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  1. Petar

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Ad new anims in missions rather than just in addons.:)
  2. Petar

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Either I am not skilled enough or controls of planes in A2 are too difficult to master.Please make it easier to fly a heli or some kind of begginer mode with for instance to prevent rolling over.
  3. Vilas had a BMP1 and T55 in his P85 pack.If you could his permission (he has been banned here AFAIK) you could make a retexture.
  4. Petar

    CWA 1.99 Bug reports

    To fix problems with mods installation:create a folder res in your CWA dir.Then copy data folder into it.And rename Coldwarassault.exe to FlashpointResistance.exe now mods like CSLA should work.
  5. Petar

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Turrets for planes:)
  6. Petar

    xbox controller support?

    I have played a lot with keyboard and mouse and I'm damn good at it.However I had a hard time learning it in the begining so it's all a matter of practice. :)
  7. EXCELLENT CAMPAIGN.Remember you from OFP days when i played Revolt1998 and the other campaign i can't remember its name.
  8. Petar

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Armor thickness and penetration instead of hitpoints ;)
  9. Thanks. For me it's easier to aim forward firing weapons this way.Let's go ambush convoy's with FFAR's :218:
  10. I don't like helicopter controls in A2.I would like to have same controls with the mouse.I want to control the turning by rear rotor using (move mouse left-yaw left not roll left etc.).What setting should i change in my controls?
  11. Petar

    ARMA 2 and aircraft

    OFP helicopters were easier to master due to limited roll so it's harder to crash.Also in A1 i was unable to hit anything with fixed forward firing weapons.It was fixed in A2.Helicopter roll is useful for making tight turns by pressing A then S.
  12. Petar

    Arma 2 Retreat Tactics

    Order disengage and order them to move to retreat position.
  13. I never knew something like that existed :)
  14. Petar

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    It's not IA it's AI :p
  15. Petar

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    they should add "full gore" and dismemberment that can be deactivated in options menu.
  16. Petar

    CWR² Demo

    You didn't understand Cold war crisis and resistance campaigns were made by BIS.Red hammer was made by codemasters.In 1.99 upgrade Red hammer is NOT included.
  17. I am pretty interested in Iron Front because they were an excellent OPF mod.I already anticipate them since i think ArmA 2 engine is an excellent base for that game.And hope it doesn't come out buggy ;)
  18. And bipods for sniper rifles ;)
  19. looking for these http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy270/FKPLACE/arma2OA2011-07-1522-46-20-09.jpg
  20. 1.0. I've been searching for docs in 1.1 .Thanks for the info.