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  1. Over the years I've installed everything, step by step.

    Now, with A3 in place, I'm cleaning up my HD.

    For A:OA ... I'm wondering about the following (working with Steam Library)

    Arma 2; A2 BF; A2 PMC; A:OA beta.

    Can I safely delete those and still have full OA? (The clan I'm helping build wants to do both A2 and A3 ... I understand where they're coming from. There's still so much value in A2. I don't want to lose that.)


  2. Not sure this is the best place for this, but:

    RFE: AGC

    Something like left / right / center, allowing the player to select one radio as prime i.e. when there's a signal coming in on that channel, other radios are turned down. ("Muted" would be wrong; reduced would do the trick. Possible to adjust relative whatever other signal is present? so primary is +6dB or so?)

    Effect: less audio clutter.

    p.s. trying to post a reply to the Pipe Error comment. It gets appended here. That's a real PITA.

  3. /* Problem was between chair and keyboard */

    Yes I had gotten into those servers multiple times previously. So ".hpp not found" seemed absurd.

    But in fact I did not have the correct mods enabled / selected. So at some point something changed and ACRE failed.

    Point: MustRPTmust confirm that required mods are in fact being loaded.

    thanks to KassaReD for the .bat that cleared this up.


  4. Just talked to a game admin for a large clan. He came up with the usual suggestions and in the end "I don't know what to tell you."

    FWIW my suspicion: something about a Win7 update, or a TS update, or an ACRE update. Something changed.

    good luck


    ---------- Post added at 07:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:33 PM ----------

    ... my old brain just remembered something.

    This is old data that keeps turning up ... it's normally not true ... but it used to be fact. And it might just shake something loose.

    This used to be righteous doctrine: "Teamspeak is the current version ACRE supports."

    That's just nonsense, now. Tons of us, maybe most, have updated and are using ...

    ... but ... this is something to try.

    Find 0.8.1 on the TS site and install that.

    Easy enough to update later.

    If it doesn't work? then I won't accept payment for services rendered. ;p

    But it might.


  5. Thank you for your help!
    I appreciate how frustrating this must be; things are plenty complicated without!
    Yes, I am running windows 7. Not sure what changed between the months it worked fine, and now...
    For the record I have triple checked I was running TS and Arma as admin, uninstalled and reinstalled the mods individually and collectively, tried different launchers, tried connecting with and without a router, and have recently tried a complete reinstall of Arma and all mods. Running out of ideas.

    Just like with the other guy I'm trying to help. Regular/routine updates of OS, TS, game, and mods (via SixUpdater). Then one day no joy. Of course that makes no sense because ... it makes no sense. Something changed. But just what remains a mystery. (I even wondered about firewall ... which is just silly.)

    Any ideas short of reinstalling windows? That is not a great option for me.
    That's all rubber chicken / voodoo stuff. I mean it's a shotgun approach, rather than being directed at a specific item.

    But yes ... do whatever you can.

    Best hope: find someone else with similar problem.

    I'm sorry, I've exhausted my ideas.

    When I hear "Pipe problem", "permissions not correct" comes to mind. I can't think of anything else.

  6. This has been answered a zillion times already. Just run TS as an administrator.
    And when that fails, people get "Just run TS as Admin" thrown at them a buncha times.

    Fair enough to check the basics. But the culture of assuming that the other guy is a twit ... man, that really gets tiresome.

    Got the same problem, no idea how to fix.
    By any chance, you running Win7?

    Cuz we've got a clan member who has repeated/constant pipe errors ... after things working fine for months ... checked / doubled checked everything (even using TeamViewer) ... had him install Launcher (which I use normally) instead of using SixUpdater to launch (which I have never done) ... and no joy.

    Everything running as Admin.

    Pipe error.


    /me suspects something Win7 specific ... see below

    Problem solved, reinstalled my computer (again). Think it was a windows problem....
    Uhh, my guess is he reinstalled windows...
    Could you be more specific about what exactly you reinstalled or how you fixed it? I am getting the same error and can't seem to fix it.

    Thank you!

  7. Ok: I haven't read the previous 70+ pages ... so this is sorta like trolling, but for an answer. /*Don't shoot!*/

    Using 117 or 119 on Squad Mate's back; best info I have is "Not yet implemented".

    That's so?

    We're looking forward to this.


    p.s. I very usually / always use VOX for TS. Got me thinking: any way of having VOX for DirectComms in game? I'm tempted to call that RFE but not sure it's even possible.