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  1. Author is mentioned in info about addons on arma point page desciption. So check readme inside file too ;) Click to see links edit 2 edit 3 edit 4 Some of Infantry pbo need: -Facestex 2 -SJB Weapons pack 1.1 -Jam3 -Armor pack 3 or from Arma point All files which wasn't broken are in this post. There was 2 or 3 which was broken,so if something on armapoint isn't on my account (Bif Thread) it means that file was broken. That's all folks Enjoy Bielow
  2. Bielow

    ACSR 2.5 Final

    Cause nobody did it I decided to make new thread (there was no final in complete sections if I check correctly)and upload file to fast host. Previous my upload was on slowest host and version was without few bugs fixed. Last version hosted by ofp.info was 1.5 so I think it's nice addition to play a bit ;) ACSR 2.5 last and final version for Operation Flashpoint If You want read more about this mod check http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=46424&highlight=ACSR Credits go to: -Petralch and his team. Download link (My mirror-like all my uploads) - 428.91 MB http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y9VCV209 Bielow p.s Link will be active as long as I will have account on megaupload. I will not make any patches to it. Any questions send to author.
  3. After very long time I can prouduly show to our small Ofp community newest and probably the latest demo of team WWII Engineering Corps (WWIIEC in shortcut) All thanks, beers, flowers, girls and money goes to Fab. Simply amazing guy. Words can't describe everything what he did. I heard that FAB accept credit cards too :) In new version You can find: -polished animations -new ironsights -few new small weapons (e.g Mg 34, p03, 038, finished lee enfield No. 4 Mk. I (T),Enfield No.2 Mk I ) -new stuff like wireless radio for brits and feld fu for germans -heavy weapons to both sides (mg34 on tripod, mg 42 on tripod, 2 and 3 inch mortars, pak 36, pak 40, AA polsten gun, 6 pounder) -one vehicle (daimler scout car) -few new sounds and tweaks -GUI Few pic's from Gatebuilder http://www.fotosik.pl/u/bielow/album/1313257 And link to dl'ad file http://www.mediafire.com/?ardjo1yjwx383q5 [b]Heavy weapons[/b] [b]Weapons[/b][b] [right]Ammo[/right] [/b] ECA_MG42HMG [right]ECA_MG42HMGMag[/right] ECA_MG34HMG [right]ECA_MG34HMGMag[/right] ECA_pak36 [right]ECA_pak36HEMag ; ECA_pak36HEATMag ; ECA_pak36APCRMag[/right] ECA_pak40 [right]ECA_pak40HEMag ; ECA_pak40APHEMag ; ECA_pak40APCRMag[/right] ECA_81mm_mortar [right]ECA_81mm_mortarHEMag[/right] ECA_20mmPolsten [right]ECA_20mmPolstenAPmag ; ECA_20mmPolstenHEmag ; [/right] ECA_6pdr [right]ECA_6pdrHEMag ; ECA_6pdrAPMag ; ECA_6pdrAPCRMag[/right] ECA_2inch_mortar [right]ECA_2inch_mortarHEmag[/right] ECA_3inch_mortar [right]ECA_3inch_mortarHEmag[/right] [b]Vehicle[/b] ECA_DaimlerScoutCar [b]British[/b] ECA_Wireless_No18 ECn2mk1 [right]ECn2mk1Mag[/right] ECSten2 [right]ECStenMag[/right] ECSMLE4 [right]ECSMLEMag ; ECSMLE4Bayonet[/right] ECSMLE4T [right]ECSMLEMag[/right] ECBren [right]ECBrenMag[/right] ECPIAT [right]ECPIATMag[/right] [b]Germans[/b] ECP38 [right]ECP38Mag[/right] ECP08 [right]ECP308Mag[/right] ECMP40 [right]ECMP40Mag[/right] ECMP40folded [right]ECMP40Mag[/right] ECG43 [right]ECG43Mag[/right] ECMP44 [right]ECMP44Mag[/right] ECK98 [right]ECK98Mag ; ECK98Bayonet[/right] ECK98zf39 [right]ECK98Mag[/right] ECK98GrenadeLauncher [right]ECK98Mag ; ECK98APgrenade ; ECK98ATgrenade[/right] ECG43ZF43 [right]ECG43Mag[/right] ECG43 [right]ECG43Mag[/right] ECMG34 [right]ECMG34Drum[/right] ECMG42 [right]ECMG42drum[/right] ECA_Panzerfaust30 [right]ECA_Panzerfaust30mag[/right] ECA_Panzerschreck54 [right]ECA_Panzerschreck54mag[/right] ECA_Panzerschreck54_2 [right]ECA_Panzerschreck54mag[/right] ECA_Feld_Fu_BC ECA_Lafette34 ECA_Lafette42 Of course is obvious that all credits goes to FAB and rest of WWIIEC Team. If You want to take something from that package You must ask Fab himself. You can't port to Arma 1, Arma 2 or any Bis and non Bis Games without consultation with author. P.s To play it You need to have fwatch.You can find it e.g in Faguss site. I tried to make it CWA compatybile (and I hope so - cause it worked during tests.) Feel free to send me any bugs which You can find. My life is a bit crazy since I'm father so it's more than likely that I forgot something. If someone don't know what "Road to Caen is" please check old topic. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?115811-Road-To-Caen-Demo Sincerly Bielow
  4. Hi! Below it's reason why my I44 patch will have delay. I worked on this - Ladies and gentelmans I'm honored to show You piece of art. Something which was to us-ww2 fans like dream. I get this beauty from Guy - respect mate! :cool: and merged with T_Roc version. List of things which I fixed is unneccesary -beside it was very short - huge challenge was to fix GREAT Sengir's animation. It takes me some time but here it is - Enjoy! Unfortunately it's not over 1/10 but it's something which we can have and play waiting for Fab's return. (King's return will be good title too ;) ) Please read carefully Credits list in mod folder nad FAQ. Thank You Content: -UK Infantry -German Heer and W-SS (SS in dot 44 camo,heer in 4 types: normal uniform,short sleeves,zeltbahn and splinter camouflage) -Small weapons to both sides -Objects to island and vegetation. -4 type of test island Screens: FAQ Q:Is in mod armor's,vehicles,planes or heavy weapons ? A:Nope. On the first release Fab was planned only infantry and few static weapons like mortar on mg-34/42 on tripod. Eventually vikcers. Nothing more- from my knowledge. I don't have acess to vehicles and rest of stuff. But Sennacherib is planing release his map and buildings which was dedicated to Caen mod. Check this thread. Beside T_Roc released huge pack of vehicles. Americans and British stuff was dedicated to caen too-this thread. Q:Why it's only this and that?? Where is that stuff which we saw at forum thread? A:I don't have it. I have the latest version which Fab shared with team members. Q:I spotted bug. You suck man! A:I fixed what I could. All should work if someting wasn't worked-report. Q:Will be any update to it? A:Yes. I'm planing release DLC with one weapons more mg-34 with bipod and one my mission. Q:I want use xxx or yyy in my mod. I want to add zzz to ggg A:Check credits file. Q:I was worked in WWIIEC team and I don't see my nickname in credits list. A:Report me. I'll add You. Q:Why You didn't added proper stuff like mp-40 pouches to heer/w-ss ? A:It will be profanation in my opinion. I released fixed stuff. Nothing was added. Any qestions etc are welcome Regards and have fun Bielow Download Link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8CKFYSGS http://hotfile.com/dl/109334317/9a6a790/ww2ec.7z.html From Ofp info - Thanks to Relliki ftp://ftp.ofpr.info/ofpd/unofaddons2/ww2ec.7z p.s Credits - Fab. Then rest of his team. WWIIEC Team credits list Rules: Huge thanks like eiffel tower to Guy from I44 and T_Roc. Who provided me their versions of this content.Beside thanks to Jojimbo and Guy- who told me and gave permission to fix and release this stuff to public. Without their help You will not play this mod. Appendix 1: list of small arms click spoiler Appendix 2 List of objects click spoiler Appendix 3 -spotted bugs click spoiler
  5. Bielow

    WWIIEC Road to Caen Demo 0.3.3

    @Jdb Thank You for mirror. @ProfTournesol Thank You! About fwatch it was used (By Fab I guess) to improve possibilities of animations and scripts. During tests i had few strange things which I couldn't fix so I decided to stay with Fwatch. @Icarus Like ProfT wrote You - change name of folder. I accidently uploaded my "work wersion" ... :/ All settings files should stay at main folder. In "release version" I had deleted ""settings"" folder,changed name and added credits list. @NacroxNicke Yeah. I know it. It's impossible to fix to me. I talked with some scripters/coders specialist and they told me something similiar. Maybe expert specialist like Reyhard can fix this but I didn't saw him for ages. About lag...hmmm... What ofp version do You have? 1.96, 1.99? With fwatch or without it? Please write me more about it. Probably I will not be able to fix it but I'll send all info's to friendly scripter.
  6. A few days ago I recieved a few toys from Jojimbo (Thanx Mate), so I can continue my work with this patch. Before it I loose most of my things to Ofp WWII :( after Hdd crash. Any news, screens info I will be place here. This patch will be to original 2.5 version, so all older patches will be unneccesasry. When I finish this I will be work to Redux version. (All patches + 2.5 version, binarizied, optimized etc ) I'm not a professional modeller/graphics so please be patient. I'm still learning. List of things, changes etc I'll post today or tomorrow. Bielow p.s Any questions and eventually suggestions please place here. -----edit Flak 38 (2cm) made by I44 team. (So model and textures made NOT by me) I fixed a few things like gunner position, added to main config etc etc.
  7. Bielow

    ww2 german camos

    Well....new version of Caen mod will be have more polished animations-I can guarantee it ;) Camouflages looking very nice but I think it will be nice to make "clear" variant and "dirty" - You know- with all that mud and sands from battlefield on it. Keep it up Sennacherib! Bielow
  8. Bielow

    WW2 map

    Looking really good. Nice to see that You are back in modding my friend. Screens looking marvelous! Can't wait to see beta stage. Are You planning to make few open houses to house-to-house firefights? Bielow
  9. Bielow

    Road To Caen Demo

    I was a bit away from Ofp but during that time I worked a bit with Fab's files. Soon (today-tomorrow-toyota :P) I'll release new version as soon I discover how to make it 1.99 CWA compatibile. Bielow
  10. Bielow

    Black Hawk Down (Old project)

    It was few moments when it was real hell :d mission like I wrote earlier it's very nice. Did You thought about adding script's to remove dead bodies and to force small viewdistance a'la fog? It will speed up mission a bit. I actually spotted that mission should end near convoy of hummers :) I fixed that part for myself. Thanks once again for Your time! I really appreciate it :) About my activity hmmm.. now I can sleep 36min longer per day than normal ;) it's really good news to me :D. Thanks for asking.But still my free time is very limited. But I'm still trying to be around. ;) Bielow
  11. Bielow

    STGN's M16A2

    Thank You STGN for another beauty addon. Bielow
  12. Ok. Tested new version. I'm a bit dissapointed. You added 3xt55 near first village. And one or two bmp more. Now it's a bit hard to finish mission but.... gameplay it's still the same. You can fail only if someone from Your Ai teammates will shoot to T-55 (they suck with javelin and law to...). Otherwise mission is exactly as the original version. It's nice that You added few infantry but there is a few bugs which I spotted: -Infantry in 1st village are blocked few times by buildings. -When You provoke t-55's to follow You to base challenger don't shoot to them -Vulcan in base don't shooting to Hind's Maybe it's fault of my version 1.99. But it's better to say You. Bielow
  13. Bielow

    JdB Addon Releases

    I see that You are using WWIIMP by Reyhard with JdB higgins. That's reason of bugs. It's obvious to me.... Bielow p.s Even if You replaced Rey's higgins with JdB You can still see that things. Both are different even after replace name of p3d.
  14. Hi! I recieved package from Dr. Rebus with IF (Former Operation Husky). I have full permissions from them to release what I can fix so... I proudly present CV33 Light Tank. a few screenes: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6135 http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=3637 Real And from Gate Builder And Readme Created by "INDY". E-mail: G8MOD@libero.it If You want to take/use something from this addon contact Indy or Dr. Rebus. It cannot be converted to Arma I or II or any other Bi Games without permission. File is 3.2 mb ;) And my personal mirror http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IBRF1GMX Crew: Standard East Bugs: Didn't spotted. Credits go to: -Dr. Rebus -Gexking -Klallo -Indy -Stit -Pluslong -Cribban -DarkNova -DR.DESTRUCTION -WILCO -GAVIN -WILDO -WEBSTER -SAM -ANDREAFOX1 -AT ST WALKER -ANZIO -THOMMY Have Fun Bielow p.s You know the rules... If Your cat exploded or he want to rape You ...blah blah it's not my fault. p.s 2 When I fix something all info will be in this thread.
  15. Bielow

    Surprises at Flashpoint.ru

    Founded on my hdd some updates to Liberation 41-45 mod. http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/348241/libmod-1-095-rar.html Added sturmovik,stuka,lag33 and some fixes. Made not by me. Bielow
  16. Bielow

    Black Hawk Down (Old project)

    Well Jan...You suprised me. I thought that new release will be Blood Island :P {spoilers} I played it. So here's what I spotted: -Mission is lagging. Terrible to be honest. Placing all objects in You own hand was nice but ofp missions don't like this way... to reduce lag it will be good to use wrp tool and place buildings one by one on Nogova. It will reduce lag 50% maybe more. (during my tests with conspiracy by Sled88 I discover almost 70% more FPS when objects are placed in wrp than editor ) -Mission is insane! Hard like hell is not enough. Lag+lot of enemies = very often dead of player. You did a lof ot enemies in strategic points. It's really nice I thought I was in Somalia ;) -Too much enemies with rpd,pkm. In real fight most of them should use Akm,ak47,ak47 folded etc. And it will be nice to add blackhawk above the city ;) -Great scenery. I really enjoyed trip to outskirts. Then I spotted band of rebels and ...cavalry is here :d really nice. I enjoyed fight near crashed blackhawk too. -I spotted bug after that BH fight. Hint says "Find convoy" and new waypoints is showing. I discovered I must go through block and use balcony to jump out... but we can't cause wall near balcony is *&*$%^$%. I used acceleration x4 to be like ghost but it should be fixed ;) -Save point - One is not enough. You should make few save via radio -End of mission... whut? I go to one of wall and then...mission ended...Don't understand it to be honest. It's a bug? Conclusion - Thank You - another once You showed us that is possible to make nice mission with few addons and clima will be still awesome. I hope You will make new version with fixed bugs ;) I also converted it to coop mission to 3 players so I had great fun with my buddies. Bielow
  17. Bielow

    Road To Caen Demo

    I had free weeekend so I looked at Fab's files. GUI is now integrated with the last beta. I did some minor tweak (very few-cause Fab did 99% of all work). I think I should release next version during this week. It still have some bugs but I hope I will fix them. In new release will be : -It will be added mg34 on tripod, mg42 tripod, granatwerfer 34,pak 35,pak 40 - to Axis side -2cm mortat,3cm mortar, polsten,daimler scout car,6pounder to British side. -New things like Feld Fu, Wireless, mg34, p08,p38, n2mk1 -Beautiful optics to all weapons (really sweet) Like I said many times - I'm not a scripter so few things may not work. But I'll try to look at them ASAP. Unfortunately most of good scripters which I tried to contact are innactive,lost their interests in ofp or they switched to (f)Arma 2/3/4/5 so progress will be a bit longer then I expected. Bielow p.s I'll make some screens to show new stuff after dinner.
  18. Oki. Played,finished reviewed ;) Very nice mission. I really like the way which You use to make this mission. Simple in good old ofp style. Ohh I never used javelin before so my first contact with enemy armor was death screen :D After that I used guerlilla tactics in hill near roadblock. It was shot in 10! End it was a cake after elimination of armor. Mission is rather small and fast so I think it will be nice make it a bit longer. Hind destroy my transport so I get back to base on foot. Can't wait to see next part. But two things: -random patrol -it will be nice to see few more patrols near depot. Although 2 man patrol. -counterattack after capture roadblock - I think that enemy should send recon vehicle first-than armour. Or spetsnaz team on spearhead. Beside this excellent taste. And I really appreciate it that You made modfoler. I hate download every single addon or searching at my hdd. Bielow
  19. Bielow

    Road To Caen Demo

    I started to checking files from Fab. Almost 99% of modelling thing is done by Fab. Models are marvelous and... You should see new ironsights done by Fab. I'll try to make some pic after get home. It looks like it's only matter of scripts and few tweak in config and it is ready to release. I sended pm's to friendly scripters and I'll write when I get answer. (Cause I'm not an ofp scripter -beside Fab's level is too high to mortal peoples ;) ) If You reading this and You are good scripter/config maker please send me pm. Fab - one sentence: You're Ofp God! Bielow
  20. I really liked Your previous mission on Jan Cepera ofp competition. Dl'ading. Thank You Bielow
  21. Bielow

    Road To Caen Demo

    It's really big suprise for our small Ofp community. When I wrote "return of the king" i didn't thought that I'll wrote happy truth. Glad to see You alive Fab! @Krzychuzokecia Yeap. Now it will be great to make international expeditionary force in Ofp world - together we can win ;) p.s Fab pm sent ;)
  22. Bielow

    Italian Front Addons

    Hi Stit I'm sure that I packed them with Cpbo. I don't know what's cause of Your problems.Maybe somethign with register's file? If not I have no clue... About Italian Front I'll contact You via pm in my free moment :) Bielow
  23. Bielow

    Need help from an ISLAND MAKER

    Yes.It's possible. You can use invisible targets and unload transport on them. Something similiar was in one of campaign if I remember correctly. It was a wwII mission/campaign. I'll check next week if I still have that file. If yes I'll upload. Bielow
  24. Bielow

    Italian Front Addons

    Wow! Stit. I remember You. You made a few nice wwII missions in early ofp era. To pack addons I used Cpbo by Kegetys. You can find this in Kegetys arma tools package. http://www.kegetys.fi/arma/
  25. Thank You krzychuzokecia for pic. I don't know why I see only blank post... I thought it was something with bohemia forum after switching forums. ProfTournesol After screens I can only say - Imppresive work. It looks like it will be the most beauty mod from Your collection. Can't wait to see it. Bielow