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    cal.68 Mod

    I have a question if someone could answer it I would be grateful ... This mod doesn't work for me it just gives me a message that says cannot play/edit this mission it is dependant on downloadable content @cal68_units @cal68... etc etc :mad: All the files look like they are there and in place and this isn't the first mod I have installed as I have quite a few in my game but this one just won't work Any thoughts?
  2. Shipwreck Kelly

    1182 Renamed Missions

    This looks to be a great deal! :bounce3: Thanks 76 for your time & hard work
  3. I tried in game with no luck either using several missions. I also had no luck with your program in ARMA2 even when all had the mission in the MPMissions folder on there machine. It just sat there "waiting for host" which was "reading the mission". I do like the way it works in OA which is flawless as far as I can tell. Maybe it's just me. I'll wait for the next version and try it again I guess. Thanks for your help.
  4. Ok I'll give it a go. I don't really think it's your program I just thought I may have missed something
  5. I have a question about file transfers. When I set up a server in Operation Arrow Head the people that join the sever that "do not" have said mission will download it through the server fine. Although the same is not true in ARMA2 it says it's receiving the file but after ten minutes nothing has been transfered to them. But the small server box says "reading mission" Is there something I'm doing wrong? Settings? My settings are the same as OA except for the .exe path,the gamespy server thing(?) (also tried the private ip deal with same results) and of coarse the mission that I choose OA side of it works great but the other part does not I'm using the newest version 1.0 beta