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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    AGM running fine with the new update for me too, huzzah!
  2. Some unedited shots (barring sweetfx) that I uploaded to reddit, but forgot about here Click for larger, 1080p images!
  3. Haha, fair enough. And I guess most people hear fireworks at huge ranges/large shells as well. The difference with grenades in game is you hear them very, very close, they use an explosive with far higher explosive velocity and they throw the plating/fragmentation around (if they are frag, even HE will throw out plating though). I guess the point I was making is I've never heard anything close on youtube, and I've thrown one live grenade in real life as part of BCT. I think more people are familiar with fireworks than grenades :)
  4. sqb-sma

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    AGM + Dev build = no weapon sounds! Should probably figure out the source (it's not hearing, or weapon names) before the patch goes stable.
  5. sqb-sma

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Exciting! I look forward to it!
  6. Yes, Crystal Cove was the first HD prototype they displayed to the public, DK2 is pretty darn similar. 1080p, low persistence OLED @75hz or 90hz (probably 75, but officially not confirmed AFAIK), 6DOF tracking. Got mine coming in late August, damn excited to play Arma/get Arma working with it.
  7. Well when ya hear firefights waaaay off in the distance you can still hear the crackling from the bullet snaps echoing off trees and buildings. It's as loud as a whip crack so... use that as a basis. Also, look to fireworks for grenade explosions, you've all been near fireworks before right? Doesn't sound like what you get in game (or on youtube, with a camcorder...) . Keep in mind though that grenades explode with far, far more velocity so the sound is different but... not as much as I expected TBH.
  8. No purple/yellow pastel in the light, I love it! Something they really need to get on, the main problems I see with lighting currently. Washed out clours (you can have desaturated scenes without washing everything out) Lacking in contrast Weeeeird colour palette (seriously, what's up with the purple sunrise/sunset. And the water is bright purple!) Sky is too bright for Mediterranean theater, especially with bloom on. Sunlight hitting ground should be many times brighter than the sky. Ground general illumination is way too low, the ground should reflect at least some of the blue from the sky. Currently the overbrightened sky, underbrightened ground, lack of colouring consistency... looks cheap. (Oh, and give us back the coloured clouds!!!)
  9. Mission 5... Convoy gets halted and enemies get killed, but the task is stuck on "defend the convoy"
  10. sqb-sma

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    AI behave rather weirdly when engaged in CQB for me. Rather than clearing, they move forwards, then retreat to a nearby hillside where they get cut down. Possibly a glitch in the overwatch scripts? ---------- Post added at 06:41 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:39 AM ---------- Yes, the two mods work together. However as there is some overlap there are some glitches and also some parts of each mod won't work.
  11. sqb-sma

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Also carries over when teamswitching etc, there's already a ticket on github for that. :)
  12. sqb-sma

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Still biggest problem with this mod IMO is the effects of BIS' damage methodology. The way getting shot in one body part affects multiple body parts. :( This means too much bandaging, bit of a pain. ~~~~~ Some additions I'd like in the medsys. As someone who often runs medic... bandaging and morphine/epi leaves me desiring something, a sort of mini-game with win/fail states (A bad medic should be able to kill a patient, a good medic should be valued) Note that all proposed additions are gameplay, not realism, oriented. -Splints on arms/legs. Splints would be needed if a leg/arm is severely damaged (85%+). For legs high damage would remove ability to walk (a la ACE, I know currently the mod prevents running if legs are injured at all). For arms high damage would make the gun jitter, making aiming very hard. Naturally this should probably be disable-able, so perhaps taking the ACE method and adding more advanced wounding features via a module that must be placed by mission makers? This could be conveyed by the unit, and so could probably have a pass on the diagnosis screen. -EPA on chest/throat (not sure if we have well defined hitboxes to allow for throat injuries). Breathing and airways, very important for medics. A shot to the chest/throat should make the lungs/throat fill with blood over the course of a minute, an EPA could cancel this and ensure the unit can breathe. If lungs fill with blood/breathing is impaired the unit should go unconscious within a minute or two, be dead within 5-8. -Arrhythmia/defib, if many body parts are injured at once the body can go into shock at the heart can go dysrhythmic, causing instant unconsciousness. Death within 5 minutes. A defib would stabilize the heartbeat, but not bring someone back to life. In game arrythmia could be part of diagnosis (patient has an irregular heartbeat). -Tourniquets vs Bandages, limbs that take high damage in a short period of time should have a chance of being arterial wounds, signified by the unit bleeding VERY heavily. Arterial wounding should be treated with tournies, as bandages will not stop bleeding. Perhaps a tournie must be placed first before bandages have any affect on arterial bleeding. Tourniquets should also stop bleeding on normal wounds, but should cause damage over time and so only be used as temporary stopgaps. -CPR, on dying units, CPR could give more time to patients dying from arrythmia/chest/throat injuries to allow the medic to deal with problems before the unit dies. CPR would decrease time to die on units with arterial bleeding from limbs if the limbs aren't tournied. I appreciate this is a ton of work for you guys, but I'm dying for some medic metagame here. Bit boring to be stuck bandaging all the time and never have any urgency on treating downed units (they take *forever* to die). Regardless, fantastic work on the mod so far, it's a must have!!
  13. sqb-sma

    Arma 3 Lighting - Alpha vs. Final version

    No example, but at one point (I believe it was post alpha, on a dev version) we had 3D colour/lighting affecting the clouds, which made them very, very good looking. Now they're matte painted with the normal light edges, no 3D lighting.
  14. sqb-sma

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    AI in kill and check seem to retreat and hold position? Also with AI set to move in combat, they will contact, firefight, withdraw and then form a line facing away from the enemy approx 100m away. Otherwise the features are awesome, especially garrison.
  15. sqb-sma

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Daaamn, is there any way for you to fix that or is it not possible?
  16. sqb-sma

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    I just want to chime in and say holy fucking shit this looks good. Just stand on the border and compare BIS's to Nords... holy hell.
  17. sqb-sma

    the houses and ruins are the mp problem ...

    The game uses Physx as the physics engine, this does not mean it uses Apex to run physics on Nvidia graphics cards improving framerate(Apex is often called Physx mistakenly).
  18. Just experimenting with lighting in the campaign. No spoilers. Also Imgur now accepts and doesn't convert PNG! YAAAAAY Click for big, as per usual ;) EDIT: I'm kinda tempted to max out the graphics and just run through the campaign with the splendid camera, taking some screenshots as I go. The Devs did a great job choosing the missions for their graphical impact, fog, bright sunlight, night missions with torches but no NVGs. Too good!
  19. sqb-sma

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    I cannot agree more. Thanks for all your hard work NordKindchen, you've done something very few on the forums here believed possible from a modder. Just look at those screenshots! The detail is superb! Whether or not you want to continue work on this at any future date, you've achieved something great already, and shown the community what's possible. Oh and by god, those effects really do need work. You're completely right. The engine's sprite management is godawful, preventing PR style effects as well. BIS has managed some truly awesome updates from A2 to A3, but I still feel like in some ways there was minimal effort. A large team (such as the talented people we are/have payed for this game) should be able to knock out stratis at least in a few months. Especially seeing the huge progress nord has made in a few months by himself! Anyway, thanks again. It makes me wish I knew how to do this myself, then perhaps more people from the forums could work on it together...
  20. I agree to an extent, I hate it when almost any kind of injury will just wound you. But at the same time insta-death can really suck for long missions. I like to have some wounding/incapacitation, because wounded men slow a squad down so much that treating them becomes a huge part of squad movement.
  21. sqb-sma

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    TOH devs = BIS... the Arma devs, who have given permission for their material to be used for free mods (after all, where did the helicopter model come from?)
  22. Yep, BF3 has tactical/regular reloads, whereas in Arma you pull the catch for every reload, even if it's a tactical reload.
  23. sqb-sma

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    If you do the entirety of Altis and Stratis I would be 100% willing to donate some money, seeing that it *is* possible and that somebody's working on it is fantastic news, and I wish you the best of luck.
  24. Wait, TPW's from Brissie? Jeeze, next time I'm on a roadtrip up there the first shout's on me.
  25. sqb-sma

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    What about distant sound effects? That's one of the coolest features in A2's JSRS, not sure if it's in A3 yet but it wasn't last time I checked.