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  1. tyler4171

    General AI Question..

    Another tip: Be aware of AI vehicles, enemy vehicles somehow have a better chance at spotting you while you are prone (Dont ask why, i cant explain, it just happens a lot during tests i have ran)
  2. tyler4171

    Considering getting OA...

    The campaign is not really worth it unless you plan on diving in to it on Expert, Multiplayer, custom made missions/addons, and the game built in mission editor is where the core of this game lies :)
  3. tyler4171

    Considering getting OA...

    1. Command controls can be complex but practice will overcome them and you'll soon be ordering your men around in a couple of keystrokes w/o setting eyes on your keyboard 2. Vehicles are very simple WASD or any user set controls you choose, air vehicles can be keyboard and mouse or joystick 3. A clan, or Unit, would be your best path. I cannot really recommend a group becuase its personal opinion! 4. Yes there is VOIP (known ingame as VON)
  4. Whos the idiot? the guy who wrote this, or the one who goes a tries this xause he is bored? :D
  5. tyler4171

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    Can you point me in the direction of Rangers, that actually look like Rangers with the Ranger tabs? I would pay for a SOF Pack, aslong as it includes what was already stated..
  6. tyler4171

    Bring Russian army back

    Hey, BIS could most likely do it better ;)
  7. I voted "No, unless their models are updated to reflect this" becuase I assume the OP does not mean just the Russian Equipment, I believe they also mean the T-72 which has equipment added to it to have TI
  8. tyler4171

    [OA] SP Humanitarian Aid (BETA)

    What other mod are you using if any others, they work just fine for me (aside from the chinook that was my fault)
  9. tyler4171

    AH-64D Tweaks and Features (OA)

    No shine, problem solved if that be the case! :D
  10. tyler4171

    Bring Russian army back

    Hell, if you want an uncommon enemy just throw in the Ukranian Army, I swear they must be planning something inside their borders, they are so quiet ;)
  11. tyler4171

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    Why not make an Entire NATO pack, include some of the important hardware and *some*, not all countries like an extension to the Germans and Czechs, Azerbaijan (yes they are in Iraq/Afghanistan), and Dutch or Danish units....
  12. I do not mind this, becuase one should never stay in one spot to long but if we can dumb down their suppresive fire, life would be like heaven!
  13. tyler4171

    AH-64D Tweaks and Features (OA)

    I like All of them, especially the Matte finish, I know its an issue with the engine though were everything glows...
  14. You do have to admit not only is it annoying but its also pretty humorous to see an Apache light up a dead pickup with insurgents around it :)
  15. tyler4171

    [OA] SP Humanitarian Aid (BETA)

    Updated to v1.3 -Fixed extraction (Chinook didnt want to leave) -Added Hints for completing Objectives -Included ACE wounding system -Increased difficulty some more *refer to armaholic link, first post*
  16. tyler4171

    Bring Russian army back

    The current opposition is not weak, I reject your reality and substitute my own. Just place 2 Taki teams in Zargabad and drive an Abrams down the middle, see who wins....
  17. tyler4171

    What is the point of BattlEye?

    As sad as it is, Jack hit the nail on the head, out my groups servers 2 of 3 are locked
  18. No, but for counter-counter arguments sake, ahs there ever been a game that has an Acheivement like that? :)
  19. tyler4171

    ATI 5970 / Dual GPU usage issue in OA

    i get 45fps avg with a 5670HD, Anthlon 250 @3.3GHz, and 4GB RAM (Stock clocks) No idea why Crossfire isnt workings though I thought It was fixed...
  20. Achievements in a GAME do not bring about desirable behaviour especially not things like "Kill X amount of enemies" or "Destroy X Vehicles" that encourages idiots even more. All this would do is attract acheivement "whores".
  21. tyler4171

    WarFX Particles

    I'll definately dive into the scripts for them tracers, ive been dying to know how to do that ;) and good luck with getting WarFX ported over :D
  22. tyler4171

    Disabling builtin voice chat system?

    Never noticed that in OA, even with 30 people speaking ;)
  23. Combined Ops is the best buy becuase not only do you get both games, a lot of User made missions require both games! :D
  24. This is true unless it is raining I believe, the Colours module also adds better color to the atmoshpere for rainy weather.
  25. tyler4171

    Disabling builtin voice chat system?

    Beat me to it..... Why disable VON anyways? its great in OA, better than TS3 in my opinion (except for ACRE)