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  1. or only information on the website of the group and does not interact within the game?
  2. hi first of all congratulations for this great mod, well I have a problem I realize that the GP system is only active for the other side. I only see on the map markers enemy units and I want to see the friendly and enemy. I have the only OA expacion with mod SLX
  3. extreing

    FlexiAI (WIP) discussion

    fabrizio you will risk giving a date for the beta or the full vercion?
  4. extreing

    FlexiAI (WIP) discussion

    hello thanks for your response, I wanted to let you know I have an idea for this game and not whether it is possible to do that in the army there a plant that serves the calls of the platoons etc. before calling reinforcements or ask any danger some kind of help. Well my idea is for example put in a city 1 bunch of U.S. and 3 Russians attack squads, plus 2 platoons of the first force in another city not far away and seeing that his platoon attacked outnumbered and knowing he has to defend the position prompted reinforcements to the 2 platoons from the nearby city and come to help without any init file or pbo only some modules, and if it is possible I could tell because when you put several platoons have no communication between them and each goes its own way and that really takes away as some are concerned only the editor to create battles. hopefully my idea is well understood that is thanks
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    FlexiAI (WIP) discussion

    hello, I have several AI mod installs and combined to obtain the best result in the behavior of the same and I'm hoping this mod with great hope the question is flexi AI will have compatibility with Zeus and SLX mod ai? if not say how they might work well together and if we can make that all work in the best possible harmony would have a very advanced ai .. That would be all and thank you for investing your time in improving the simulator I think it will be the only game we finished playing old:) L.(translated by google
  6. extreing

    FlexiAI (WIP) discussion

    OHH SQL INIT :( 2 versions pls addon affect all units and vercion scrip SQL =)))))))) version addon version SQL PLS I am Play with editor no campaing :D!
  7. extreing

    FlexiAI (WIP) discussion

    great job, remember fight vs monkey is not funny great AI for 2 sides is de correct :) great job Congratulations for you work espero tu addon :) I wait your addon He(She) remembers fight against monkeys is not entertained, that the AI of both decrees is equivalent.. xd sry for my english more ai supressing in low morale for retreat:)