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  1. nema nis'a

  2. You might better understand in a test mission:

    Create a west infantry group.

    Put in the leaders initialization field:

    grp1=group this

    Create gamelogic:

    Name it g1

    Create a west soldier that will be you near the gamelogic.

    Now create a trigger.

    Activation:Radio alpha

    On activation :"_x setpos (getpos g1)" foreach units grp1

    End of test mission.

    You can also use markers to define position where to teleport the unit

    In that case:

    Instead of:

    "_x setpos (getpos HERE)" forEach units grp1

    Put this :

    "_x setpos (getmarkerpos "markername")" foreach units grp1

    It is important to put marker's name within the quotes !

    And do it for individuals:

    Create a unit.For instance: west soldier

    name it unit1

    On activation field of a trigger

    Instead of:

    "_x setpos (getpos g1)" foreach units unit1


    unit1 setpos (getpos g1)