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  1. If you have some spare time on the weekend try this mod.

    FPS are very good and stable,community is good,gameplay is super cool.

    It's very similar to Squad but the Frontline features is one of the best thing on the PVP scene since...EVER!


    It's not suited for lonewolves but to join a squad and make some new friends it's very easy.

    Bear in mind that every role is important and there is a system that provides available assets based by the number of players in game increasing balance and replayability


    I strongly recommend this game mod! Don't fear about modsize...if you already possess the mods there is no need to redownload them and the launcher is 

    very simple (2 clicks) .

  2. 1 hour ago, witchitaito_lodu said:

    here is a set of colors from 1940/43.



    yes, I'm lodu, but for the explanation of my new account, one must ask the dev of BI, which deals with the accounts ...
    For those who could send me a message: I can not access my old account "lodu", so you can write your mails here.
    Thank you.

    Sadly I have your same problem...i can't login from any desktop but only from mobile,dunno how to get help from bis...

    About the colours:I know that there were a lot of different shades in uniforms appearance caused by different factories and differents textiles used by each maker but the colours used in Normandy was definitely more kaki/light brown than yellow. I know FoW cover all the war timeline and it's not sticked to Normandy but I think that you'll do a great gift to all people who were raised with band of brothers the opportunity to play with uniforms used during the D Day. In the meantime let's hope bis fix our login troubles

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  3. Guys is the colour of US para something definitive or there is space for some correction?

    I find it a bit oversaturated...The Iron Front one before the wipe had the perfect color now imho it's a bit meh.

    I'm not whining and i know sometime Arma render colours differently from the editing tools,i just want to know if it's intended...

     For comparison









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  4. Sorry didn't get it :don9:..altough the man firing the bazooka was usually unarmed in the moment of firing,nevertheless he was assigned a rifle(HMG bearer were assigned only pistol),the fact is in real life you can easily throw away your rifle and pick the nearest bazooka very fast and easily but for gameplay reason in arma this is very clunky so maybe,it is better to stick to the old system of primary +launcher and leaving to the mission maker to balance the loadout of the soldiers

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  5. Please no! launchers were used as a secondary weapon. Every soldier was issued a primary weapon and some of them get special equipment.setting launchers on the primary weapon slot will seriously limp the players ability to enjoy a game where a situational weapon become your primary. An infantry man can live without a launcher not without a rifle

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  6. Before speaking of respect Mr moderator,show some respect for italians that fought in WWII,so before saying MAB shooted spaghetti ammo people should think twice.

    And don't climb mirrors with the mixing weapons thing...i said that whenever soldiers could choose between Sten and Mab they always choose the MAB,there are tons of report in italy and a lot of pictures of german units using MAB in france in '44.

    It's history the same fact as on the eastern front lot of axis troops preferred the PPSH over their mp40 in urban fight,but i've not heard someone saying PPSH shooted i don't know vodka bullets...why people have to mock only the italians?pay some respect

  7. Alex you just don't know a lot of Italian military...you never shooted with this kind of weapon and you live of preconcepts about italian army.

    Take your sten and stick it up where you like...like his tendence to get jammed if you hold it from the magazine or becoming to hot if hold from near the barrel.

    Also a lot of UK commandos preferred Thompson over the sten.

    A lot of italian biography bot from partisan and people from RSI referred to the MAB38 as a far superior weapon over the sten

  8. 4 hours ago, Alex150201 said:

    I can come here and say single engine planes are better than multiple engine planes. Will you believe me? Probably not unless I show you facts. Show us facts.

    shoot some mags with both then report back...

    9mm M38 cartridge was very effective till 200 meters and Mab was built like a carbine stock so was more precise to aim over long distance over 150 meters for a 9 mm

    Even German troops liked the effective of this weapon over their mp40 and after 43 a lot of unit in Italy used it