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  1. Well, what about that BRDM-1 2K16 gunners sight ?
  2. No problemo here. I'm using several mods and addons but there is no trouble at all.
  3. Hi guys, i want to know how to add the config line of a tank's turret to get its main gun 100% stabilized in vertical and horisontal ways. So for example i have an addon tank, and i want to change the stabilisation parameters, how can i do it ? Only by the permission of the addon maker of course. :) I did not found any reference about this. Only the "" stabilizedInAxes= "StabilizedInAxesBoth" "" is there but i cannot understand how it worX. Thanx !
  4. Thanx for the updates Vilas ! And thank you for the PSZH its very beautiful ! Problems i found : BRDM1 DshK the gunner and the machine gun is not in the right position with each other. I mean the gunner's hands are not holding the gun. BRDM1 2k16 there is no gunner's view at all. Both gunners sight and crosshair are missing. The rockets are working good.
  5. Vilman

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Any chance to add the hungarian AMD-65 assault rifle for the croatians ?
  6. Allright guys, i figured out what is wrong with the Sabots. In the CfgMagazines the T-62 Sabot had this config. You see its not the Sabot ammo but the AP (HEAT ?) !!! class p85_T62mag_SB : VehicleMagazine { scope = 2; displayName = $STR_P85_B_SABOT; ammo = "p85_AP115mm"; <<< ammo = "p85_SB115mm"; count = 15; initSpeed = 1600; };
  7. THanx vilas. If you want i could make a small video that shows the firing. I cannot understand what is happening about the two sabots.
  8. Which Sabot is more realistic ? I think its the T-55' Sabot, because it is not an explosive warhead. It is a simple kind of rod or javelin that works with its powerful kinetic an heat effect. So the explosion of the impact is not realistic, right ?
  9. Allright, i wont force the T-55/T-62 gun changing 'cause i do not have enough experience to do it. But i want to ask you Vilas, about the Sabots. When firing a Sabot by the T-55, and the target is a M1A1 (for example) , there is no explosion when the it impacts in the side of the turret. But the Sabot fired from the T-62 is exploding at the same target's same impact point. Same target, same distance. What is the difference between the two Sabots ? Can we make the T-62's Sabot not to explode ?
  10. Thanx Xeno. What if i add the D10 cannon to the T-62 in the config ? Is that possible ? Only by permission from master Vilas, of course. :)
  11. Hi Vilas, just a small question. Can i add custom loadout for the P'85 T-62 ? I need the APFSDS round from the P'85 T-55 (looks not the same at impact) . Could you show me how to add it in the initialization line ? For example : _tank addMagazineTurret ["p85_T55mag_AP", [0,0]] Is this o.k ? How to add the quantity ?
  12. Yes i knew. I posted that pic only for example as i wrote it. Just for to know how the T-72 gunner's sight TPD-K1 looks like. :)
  13. Hi guys. I would like to play with more realistic tank gunner sights by the basic T-55 and T-72 tanks. I mean similar to the ACE mod optics, but without ACE. So i need an addon or mod that overwrites the basic optics and adds more real gunsights-without changing magnification and other unreal crap. I dont know if is it a difficult request or not, so if someone could do it i woul be really glad. :o For example here is the ACE gunsight for the T-72. Down.
  14. Hi there ! I want to use the ArmA1 addons Pracs Mig-21 and Mig-23 in A2 CO with Caa1 mod. But it does not working because there is something with its configs. Well i am not a good config scripter so i have to please you guys to help me about that. I hope that is not forbidden here. :o Armaholic dl link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4553 The trouble starts here : when launching A2 CO i get an error message saying : "Some input at end of file" I started to edit the addons configs but i did not reached any effort about that. So i do not really know what to do now ? The original Mig-21 config is here :
  15. Thanx guys. I will try out these ideas ! Edit : O.k its working. The Taki 24D works fine with GDT+eggbeast fix+TGW. :)
  16. Hi guys, I am in trouble with the Mi-24s, because i cannot control the AT rockets of the 24D and the 24P. Strange thing that i can control the 24V's rockets. There is one more thing, the rocket control issue is ONLY there for the Takistani 24D ! All the CDF, Guerilla and Insurgent 24Ds are working fine. It is also true for the gunners gunsight. CDF, Gue and Ins 24D are having black crosshairs in their gunsights, but the Taki 24D has yellow. I am using GDT mod helicopter weapons, and GDT mod antitank guided missiles together with TGW vehicle fixes and SLX mod. I just do not know what can cause this. RPT does not report nothing about that. ArmA 2 CO up to date. :confused:
  17. Vilman

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    Guys, does TGW support the Mi-24D and P too ? I got a problem that i cannot control the AT-2 Swatter and Spiral rockets. But i can control the Spiral rockets on the Mi-24V. I am using "GDT mod helicopter weapons" and "gdtmod_anti_tank_guided_missiles" too. Tried to switch both mods off but i cannot understand why its happening. ArmA 2 CO up to date, no ACE mod...
  18. Hoooooly crap man, ittts wonderful !!! :cc: O.k. , heres one thing : error message at launch says : Addon 'ibr_dingor' requires addon 'lingor_roads'. Than ArmA 2 CO freezes when im trying to play on Dingor map. EDIT : I have the latest Lingor island and Lingor units version. I copied the 'lingor_roads' to the Dingor addons folder but the error report and the freezing are still there.
  19. Will you release the MIG-17 in the 2.5 ?
  20. Vilman

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Guys, is it possible to switch off ACE main features ? I mean is that possible to run only the tankFCS and the AirFCS from the ACE mod. So i do not need Wounding system, CSW, and other feature stuff. If yes, how to do it ? Thanks ! :)
  21. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    What about all the AT Brdms hcpookie ? Do you plan to solve the issues of the turret lifting ?
  22. Hey, its working with "addBackpackCargo" !!! Thanks Benny. !!! :)
  23. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    In the real life, here in Hungary, all BRDM-AT crew has one RPG-7 in their vehicle. Only to make it sure they can fight in close combat too...
  24. Vilman

    Improved BRDM2 units

    Thanx for the statisfying answers hcpookie ! Meanwhile, i discovered a very strange situation : The Malyutka turns NOT always to the corner. So there have to be something that infuences the situation of the launcher. Im on to figure that out ! :)