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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=91b_1444431849 Poor export Abrams
  2. zio sam

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Yes is common practice these days...like ACE & RHS compatibility...well since mods makers won't collaborate together it's up to the users make those kind of unofficial compatibility patch
  3. zio sam

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    No they not provide compatibility patch with any mod.Their mod is standalone and it's up to the uses to solve any incompatibility with other mods
  4. Yes but im not sure which version is in usewith italian army today. I remember i did a joint training with 4th Alpini parachutist regiment and some of them used Aug rifles other than the more common M4
  5. Surfing in armaholic i saw Toadies steyr aug addons.since it was used in some units of the former Italian Army i think it would fit very well one of the 3 armies as primary weapon
  6. A pleasure for my eyes! You are doing a great job!
  7. 500.000 spectators i've heard What a wonderful airshow i've missed. It's a shame that the government didn't allow the Typhoons to break sound barrier...communist pussies. I remember last time they had a real scramble,a pair of Typhoons took off from Grosseto AB and the supersonic bang was heard till Verona.
  8. sadly no. I am ill and for some days i can't leave home for 5 days at least.It's a pity since it's a lot of time i don't see some Mig29s and probably the air show of tomorrow will be one of the best for this year in Italy
  9. Also Arremba iirc is going to include one in his Pedagne Mod
  10. Maybe you can give a try with F16,there are a lot out there and Italy used them. Or wet dreams the EuroFighter a 4.5 gen multirole plane currently in service with Italian Air Force
  11. The Merkava is perfect for southern italy.While northern state can use the Leopard 2(don't rememer the Arma3 name cause i hate futuristic crap and irrealistic names)
  12. Just with TFAR running
  13. which WWII mod? arma 3 lack those kind of mod. IFA is not free. I miss the I44
  14. Lagunari...i was one of them since not so long time ago.Sadly i had an accident and i was moved to a less combat ready unit...I think Venetian's troops of this mod are inspired by lagunari regiment.I'd love to see their green beret in Pinaz's addon
  15. I prefer camo http://www.defense.gouv.fr/var/dicod/storage/images/base-de-medias/images/actualites/images-actu/2013ecpa422g001_028/2558032-1-fre-FR/2013ecpa422g001_028.jpg grey in game look like plastic.There is no reflections. But in the end,everything is good if the author is pleased
  16. Am i wrong or TFAR lower general ts sounds? Playing arma with TFAR i need to lower general volume too much to be able to hear not radio comms. Thx for your attention!
  17. zio sam

    release 1.50 better perfomance?

    Before the patch i never CTD in Arma,never! Now i just have to crash because of C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 015EE746 This is not the way of patching a game
  18. zio sam

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Guys maybe in the next update can you please lower the volume of uaz engine a little bit? It's so loud i can't hear people talking when driving this car. I don't know if it's so loud in RL but for sure is out of proportion with other vehicles. Not a complaint just a suggestion ;)
  19. zio sam

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'll wait Damian impression on those pics.Last time they were a clear fake. BTW can't say if the vehicle was an abrams or anything else.The photo is unclear
  20. Get Ace latest version. This bug is fixed in the current version
  21. Less dependancy possible is good,modular addons are even better(look at HLC CSAT for example). ;)
  22. Really nice Pinaz!! The only suggestion that's coming to my mind is to arm the troops with more italian weaponry.You know Italians always like made in Italy.So i'd love to see units equipped with Beretta ARX160,SC70/90 and so on. I know that very likely we have to wait for the new pedagne...In the meantime you can consider(by historical backgroung) to give Triveneto a supply from Germany and Austria(so H&K,Steyr),NorthernItaly can be supplied by France and Switzerland(Famas,Sig),and Terr cough Southern Italy supplied with mediterranean gear(Tar-21/Negev/Merkava) Just a suggestion inspired by your geopolitical description