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  1. Click image for 1080p, New renderer!!! [ So.. apparently my med-large thumbnails (that to me are 8kb in size) are too large? Not sure why a mod edited them out. I've replaced them with 6.8kb jpegs. If there's any problems please let me know.
  2. Hey Laxemann, something I was hoping you could answer: In vanilla I notice sounds glitching/not playing fully/being cut off a lot. I was wondering if you get this too (on vanilla) In your videos (and using dynasound's previous versions) I never got any stuttering audio, so I was wondering if perhaps you'd encountered and fixed this issue.
  3. My sig isn't displaying, in the meantime: PC specs: i5 3570k @ 4.1Ghz OC GTX 780 stock 8gb DDR3 Ram (will check speeds, but I recall they're on the high end) Installed on an SSD Windows 10 x64 Ultimate Latest Nvidia drivers. TO BE CHECKED: Rollback to previous Nvidia drivers, disable page files and ensure all performance is on the SSD not HDD. Failing that move pagefiles on to the SSD/HDD alone and find out if that's an issue (as this seems to behave like a draw call problem, CPU or disk speed to blame) Check HDD performance in case it's better than SSD for some reason. Disconnect all external devices, disable TIR5/Rift background runtimes (Rift was powered off but the back processes may interfere) Notes: The issue occurs on all graphics settings from low to ultra, however objects (draw distance) and terrain (draw distance) causes the biggest drops. The issue is noticeable when the game is paused (open video settings) not just when in If anyone else is encountering this particular problem (lower than expected FPS in heavy object scenes) please post a performance difference between dev and stable, and post your specs to see if it's hardware specific. Further Testing Can anyone recommend a way to log and make a spreadsheet of frametimes?
  4. FPS issues on current dev build Stable test at Kavala - same settings Looking out to sea: 100fps (on the dot!) Looking at the city: 75fps DEV branch: Looking out to sea: 98fps Looking at the city: 27fps. PC details in sig The issue is only when looking at object rich environments. FPS tanks, hard.
  5. Hello, it's due to ambient light (changes the colour of the screen based on the colours already on the screen, as you zoom you change the average colour of sections of the screen and so the tint changes). Disabling Ambient Light will fix this (in GemFX cfg file)
  6. sqb-sma

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    And when you stopped working on ACSE we all cried long into the night. 2 years later and finally we're starting to get some of the features you originally made in the vanilla game. Still not sounding as good as what you came up with. To ring in on the soundcard discussion... I use a Xonar DGX soundcard on Hifi settings and on 2ch 41kb/s it sounds only slightly different to my mobo's onboard sound. It's only when I move to 8ch 96kb/s that it starts to beat the onboard by a large margin. I don't get missing sounds or anything like that, it just sounds crisp and clean. I've also slightly adjusted my EQ but that's more due to my headset being not quite perfect flat EQ wise so not a big deal. I've never messed with these USB soundcards/Razer soundcards, are they really so different?
  7. Weirdly enough, I'd much prefer "boring" real bullet impacts. The strange scrapes, scroops, wooshes and fluttering weirdness that is bullets hitting the ground in vanilla is a little strange. Though it's one of those things that really doesn't bother me as much as the actual gunshot/explosion sounds so fair game if you decide to stay away from the added workload. Can't wait to get a 1.56 compatible version, appreciate the work as always!
  8. sqb-sma

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Seriously appreciate this mod Werthles. Makes you realize how much you depend on it when it isn't working. Hope you can either get it going or BI makes some changes to allow it to work fully again.
  9. sqb-sma

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Best of luck, I also found slightly better stability starting the game with FSAA Off (turned off 3D effect) and open track running but not "started" (tracking). Then turning them both on once the game's going. Tell me if anything pops up, yeah? Especially if you manage to solve it!
  10. sqb-sma

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Update: Crash after 20 mins on MP, seems to be related to TFAR? (weird as that may sound) Elsewise, surprised at having no crashes WITH RESHADE and Vorpx together... Vorpx crashed enough on its own before. So yeah, MP not doable currently.
  11. sqb-sma

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Ok, here we go. Closest I could find to 1:1 Aspect ratio. Resolution is almost double what it was previously (so clarity is great). Sceen percentage is closer to 90% (previously it was 45-55%, so ~50% of the pixels were literally not making it to the Rift and were just being wasted!). General tips or how not to crash constantly Turn off steam overlay (Steam -> Settings -> In game) Turn off any recorders and overlays (yes, even shadowplay, just for now. Shadowplay may work later but I know that most of the rest won't work) Download Arma3sync http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199- Open Arma3sync, go to launcher options and point it to your steamapps/common/arma 3/arma3.exe file - Then (still on launcher options) tick "No Splash Screen", "Default World Empty", "No Logs" Open Opentrack, Arma3sync, everything else that may be running when you run arma3 (ensure trackIR is turned off!) then open vorpx, go to configure vorpx, go to excluded programs. Add everything you see (except arma3.exe if that's running) A tip, often arma3 doesn't end the process if it crash or closes in a weird way, this will cause even more issues. Press ctrl+Shift+Esc before launching the game and make sure there are NO arma3.exe processes running Opentrack settings Tracker: Oculus Rift 0.8 Protocol: Freetrack - (now hit ... next to freetrack) use trackir hide freetrack Filter: Blank (none), let the Rift run the filtering Mapping: 1:1 (i.e. a line from bottom left to top right, with no point on it. right click to remove a point) for all axes. Options: Bind a key to center the rift, the go to the output tab. Disable roll. VORPX settings Ensure Vorpx has the correct IPD for you, the calibration may be slightly off (by +-0.5 normally) and you can adjust it in game. Make sure it's at a setting where your eyes aren't getting tired/sore. Aspect Ratio - STRETCH (this takes the image and compresses it from H:V 16:9 to 8:9 Head tracking ON - Sensitivity = 0 (so it doesn't move your gun when you move your head) - Roll ON. 3D Set to a separation of 0.2-0.5 (map dependent and FOV dependent, with this new FOV I'm using 0.45-0.5). Depth weight at 0.05. It's tempting to set this up too high, DONT. Under Vorpx Config (whilst not in game), go to excluded programs and add everything you can see. Add opentrack, trackir (the actual trackir program shouldn't be running, but the process will show up because opentrack is pretending to be it), vorpx itself, arma3sync. EVERYTHING. You should have a blank list. The only thing not to add is arma3.exe. I know vorpx is normally smart enough not to be fooled... but sometimes it gets this wrong. In Game Settings + Config settings In your config file (Documents/Arma3 Other Profiles/ < The profile you play on > you will see two settings, fovtop and fovleft. These should ALWAYS be at the same aspect ratio as the rift which is 8:9 ratio I use approximately 110 FOV To calculate what values to enter go ti Hi,A3's wide-angle FOV calculator http://hia3.com/tools/ArmA_3_wide-angle_FOV_calculator_online_by_Hi,A3.htm Set your resoltuon to 960, 1080 Enter 110 as your desired FOV you should get fovTop=2.05; fovLeft=1.82; (Arma may extend these to 8sig figs, e.g. fovLeft=1.8200001; no worries) Make sure your game resolution is still 1920x1080 because we are going to be rendering that FOV/weird aspect ratio TWICE (left and right eye). This means in the Rift you will see two screens at 960x1080 (or 1:1 resolution draw vs physical screen res) In game, make sure sampling is 100%, FSAA 2x or higher. I'd turn off bloom, DOF, blur etc if I were you. Texture settings above "high" caused crashes after 10-30 minutes for me, likewise for objects above "medium", turn down your draw distances (terrain to 3km, object to 500m) and use ACE mod's FOV based object draw distance so when you zoom you can see distant objects. controls (in arma 3) Turn off headtrack zoom, headtrack headmovement etc. Make sure you're only using the rotation values. Arma doesn't support proper positional values for headtracking and more messing around in opentrack is required before it is accurate for vehicles. I'd keep it off for now. Optional: Reshade that works with vorpx https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_mNCkKm_WQtc19RdjJiUmxqUWc&usp=sharing Delete any previous reshade (you may keep your settings in the reshade folder, or replace them with my own. I'd recommend the latter if you get crashes etc. My settings are a subtle variant on Solano/Sore6's RealLight) Drop all the files (and single folder) into your arma3 directory How to start the game Ensure Opentrack, Enbinjector, Arma3.exe, Vorpx, Arma3sync, trackir and any overlays/recording software are closed by closing them and double check in task manager. Open opentrack, hit start Open Arma3sync (double check that nosplash, nologs, default world=empty are still there, arma3sync loses your setup if it crashes) (if using reshade) navigate to your arma 3 directory and run enbinjector.exe Start Vorpx Run the game No crashes (yet)
  12. sqb-sma

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Well, your comment got me thinking. My resolution has been really low in the Rift and it's getting frustrating. So I fiddled around and discovered something pretty amazing. Normally, we are running that game at 16:9, so the FOV values in the config file are at that ration. i.e. 1.559x2.77 (or something.... can't remember exactly). But the Rift FOV is not like that, is is 960x1080 dimensionally which is then doubled, so it is 8:9 (H:V). Paradoxically, I found a value of 9:8 fit best with the rift with VorpX in Stretch mode, so set your FOV to be 1.559x1.384 or 1.559x1.24 and test that out. Try the infantry showcase and make sure your weapon's reflex sight is CIRCULAR, not an oval or anything. In pixel 1:1 I *think* the opposite values (i.e. 1.559x1.755) will be accurate. Keep your in game resolution at 1920x1080. If in doubt, you're multiplying by 1.126 or dividing by 0.888 to get the second resolution. If you find the resolution ratio and setting that works for you tell us! These settings made my game far, far clearer. I'm still tweaking it and getting rid of a little warping but there's almost 0 wasted screen space (compared to nearly 50% before). I also turned off the EWMA filter as suggested, much clearer head movement. Lastly, I found a way to get the current reshade version working with all effects and 3D in the Rift. It introduces one extra frame of thread lag so it's not so advisable... but it can be enabled and disabled on the fly so if the extra frame is bothering you you can turn it off! Huzzah. I've also configured my 3D settings to be 1:1 to reality on Stratis (Z-Normal - Separation = 0.25 - Weighting = 0.05) and Altis (Znorm - Sep = 0.35 - Weight = 0.10) These seem fairly accurate but with Z buffer 3D it's hard to say. It's easy to go too far when you're looking for the 3D effect up close, but then you lose scale. So I adjusted it by standing next to a 2 story building and comparing my mind's expected scale to the in game scale. It doesn't look as flashy as 1.2 like some people use, but it does feel more natural after a while. Also my IPD is only 61 so YMMV. 3D does not appear unless FSAA is enabled 2x or greater and sampling is at 100%. I'll update/new post with some download links and more accurate values once I get back to my PC.
  13. sqb-sma

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    I am using Opentrack... hmm I may mess around further but I did notice negative mouse accel with my mouse (by pressing asterisk to switch to free-look) which was not present in normal look mode. That was a few patches ago and I haven't double checked, time for some testing! I did also have it working via some sneakiness with reshade/reallight (which I love). When that method got broken (and unwilling to give up some of the awesome reallight features and stay on an old MER config) I kinda just lost interest. The vanilla game does not look realistic in the Rift when it comes to colour and lighting and that is not nice in a game that was (fingers crossed your suggestions work) not great Rift implementation anyway.
  14. Sorry, one more thing to add. Deleting reshade32,reshade64,dxgi,d3d9 from your Arma directory and going to reshade.me and downloading the latest ones may work. Try not copying reshade64, just copy reshade32.dll and rename it to "dxgi.dll" There's one last method to try but it's sort of a "if nothing else worked and you're desperate" thing that I'd have to talk you through on teamspeak
  15. Arma 3 crashing after the addons have loaded is a key indicator of the game not going to GPU when it launches (0 CPU usage but it appears n the taskmanager as if it is running). Most often caused by overlays meeting reshades DX hook. The solution is that you most likely should double, triple check for any program whatsoever the could be trying to draw on your screen. ATI Tools sweetfx, Nvidia effects (try setting Nvidia inspector/Control panel to factory settings) Dxtory, Fraps, Even steam overlay, f.lux and shadowplay. Anything that might get in the way. Some of these normally work with the mod but may not in your case due to how things are set up. You may also be triggering battleeye, try running the game directly through arma3.exe not the battleye exe (which steam normally runs) or the launcher. You can force this by downloading arma3synmc and pointing it to arma3.exe. You will not be able to join Battleye enabled mujltiplayer servers with this mod enabled.
  16. sqb-sma

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Very inane post, please go into more detail (Rift version, Vive version (if tested) etc) I have used: Rift CB, Rift DK2 (owned), Rift CV1, Vive DK, Vive Pre1 and of all of these the Rift CV (i.e. what we will get if we buy a Rift now) was the best HMD. Optics were clearer than the Vive, FOV was similar but noticeably wider in the Rift, more square in the Vive. Tracking was just as good within the 3m playspace I walked around in. 2 Cameras were being used and I noticed no occlusion except one time when I held the touch controller upside down to shoot "gangsta style". The Vive's tracking was far, far less precise but did feel a decent amount more reliable within the 5.5m playspace with 2 lighthouse ems with less occlusion jitter. If I were to choose one HMD, it would be the Rift CV. If I were to choose one handtracker... uh. This ones tough. For shooters it would be the touch, for exploration the Vive (the lack of jitter, and amazingly precise actions on the touch made the difference for me. Occlusion was not as big a factor as I was expecting) Now, on to the present state of Arma 3 in the ORDK2 with VORPX Yes, asynch timewarp works, it's not making a big difference though. Unlike Flyinside FSX this just feels... well I can't tell if it's doing much but I do notice the smoother viewpoint and borders not moving. FPS feels like going from 65-75 in a well configured Rift game (as in, the relative difference) except you're starting at 35fps. The higher the FPS gets, the more this goes away, but there's negative accel on the head movement of the player that gets worse at higher FPS. All mouse accel disabled (none is present when aiming the gun, but pressing alt to move the head independently noticeably introduces neg accel, this is likely why the game makes me feel so sick even with asynch timewarp) everywhere, in game, forced off through a windows mod, disabled at all stages and not present unless moving the head alone. 3D is still not geometry 3D so FOV is still incorrect which drives me insane. It is not currently playable, but, assuming we get geometric 3d and the accel is removed from free head look, asynchronous timewarp will make this game playable. I have no doubt about that. We may even want to look at in engine asynch player movement and aiming, or decoupled server fps for a single client PC (i.e. run all the AI, physics, ballistics, sound independently and ensure that player control is always updated at a scheduled and forced rate like 60 or 75fps by running them independently. I have no doubt this would be a glitchy mess but it's something I've been thinking about). This would be hard, harder than asynch timewarp for sure. But there is certainly a precedent in racing games for unsceduled processes coming secondary to scheduled, forced, primary processes with fixed update rates. It would take a huge engine upgrade. But what's next? Assuming we get all that? Well... hand tracking. There are demoes, and I've faffed around with a couple and made tweaks, where you are already shooting using RH, STEM etc. With the touch and vive hand controllers I think many in the arma community would love to see (from the devs themselves) Inverse Kinematics animations for headtracked and handtracked soldiers, handtracked weapon solutions, (and the following as optional or modded solutions) 3D inventory spaces and physical pouch management.
  17. Hi Laxemann, firstly HOTFIX PLS (I need dynasound back in my life) Secondly,. what do I want to see? A different way of doing gunshot sounds. Currently the gunshot has a lot of treble AND bass, this is ok but think about where these sounds are coming from. You have that PAMP of the gun itself, and that high treble of the bullet crack echoing off your surroundings. But here's the thing, if you stand behind someone shooting away from you in Arma, you don't hear that bullet crack. Even if the bullet cracks are 200m away from you it sounds like a quiet crack with audio attenuation (way better than vanilla) but you don't hear the echo of it off the surroundings. This makes a big difference in the sound of shooting, moreso than the gunshot itself's echo, the bullet crack is what makes that crackling rolling echo if you shoot near mountains, with quiet pops coming back from the gunshot itself (the pop echo is already in L_ES). The echo of a bullet and it's 3D direction can re-affirm the location and direction of a gunshot, especially when all you hear is the bullet not the shot itself, but it can also obscure depending on environmental surroundings. This would require some complicated coding as, unlike the gunshot code, this would have to check all directions as the bullet flies along its path. Because that's not really doable it would be nice if it did a simple surroundings check based on terrain type (city, forest, field etc) just like L_ES had, as well as a proximity object check that could be done at a low(ish) frequency (which would be used to alter the volume in various directions... oh and then interpolated one tick behind to ensure smooth movement of echo position. Bit of a stretch but it's the main shooting sound missing in Arma..
  18. I've stopped using dxtory, but I did find a method that works (should work for you too). Close dxtory, run arma 3, alt tab out and the run dxtory. It should detect Arma3 and be able to record once you alt tab back in. I stopped using it because prnt screen takes screenshots just fine with reshade (saves them to A3 directory where I copy them out) and shadowplay works fine for video. Neither of these cause crashes. By the way, here's some of the shots I've taken using a very slightly modified version: Collection of campaign moments: http://imgur.com/a/fiJJx A night with the Rifling Matters crew http://imgur.com/a/l9Khn
  19. Yup, the placebo is strong with this one! I'm making a video comparison between vanilla and this. Will have vehicles towards the end to show minigun/rocket differences but also to highlight that engine/rotary sounds are unchanged.
  20. Still alive out there Sheletsov? Don't want to see this beautiful project go to waste :(
  21. This amazing tool was made from shaders by Crosire, the tool was made by MartyMcModding, the presets are by PC_Constantine, but with a wee little bit of work by me to make the DOF useable in general gameplay. DL links in the image descriptions http://imgur.com/a/526pv#0 OR DL from these links: Constantine's version https://mega.co.nz/#F!eMBExKTD!RnZfJ2MCTcSzIlnAxguDFQ A more subtle version https://mega.co.nz/#F!XBYVBTbJ!pP4llYgatCX0oahwt9Z4-A Be warned, you may have to adjust the in game brightness, I use 0.7 for Constantine's and 1.3 for the subtle version. Enjoy!
  22. Possible fix? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28885
  23. Small album uploading currently to be available here: http://imgur.com/a/Rtr5w
  24. Awesome! Downloading now, I'll put up some screenshots of my own (can't resist! I know Shel's done a great job on promo screenshots so far) once done