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    DLC - US Navy ideas

    Chinese Navy in alliance with Russia lol, USMC would be screwed but sounds good to me!
  2. tyler4171

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    why does my comments seem to start arguments :(
  3. tyler4171

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    well if im payin for it, it best not be for the voice acting :)
  4. tyler4171

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    Lol nice name, but i sure as hell wont pay for new campaigns or new missions ;) i mean i have the editor right infront of me :D
  5. tyler4171

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    nah Zipper, i have upmost respect for any armed forces, but he called me ignorant for what i said so i was showing that not all of the equipment CF uses was theirs ;)
  6. tyler4171

    DLC - US Navy ideas

    In ArmA the airfields must ahve an ILS for AI to land, thats what i was referring too ;)
  7. tyler4171

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    Leopard series - German LAV series - Switzerland Coyote - Canadian Bison - Switzerland ADATS - Switzerland Nyala/Mamba - South African G-Wagon series - Austrian L16 - UK LG1 Mark II -France Eryx - French and Canadian Timberwolf - Canadian MacMillan Tac-50 - Used by U.S Navy SEALs (designation MK15) FN High-Power - Belgium/US Sig P225/P226 - German/Swiss CF-18 Hornet - US CH-146 Griffon - US made We arent ignorant sir. Canadian 3, everyone else 13.
  8. tyler4171

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    Yea, they just like to rename alot of it
  9. tyler4171

    Bring Russian army back

    Simple, Independent milita vs. Russian units
  10. I will honestly give PR a try, but if i dont like...to the recycle bin ;)
  11. Have you read anything in this thread other than the posts about resistence? Or has ignorance clouded you? Anyway im done with this petty argument.
  12. tyler4171


    Thanks for the personal insult, i am simply stating my own opinion and as ive said on the other thread (the actual PR thread) we are entitled our opinions, whether they are, regretfully, positive or negative. Next time try it without being insulting. I am fully aware of the definition of the word Innovation.
  13. You may defending some "innocents" but we are entitled our opinions rather they be negative or positive... The thing me and Mac are pushing is the mod teams attitude, they act as if they are god-like modders and as if they own the place
  14. tyler4171


    I agree i may have mis-interpreted what i my self typed and processed out of my own mind.....but why make a mod specificaly for PvP when most of the community lies in Co-Op?
  15. tyler4171


    You want resistence gazzthompson? you got it: Ive played PR for BF2, while saying that, it was a great mod for a community without co-op. Think about all the possibilities Units and groups would have if PR focused on the more populated side of the ArmA community? Life would be so much grander to the point I may not leave my house aside to go to school. Now you may ask, "If you played PR for BF2 why are you so against it?". Answer is simply as Big Mac and Gnat had stated: Cookie-cutting communities does not gain you friends. Also, how can you make a Mil-Sim game more realistic? You cant! I'd honestly rather pay for the British DLC than download this becuase it will not restrict my Co-Op play, all respects to ebanks for his decision to join the PR team, bravo for him! Im seriously happy he did becuase he is now part of 2 major modifications (as far as know). But my resistence against PR will not die. And no it is not a sarcastic comment to say the PR Devs act like they own the place or have gods gift in modding. Regards.
  16. Wrong Im pretty sure most (if not all) have had a taste of PvP, but saying we strip addons down to what we like is a comment that will gather a lot of criticism. I play ACE2 for example, and even if I dont like a feature I dont "strip it down" to the parts I like, same with SLX. Thats like saying a respected addon maker is going to take your pbo files and mod them to his liking
  17. No where do I see the word "Mod/Modification/freeware" on this list sir, good day!
  18. tyler4171

    Let the AI take over for awhile

    Most of my most interesting moments happen on those long treks, especially with other players, get to know them, hold off a couple teams of AI, divert to another objective, hell even defend my self from OPFOR ambushes that are set by players, why you would like this just baffles me...
  19. tyler4171

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    Im not trying to be an ass, Im just stating what many off them are missing and what I would like to see. You took my comment to harshly, as it was a very sarcastic comment.
  20. 13, take or give a little ;)
  21. Bingo, you hit the nail smack on the head :D
  22. tyler4171

    [OA] SP Humanitarian Aid (BETA)

    Sounds as if "sleep" command doesnt work in triggers, I will look into this. As for the Chinook I will look into it some more aswell, I may have set my end trigger up incorrectly. Thanks you for the positive (and supporting) review Manzilla! ---------- Post added at 02:03 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:01 AM ---------- v1.4 released link in first post!
  23. This is a beta version of my very first mission I have ever released. Features: -Use of ACE2 -crB House patrol Scripts -Novice voice acting (me) -Briefing and Debriefing *Any positive and supporting feedback is accepted!* Changelog: Armaholic Mirror: Humanitarian Aid (@) Addons Required: ACE2 Community Based Addons MTP 3 Rifles by STALKERGB UKF Weapons (OA Version) L115A3 Rifle ArmA 2
  24. tyler4171

    Considering getting OA...

    But its fun, you gotta admit :D
  25. beautiful mission, using SLX and ACE2 :D