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  1. Yeah, i got a Saitek ST 90 5 buttoned joystick, i mapped the turret moves to the left/right and forward/back of the stick. Thats better then the keyboard, easier to control it.
  2. Hi guys. I'm playing OFP, ArmA and and ArmA 2 OA since years. Mostly self made missions for TANK COMBAT. I have discovered that in ArmA series there is difficult to control the guns and/or turrets of vehicles. I mean, for example if you are the gunner of a T-72 (or AH-1, or any other vehicle with moveable gun turret )and you wanna move the gun's crosshair on a target, you have to move your mouse a lot of times, again and again. Or, you move the mouse one time, then you need the half of your desk. I hope you understand what my problem is. So, i was thinking about : Is there any idea to change or replace the controlling of these guns, turrets, etc. ??? So i mean a way that makes controlling faster and easier to move the crosshairs on the target. For example using other devices than mouse : consols, buttons, joysticks or other stuff like scripting or anything... Think about it guys. Thanx !
  3. Thanx guys. Really helpful replies ! :)
  4. Yeah i found the left/right can be switched on the mouse primary and secondary button. That is enough for me 'cause the main problem was the horizontal moving of turrets. Thanx. ---------- Post added at 07:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:06 PM ---------- Not the best solution. Its okay if you are in the tank, but as you got out of it, you will be dizzy soon. Your character will turn like a twister... :D
  5. Vilman

    CWR² Demo

    Okay, the game was on Expert mode. I do not know why, i did not set it to expert...
  6. Or SZ-75 and its original russian name is "Dvina".
  7. Vilman

    CWR² Demo

    I am in trouble. After installing the patch and then the hotfix, the 3.rd/out of vehicle view is dissapiered, just as the command view. Any ideas guys ???
  8. Are you making new the models or are those made by someone else ?
  9. Thank you guys, awesome work on the fighter ! I woud be glad too to see those other MIGs in ArmA 2/OA. Any chance ? The Mig-17 would be not much plus work because that fighter is not really different from the Mig-15. Different wings and air intake, thats almost all.
  10. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    Just work on hcpookie. You got the time. :)
  11. Vilman

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Wery nice SuperRat ! So, no much time to release, right ? Do you release the mod in all-in-one or in pieces ?
  12. Any chance of a realese ? Or you wait for ArmA 3 ? O.k. just kidding... :D
  13. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    I found that pic by Google search on 9P124.
  14. Release the BMP. Now. I want it. Really. Now. :D
  15. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    hcpookie, there are some reference pics about AT-2s in my hdd, if you want i could help you. http://warfare.ru/0702ey70/update/december2003/2/2016_20.jpg
  16. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    Thank you hcpookie. Finally a guy who uses his brain, haha ! :D As i see you will do a fantastic and useful work to improve gaming experience.
  17. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    Awesome project hcpookie ! I took up a question a month ago in the addon request thread about the improving of the vanilla ArmA 2 BRDM-HQ. The vanilla HQ can only carry 2 guys, driver and commander. But there are two more seats in the back of the chassis, why are those not available ??? There was no answer. So i decided to ask you about that too. Is it possible for you to make those BRDM HQs improve for 4 seaters ??? Thanx
  18. Vilman

    SA9 port from Arma1

    Looks wonderfull hcpookie ! Is there any way to make the hatches opened when the crew is turned out ? That would be really realistic.
  19. What about the autocannons ? Will those be ever realistic ?
  20. Guys, i have a wish here ! Does anyone know why are only two working seats in the BRDM-HQ ??? I mean, there are four seats in there. Two in the front, for the driver and commander, and two in the back of the APC as like in the BRDM-2. So could anyone make an addon that would make these two rear seats available ? Thanx guys !!!
  21. Vilman

    Sahrani Rearmed

    I have both two. I also installed the new RACS mod, is it possible that RACS mod caused the bug ? :confused:
  22. Vilman

    Sahrani Rearmed

    Nice addon ! I found one bug too : The AT soldier's RPG launcher is not visible, only the naked rocket is showing up.
  23. :confused: What ?! A T-62 pack is coming out ??? Who will make it ? When ? How ? Sorry for the offtopic !
  24. I llloove you all guys at RHS ! Thank you for your great and serious works !