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  1. Of course, but it's utility is very often requested. I'm looking at it from the demand aspect.
  2. The ECHO fire director works very well, I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. I'm suprised that it is not more popular.
  3. That's why you use it with a trigger as a gate to make the vehicle stop as it moves to it's next waypoint or marker. I've done it with a helicopter in a helocast scenario, it should be simpler with a wheeled vehicle.
  4. You could use a trigger with a forcespeed command or an adjusted waypoint. "(vehicle _unit) forcespeed 0"
  5. mikeyb118

    Ambient Combat Module

    This command does not work for me either. I made an ACM with BIS_TK_INS and BIS_TK_GUE. I then tried to exclude all motorised units taken from the group list. It did not work and I am drowning under a sea of technicals. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ambient_Combat_Manager_-_Group_types
  6. Put a waypoint nearby and use a script on completion. _Heli = _this select 0; _Hpad = _this select 1; _Heli domove [getpos _Hpad select 0, getpos _Hpad select 1, 80]; while {(_Heli distance _Hpad) > 120} do { sleep5; }; _Heli flyInHeight 10; sleep 4; _Heli domove [getpos _Hpad select 0, getpos _Hpad select 1, (getpos _Hpad select 2) + 9]; sleep 4; _Heli flyInHeight 0; sleep 1; _Heli domove [getpos _Hpad select 0, getpos _Hpad select 1, getpos _Hpad select 2]; sleep 15; _Heli setfuel 0; null = [Heli, Hpad] execVM "script.sqf"
  7. Try it without naming the squadleader and without _playerGrp = group player. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/moveInCargo Read the notes at the bottom, use "{_x assignAsCargo chopper} forEach units group this" with your moveInCargo command.
  8. You could try moving the Helipad up and down but you will also need to change the values in the descent script. On the subject of credit the eject script is not mine. I picked it up in Rommel's thread. But I have no problem with sharing my ideas. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=76848 You could place the helipad just below the ship's deck, that might force the helicopter into landing.
  9. http://rapidshare.com/files/334961065/Seadrop2.Chernarus.zip.html Tested with a mod free arma 2.
  10. Ahh I'm running vopsound 2.1. I'll see if I can upload it again :)
  11. Have a look at my example mission. The helicopter flies to the drop zone without using setpos. The descent is moderated by a script and the helicopter is kept on course by a domove order to an invisible helipad. An eject script is activated by a trigger placed just before the stopping point. Then I remove the invisible helipad and restrictions set on the helicopter's flight. Finally domove is used to fly the helicopter to an exit point where you can make a trigger to delete it from the mission.
  12. I hope this helps http://www.filefront.com/15342551/Seadrop2.Chernarus.zip
  13. I use disableAI "MOVE" too much for setting AI units in defensive positions, primarily because I hate it when units wonder off. When I put medics in my static groups and allow them to move they go off alone, engage the enemy and die. So I use this script to keep the medic safe at his marker until his friends are hurt. _array = [p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6]; while {alive Medic1} do { for [{_i=0}, {_i < count _array}, {_i=_i+1}] do { if (((damage (_array select _i)) > 0.1) and ((damage (_array select _i)) < 0.99)) then { Medic1 enableAI "MOVE"; Medic1 setunitpos "MIDDLE"; sleep 30; Medic1 domove (getMarkerPos "Medic1sp"); sleep 10; Medic1 disableAI "MOVE"; Medic1 setunitpos "DOWN"; } else { sleep 5; }; }; }; I want to create an ammunition "runner" script for a similar situation. The script should scan the selected units for magazines belonging to their primary weapon. When magazines run below a specified level, I want my runner to go to an ammunition box, take that type of magazine and then go to the unit that is running low to give or simulate giving some magazines. I've read through the wiki and a few threads but I still don't know how to approach this.