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  1. Happy Birthday again :P Wish You all the best ProfT! (and yes, I know that one more year isnt funny :P)


  2. Thanks mate. Happy New Year to You too Andy !

  3. Happy birthday mate

  4. Happy Birthday mate!

  5. Bielow

    Wszystkiego Najjjlepszeeego Yac(ku) :party: :803:

  6. I see Your avatar Zipper5... You are bad robot :p

  7. Happy Birthday Max :)

  8. Happy birthday ProfTournesol :party: ! and thank You once again for all Your help :)

  9. I want just say "Thanks" :)

  10. Nice avatar dude ;)

  11. Spasiba Sergey

  12. Welcome back :)

  13. Hello Fab. You probably don't remember me. I was registered in Your WWIIEC forum. I proposed You that i can help You with Your mod. With single missions and campaigns. My proposition is still actual. BTW. Please tell me when are You planing release this beauty?