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  1. Are you sure? Looking at stag's image the model's texture seems to lack the arm pockets found on the D, it looked like a mix of the R and S to me but like I say I'm not exactly knowledgeable in this area lol. For all I know it could be based on a different Gorka (and manufacturer) to normal. lol

    Says the camo type in the files, also from what I understand they come in all types of shapes and sizes too.

  2. @colonel stagler, what Gorka's are the units wearing in this photo? I'm by no means an expert but I couldn't work out which version it was :)

    Gorka D.


    This is the last time I'm going to say this nicely. This thread is for posting wip material for meaningful critique. If the material posted here is not obviously WIP, you risk penalties for spamming.

    Really don't get why you need to be so hostile about it, people post their models, skins, or whatever material as they work on them. Work in progress doesn't just mean raw models, skins, etc.

  3. Couldn't keep my filthy paws away from Visitor3, I've started on another small project, but I'm going to take it slow. It's another 5x5km terrain consisting mostly of nice rolling hills (which I'll add a lot of farmlands to), and a lot of dried riverbeds, it also has a coastline in the north. I realized that there is very few flatter Takistan-maps, and I wanted some variation after Hazar-Kot where I realized I enjoyed creating the desert area the most. We'll see where this turns out. Could be a good map for both tanks and infantry.

    Could add some wrecks here and there to expand upon the idea that Takistan has been a conflict zone for quite a while.