and thank you.
  21. you might also entertain the idea of attaching a chemlight as well as a smoke grenade to the parachuting cargo so that it has a bit of night time visibility as well. :)
  22. i made a mistake. however on line 105 of =btc=functions.sqf. if you change it to : _obj_para = [_veh,_obj,"B_Parachute_02_F"] spawn BTC_l_paradrop; the cargo chute works and the object (in this case an ammo crate) floats to the ground nicely.
  23. NonSteerable_Parachute_F is the class name of the cargo parachute that has been released in the dev build.
  24. I am loving the script so far. Is there a way to make it so that if you want to air drop cargo from a helo you can and it will descend on a parachute?