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    paradrop question with a twist

    thanks i was worried no one would reply. this should be great will try it on the weekend. thanks again regards
  2. I seen paradrop script that drop entire groups. But this means that the groups have to be very large if you want a large drop. Is there any way to drop multiple small groups or individuals from the one plane. If so could one create a demo mission for an Opfor drop using wings of Russia or just a helicopter. i know this is quite a size able request but i can't find a way to achieve this. regards
  3. Commander Jao

    ZEUS Nam

    looks like a great map Mondkalb keep up the great work. also is there going to be any coast line or is it a land locked map? regards
  4. Commander Jao

    A command-based AI cover system

    great suggestion but i think comes up often. (don't come here often:o) though you certainly have more detail:D (than the ones i have seen) hope BI will do something about the cover system though:(
  5. In one of my missions I want my squad to split. I want me to lead one and the original squad leader to lead the other one. I have set it up that it starts as two separate teams that join together through a join and a join and lead way point. but i can't think how to split them up I originally tried to used the dismissed way points but that didn't work:o It is probably an obvious question i used search and i was unable to find the answer. could someone please help in a simple way? regards
  6. Commander Jao

    how to split up

    sorry maybe i didn't explain in a clear enough manner. in the editor i have created two different groups that join together in the mission with join way points. i want the two separate groups to join and to separate again in to the original two teams. thanks for the quick response and sorry for the misunderstanding
  7. i believe that this would be a great map for ARMA 2. i feel a sudden urge to re make the airport taking level in OFP: DR and make it better.;) in summary definitely want this island
  8. operation flashpoint 2 red river http://au.gamespot.com/pc/action/operationflashpointredriver/news.html?sid=6272612&tag=nl.e579&mode=previews thought you all would be interested if not could someone delete it then
  9. I have searched for a way to do this but i seem incapable or unable to do what is described in the threads:o. Is there any chance that one of you kind people would be able to make a quick example mission, for a landing of an opfor aircraft at the main airport in chernogorsk the one near the top edge? If not could you at least explain in lay mans terms as to how to do it? Regards
  10. is there a way to cause an Artillery strike to land on an area but caused by a trigger. what i want to do is have a helicopter take off and moments after have Artillery fall on the position they just took off from. how would i do this? regards
  11. i read somewhere on this forum how to make craters but i can't remember where it was and yes i did use the search function. on a similar note does anyone know how how make proper trenches and foxholes. the trenches available in the build unit menu are just a raised section of dirt which you have to lie behind, and i have seen no mention of foxholes. 'sigh' can anyone help me on any of these questions? regards
  12. 1.is there a way to only allow the player to get in the gunner position. like the player is only allowed into the Gunner position of a Humvee 2. is there a way to delete all the units in an area after you have left it if you are not going to return. similarly is there a way to create the units at your destination before you arrive, or stop them from being destroyed by that time? OK so its more like 3 questions:D could you answer in laymans terms, not especially script savvy. :o regards
  13. Commander Jao

    2 questions

    Krieg do you reckon this would work if you called people gmd, gmc1, gmc2? regards
  14. is there a way to delay the mission from starting so all the vehicles have started running or the helicopter has reached a certain point. is there a way to start it. on a similar note how does one start the mission with NVG on. regards
  15. how would one use the cutText or TitleText option?
  16. Commander Jao

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    My wish list to the ARMA 2 mod santa is 1-Russian transport plane 2-BMPT http://www.military-today.com/tanks/bmpt.htm 3-BTR-Thttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTR-T 4-BTMP-84 http://www.morozov.com.ua/eng/body/btmp.php thats it for now regards
  17. I'am a big fan of ARMA 2 and ACE 2 but when i play the campaign i find it lacking. 1) instead of being a special forces solider why can't we be a grunt like in OFP. be part of a large unit. 2) a) if you are in command it would be great to be able to request help from other squads and them request help from you. b)or if you could do it as a grunt as well. eg tell the AT gunner theres a tanl behind him or request a medic without the CO (commanding officer) having to send him to you 3) in high command mode there should be more radio chatter instead of you just issuing orders, you should be told when someone is dead and as above in 2) they should be able to request help from you. I am aware that a may be requesting to much these are just suggestion not orders so please don't bite my head off i need it:D
  18. Commander Jao

    commanding the ai better

    great idea i also want a take and hold like order, i haven't been able to find it in the game but i could of've just missed it:o
  19. Commander Jao

    distinct faction tactics

    i think this is a great idea. if you had a 'playbook' per side the ai could to the Madden thing and chose a play for the different situations.
  20. Since I updated ARMA 2 to 1.05 i can not run it because of an Error compiling pixel shader PSSSSMSpecularAlpha:1. I am totally lost when it comes to this problem. I have no idea where it is or what to do to fix it. i'm sure there is someone out there who will know the answer please help thanks.
  21. Commander Jao

    Vehicle drop from C130

    sorry to arrive late has somebody posted the SQS file for the vehicle drop? cheers
  22. how would i para drop a bradley or tank from a hercules in a mission? would you use the attach to and if so how? regards