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  1. Guys, i would like to see some desert reskins of Vilas made units and vehicles. I mean Opfor BMP-1, T-55, T-62, T-72 and BRDM. On the Blue side i need the M-60 and the M113. Thanx.
  2. I cannot register to your forum Vilas. All the confirmations codes that i had to type in, were bad...i tried 15-20 times !
  3. Vilas, a question : Is it (or will it be) possible, to launch other granades from the Vil_rpg7v_pgo launcher, and not only the pg-7 vl and pg-7 vr grenades ? I mean pg-7v, og-7, tbg-7... Thanx !
  4. Thanx for this fantastic addond RHS ! Ps.: I cannot control the Konkurs after launching it. Can it be a bug ? Or is there an opposition beetween addons ?
  5. Yeah, a new FPS-killer addon ! But really appriciated ! Time to "Pimp our PCs" :D
  6. Guys, are you planning to port the ArmA I. T-64 prewiew pack to A2 maybe in the future ??? It would be awesome. It was my favourite tank in ArmA I. :)
  7. Vilman

    ArmA2 SLA Pack 0.9

    I just started to use the SLA pack. Those textures are wonderful ! Thanx for your work D@VÅ ! :)
  8. Vilman

    SLX Mod WIP

    Guys, can we launch RPGs and/or M136s from "prone" position in SLX Mod ? Okay i see we can launch them...:D
  9. Vilman


    Guys, Celle map is running ! I had to remove the "Noblur-mod" addon made by Kegetys, and the map now works fine. So it is possible that the two addons were the incompatible... :)
  10. Vilman


    Do you think ACE2 mod is the problem ? I'm using it too. But there are no other troubles with any addons, only Celle map crashez to desktop...always. I cannot test it now without other addons/mods 'cause i am not at home. Maybe tomorrow. I will check in.
  11. Vilman


    I use a lot of addons and mods. What addon can be in coflict with the Celle map ??? I had to play on Kellu, it worked fine...
  12. Vilman


    I have troubles with the map. A2 crashes to desktop as i want to prewiew a mission on it. The crash comes only with this map. I use modfolders. :confused:
  13. Thanx Nazul. I'll check YOMA downloader.
  14. Guys ! I wanna run the CAA1. Do i need to download all these files one by one ? It is VERY long...
  15. Vilman

    RussianArmorPack v4.0

    Hi guys ! Dear 343rdBadger ! I had to install your Russian Armor Pack. I have the same, and plus more troubles wit it like the other members. Here is the list : - At game start comes an error window : "smurfc_era 102 requires extended_eventhandlers" -There is no BTRT in the editor (did you mean "BTRs" in Armaholic download page ???) -There is no playable T-72/T-80/T-90s in the editor and there is an error message saying "no entry bin/config.bin/CFGvehicles/smurfcT90ERAwd/TURRETS/MainTurret.PrimaryGunner - Driver cannot see out from BTRs because there is a white screen in the windows. It will be a great pack anyway ! Really Appriciated !