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  1. Will there be more support for thermal and night vision scopes and the like?
  2. It's actually set to whatever key you have 'Turbo' bound to.
  3. Well the idea would be for the users to be able to disable or enable certain stances. That'd be about it.
  4. Sif

    Isla Duala

    I remember setting up a TOW missle on a bridge like that, convoys just hate those types. :cool:
  5. Sif

    Army SF

    Post issues here.
  6. Well that's something Smookie and his buddies would have to do.
  7. If you wanted that idea simplified you could create a userconfig that allows you enable or disable certain stances.
  8. Animal why hast thou foresaken me?
  9. Sif

    Army SF

    Post a screenshot of the issue if you could, you can do that here.
  10. Sif

    Army SF

    No bullshit, Animal Mother would easily back that up. I mean I would rather trust the word of a respected addon maker then just some random dude. :bigglasses:
  11. Sif

    Army SF

    Issues? These aren't TF86 related whatsoever, 1.57 is required because of dirty pirates. You're not a pirate are you...? FPDR
  12. Sif

    Army SF

    Exactly. :cool:
  13. Sif

    Army SF

    Nice, now people can have good replacements for those Deltas.
  14. Sif

    Project RACS

    Good to see this released! :)
  15. Just the SF guys, unless Bink doesn't mind a whipping.
  16. http://mattsif.com/arma2/MACT/cdfsf5.png http://mattsif.com/arma2/MACT/cdfsf6.png
  17. Damn as in good, or damn as in bad? D:
  18. It's an easy way for them to offload older weapons and at the same time improve relations.
  19. G36 is getting old amongst the Bundeswehr, these would be the older G36A's.
  20. Think of how our current policy is on training allies, we usually leave them our older equipment and they gradually buy NATO weapons not too far off. Like Iraq has.
  21. Yeah but would you want people to have to be force to require addons that others may not like?
  22. Truthfully those vz-58s are disgusting, they would most likely use tricked out AK-74s. I'd also like to point out that these models are barely even in the alpha stages, if the Ukrainian desert camo was acquired that'd probably be of better use.
  23. They were based off of the Ukranians deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the common ground soldiers there carry G36s. But their Special Forces use kitted out AKs, there are no such weapons in vanilla OA. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=151201&d=1299529526 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=141103&d=1288733426 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=141102&d=1288733406
  24. http://mattsif.com/arma2/MACT/cdfsf3.png http://mattsif.com/arma2/MACT/natofriends.png http://binkowski.armaholic.eu/rebl/teaser_l.png :cool: