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  1. Not sure if this got posted before, thought it'd be useful for mod makers if it hasn't. http://www.fyjs.cn/bbs/simple/index.php?t215544.html
  2. That paint scheme for the grey UAZ actually gets used quite often by security forces in the Russian Caucuses, saw a few documentaries show them off.
  3. Welcome to BIF, hopefully your work will be as good here as it is in Garry's Mod.
  4. Also was popular with US SF for quite a while, saw a recent photo of one in Afghanistan with an ACOG on a Humvee.
  5. Nice update, will look further.
  6. Oops, just noticed my request was in GLT Missles already, ignore post.
  7. Much thanks, figured out finally it wasn't my config that was wrong. Just that I was using ACE and forgot about that part. I'm just gonna ask for prudence sake, any chance for KLMK?
  8. Anyone here have any experience in creating Russian replacement packs? I am entirely new with this and so far I have basically butchered each attempt. I was able to get it working about 80% the first time but kept running into issues. Operator and Assaultman have not worked during the entire ordeal. Made a pastebin of the config that I used, it's awful and truthfully I have no idea how to properly do them.
  9. Stagler I tried adding you on Steam, having a slight issue with your guys in this replacement pack I am attempting to do.
  10. I dunno because SARMAT is a household name among the addon community that's been known to make quality addons for a long time? I dunno, maybe that?
  11. They aren't ear muffs, read his post more thoroughly next time. Also I remember those units fondly, were groundbreaking in terms of quality for the time.
  12. Fortunately he was online when I pestered him about it. :cool:
  13. <3 Bink (Stagler knows what I am referring to.)
  14. Sif

    US Army (OCP)

    Truthfully those look dreadful, don't see why they need to be posted in the topic when they aren't Sabres work?
  15. I know this isn't exactly a popular idea but have replacement configs been thought of for these? Overall these units are nice, keep up the good work.
  16. Anyone ever done a good retex of the ammo boxes? Curious.
  17. Great mod. You should think about cooping with the CWR2 team, that'd be awesome.
  18. 1950's Korean War units / armor. Both sides, hopefully someone has a Centurion someplace..
  19. 10th LARGEHILL divishun...
  20. Can we get Opx back in the community? :(
  21. Neither do they, they have real lives too.
  22. So where are we now when influential members such as Opx leave due to Visitor never being updated? Where are we when the majority of the islands made are a joke compared to old standards? Same thing happened with the Source community, died slowly as the quality of mods decreased.
  23. If you think making the game more accessible will dumb down the community then you truthfully never have played on public servers. Addon(s) quality and quantity have both been dying slowly as the franchise progresses. How many major addons from ArmA have carried over? How many of them have just ported their content and ignored the difference in quality? It's become an army of porters and people whom make work but release it privately.