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  1. actually i saw ropes in the arma 3 configs........ i think it has to do with the fast roping they say will be in the final version.
  2. hi i was looking at a post by someone in which they had various animations for the mh-9. such as removing the bench seats and back seats. however i do not see anyway to actually get your passengers to fill the back seats. the best i have gotten was 8 troops in the mh-9 but the ones in the back seat where not visable. i noticed in the config they had this listed for the mh9_base_f class memoryPointsGetInCargoPrecise[] = {"GetIn_Cargo","GetIn_Cargo2"}; and on the b_mh9_f class they had memoryPointsGetInCargoPrecise[] = {"GetIn_Cargo3","GetIn_Cargo4","GetIn_Cargo5","GetIn_Cargo6"}; i made a config and combined them to get memoryPointsGetInCargoPrecise[] = {"GetIn_Cargo","GetIn_Cargo2","GetIn_Cargo3","GetIn_Cargo4","GetIn_Cargo5","GetIn_Cargo6"}; which gave me 8 seats, however like i said the people in the rear seats are invisable. stock mh9_base_f config snippit class MH9_Base_F: Helicopter_Base_H { _generalMacro = "MH9_Base_F"; displayName = "$STR_A3_CfgVehicles_MH9_Base0"; model = "\A3\Air_f\MH9\MH9_F.p3d"; picture = "A3\Air_F\MH9\Data\UI\mh9_ca.paa"; icon = "\A3\Air_f\MH9\Data\UI\icons\heli_light02_CA.paa"; accuracy = 0.5; nameSound = "veh_helicopter"; class MFD{}; maxSpeed = 235; fuelCapacity = 242; fuelConsumptionRate = 0.0368; preciseGetInOut = 0; cargoPreciseGetInOut[] = {0}; driverAction = "Chopperlight_L_Static_H"; getInAction = "ChopperLight_L_In_H"; getOutAction = "ChopperLight_L_Out_H"; memoryPointsGetInCargo[] = {"pos Cargo R","pos Cargo L","pos Cargo L","pos Cargo R"}; memoryPointsGetInCargoDir[] = {"pos Cargo dir R","pos Cargo dir L","pos Cargo dir L","pos Cargo dir R"}; usePreciseGetInAction = 0; memoryPointsGetInDriverPrecise = "GetIn_Pilot"; memoryPointsGetInCargoPrecise[] = {"GetIn_Cargo","GetIn_Cargo2"}; cargoGetInAction[] = {"GetInLow","GetInLow"}; cargoGetOutAction[] = {"GetInLow","GetInLow"}; typicalCargo[] = {"B_HeliPilot_F"}; cargoAction[] = {"ChopperLight_C_R_static_H","ChopperLight_C_L_static_H"}; transportSoldier = 1; transportMaxMagazines = 10; stock B_mh9_f snippet class B_MH9_F: MH9_Base_F { _generalMacro = "B_MH9_F"; scope = 2; accuracy = 1; icon = "\A3\Air_f\MH9\Data\UI\icons\heli_light01_CA.paa"; picture = "A3\Air_F\MH9\Data\UI\mh9_ca.paa"; side = 1; faction = "BLU_F"; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; class Armory { description = "$str_a3_cfgvehicles_b_ah9_armory0"; }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"A3\Air_f\MH9\Data\Heli_light01_ext_Blufor_co.paa"}; transportSoldier = 4; cargoProxyIndexes[] = {1,2,3,4}; ejectDeadCargo = 1; cargoPreciseGetInOut[] = {1}; cargoGetInAction[] = {"bench_mh9_get_in"}; cargoGetOutAction[] = {"bench_mh9_get_out"}; cargoAction[] = {"ChopperLight_CB_static_H"}; memoryPointsGetInCargoPrecise[] = {"GetIn_Cargo3","GetIn_Cargo4","GetIn_Cargo5","GetIn_Cargo6"}; and my attempt at the config class MH9_jynx: MH9_Base_F { scope = 2; side = 1; faction = "BLU_F"; crew = "B_Helipilot_F"; transportSoldier = 6; ejectDeadCargo = 1; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\A3\Air_F\Mh9\Data\Heli_light01_ext_ion_co.paa"}; memoryPointsGetInCargoPrecise[] = {"GetIn_Cargo","GetIn_Cargo2","GetIn_Cargo3","GetIn_Cargo4","GetIn_Cargo5","GetIn_Cargo6"}; any ideas on what i am doing wrong or if it is simply a bug in the model? thanks for ya help ahead of time. also they fill into the helo first on the benches and then into the back seat and i was wondering if there was a way to change the order.
  3. Jynx


    so far with my looking at the configs i only saw the ability to eject from the CH-49 Mohawk and the UH-80 Ghost hawk. and they only allow the cargo (or passengers) to eject. the pilots and crew can not seem to eject.
  4. ok i experimented around with changing the value for the HMDTYPE param and got no difference. so maybe da12thmonkey is correct that is not yet implimented. i also noticed in the configs there was a reference to a TIGOGGLES and tried to change the simulation param on the NVGs to tigoggles, and also got no difference.
  5. thank you for replying. Do you know what the HMDTYPE=0 param is for?
  6. wow i totally over looked that. and for that i deeply apologize. I am usually more attentive than that. i am downloading now and anxious to try them out. once again sorry for my over sight awesome job.
  7. these are nice. have you ever thought about making them a glasses class instead of hatwear? i know it sounds stupid, but as a helmet class it stops people from wearing helmets and that stops addons like the helmet cam from working. also if make them a glasses class item you could possibly see about having them with different glasses on them. just my two cents worth. i love them though. I just wish i could use them without losing some features my unit uses in our tactics.
  8. Is it possible to make a headgear like a helmet have nvg and/or thermal imaging modes with out the use of items like nvgs or thermal scopes via the headgears config?
  9. Jynx

    H&K USP 9 mm Pistol

    awesome addon btw. by far my new favorite sidearm. just curious if you will be doing any sort of laser pointer attachment for the bottom rail? like an IR or red dot?
  10. Jynx

    Skull Balaclava

    would it be possible to make it a face? so you can still use glasses like the tactical glasses for the helmet cam ?
  11. yeah, "rendertarget0" is the gunner and "rendertarget1" is the back up cam for the driver
  12. Is it possible to have multiple pip feeds showing in a dialog at the same time?
  13. Jynx

    Crew Info in vehicles

    Love the script! Is there a way to tell where the gunner of a vehicle is aiming the main weapon so I can use it to set it as a target for a camera?
  14. is there a way of calling the camera view from a vehicle to use in a pip dialog?
  15. first off i am sorry if this question has already been asked and addressed. I did take the time to look through the thread, but with there being 299 pages i will admit i scanned over the pages. ok my question is this: i set up a sam site along the lines of the sam site mission that came with mma. however to make things look a little more realistic i moveingunner soldiers into the sa-2 launcher so that they swivle and point the launcher at thier target rather than a missile just erupting from what ever direction the target was while the launcher did not move. the issue i am having now is that even though mma fires a missile, occasionally the gunner will also fire the stock munition. when they don't fire the stock one there is still a missile left on the rack. is there anyway to tell the game to remove the missile from the rack when mma fires off so that is doesn't remain there?
  16. man i'm loving these radars. Do you know if you plan on making the radars themselves packable for transport? if not they are still awesome. lol now if we can get some sa-2s and sa-5s to go with them lol :) thanks for the great work, now i have some good stuff to use for SEAD missions and what not. ---------- Post added at 01:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:33 PM ---------- i'm having the same issue. In your video there is a transformer like object there. However when i deploy the ant the object is missing. it might be something simple like a line of anim code left out that would cause it to appear.
  17. will there be an update soon with the new way things are run in 1.60? and the new way jayarmalib has done their injections?
  18. Jynx

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    ok is that for when ya release the new version? becuase the version i have (24b97) doesn't have the f18s in it. or can i pull that one file from ya beta release and just replace the one in the suite?
  19. Jynx

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Is there anyway to set them into sets of 2 and 4? right now you have them set only in sets of 4. the reason i ask is that sometimes you want to leave a couple pylons just for single heavy ordnance or for drop tanks. i use the mando_weapon_master variable alot in my missions to give the pilots the ability to customize their load outs. I also noticed that when ya select the Fz-f18_dualrail in the 2nd dialogue in mando that it does not list any magazines for it, even if you have removed the 4rnd one. it also gives me a message that states it can't find it in the config. Is there a fix for that possible as well? Thanks for all your awesome work. I love the combination of those three addons: Mando, F-18, and Missilebox. FYI i dun know if those questions should be directed to Myke, Meatball, OR mando. lol or all three :)
  20. I just wanted to say you guys are Addon Gods. It's when people like you raise the bar of addon making that people can see the true love and joy of A2. I hope addon makers use this addon as an example of how things should be made in this game. Thank you.
  21. Jynx

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    I dunno if this has been asked (and yes i did take the time to skim through the thread for references to it) , but are you planning on making a GROWLER variant of the f-18? where as i know for stock players that might be pointless and for looks only, but on the other hand if you were to get with MANDO about the idea he may be willing to implement functionality for it in his amazing MMA. I hope i'm not going way off by asking this and highly await your excellent addon. Thank you for all the hard work it is really appreciated by some. :)
  22. Jynx

    USS Nimitz

    Amazing work JDOG. Thank you for your hard work. I was losing some creativity interest in A2CO and with ya release it's inspiring me to make some maps. thank you so much.
  23. I was just curious if you were going to make a M992 Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle sine you made that bad assed chassis?