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  1. Banshee

    Updating linux server..

    There is a Linux Arma Server Skype group were we can help each other with that stuff. Our server allready is patched. :) If you want to get added to this group, please pm me your Skype username.
  2. We got two fast EU mirrors up: http://tier1ops.eu/arma2-oa-update-to-1-60 Have fun. :)
  3. That's a real christmas present! Thank you so much!
  4. Sound issue was related to MCC. (at least for us.)
  5. Banshee

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 86873

    Yep we did right now. No shooting sound. That's on the latest beta on a linux server on the linux RC.
  6. If you really want to get your hands dirty, I recomend buying Arma2:CO (Arma2 + Arma2:OA) and maybe the additional DLC's BAF and PMC, but that's optional. Then try out some servers. Or you go the pro path and look out for a community that suits your timezone. I've read out of your post, that you're looking for teamwork and some sort of coordinated gameplay. That's often very little on public servers. There are groups out there that run public servers with proper administration on it. Or groups that only play on private servers at all. Your choice, there are many of them out there. :)
  7. Banshee

    demo wont install

    Yeah, or simply don't DL it from the sprocket mirrors. There are tons of others out there. I've checked most of them (see other post). :)
  8. Banshee

    Highly disappointed with demo

    Hi Henrique, there's a major problem with TKOH. At the moment the fligth model is not perfectly tuned to the chopper you can fly in the demo. That'll get resolved in the next patches. But however, you can't expect a coaxial chopper that is way more heavy to behave like an MD500. That's an itchi little chopper. If you learn to handle it, you'll love it as you love the BlackShark. Single rotor choppers need to be trimmed a lot more (or cyclic force applied a lot more) than coaxial ones. In addition to that you're also missing the help from the flight director. So it's two factors here. Once the flight model wich will get tweaked soon, and simply the design of the chopper. :) It'll get more easy to handle it, but still it's not a coaxial chopper with computed flight assistances.
  9. Banshee

    demo wont install

    You possibly downloaded the file from a corrupted mirror. Please try to download it from another one. One of the Sprocket servers delivered a faulty install package.
  10. I would love to see the Bo-105 in TKOH and Arma2/3. :)
  11. Banshee

    TOH Demo corrupted? HELP

    The file has not been on the server latley. Now it's there again. But it's still giving wrong md5 hashes: 0dcf48dba3c85b673f3137cd437f322d The filesize seems to be correct nevertheless. Using the UO #2 server: # wget [url]http://mirror2.unitedoperations.net/Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip[/url] --2011-12-02 10:56:50-- [url]http://mirror2.unitedoperations.net/Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip[/url] Resolving mirror2.unitedoperations.net... Connecting to mirror2.unitedoperations.net||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 4215152599 (3,9G) [application/zip] Saving to: `Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip' 100%[====================================>] 658K/s in 1h 44m 2011-12-02 12:41:29 (656 KB/s) - `Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip' saved [4215152599/4215152599] # md5sum Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip 4959118e52789c424d17977febf2df71 Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip Here is the Sprocket Vegas server: $ wget [url][/url] licopters_Demo.zip --2011-12-02 13:50:59-- [url][/url] .zip Connecting to connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 4215152599 (3,9G) [application/zip] Saving to: `Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip' 100%[====================================>] 11,1M/s in 7m 48s 2011-12-02 13:58:47 (8,59 MB/s) - `Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip' saved [4215152599/4215152599] $ md5sum Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip 0dcf48dba3c85b673f3137cd437f322d Take_On_Helicopters_Demo.zip
  12. Banshee

    TOH Demo corrupted? HELP

    What mirror did you use to download the files? ---------- Post added at 11:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:53 AM ---------- Checked some mirrors: Dao.nu: md5 correct UO #1: md5 correct UO #2: md5 correct Strategyinformer: md5 correct Tier1 #1: md5 correct Tier1 #2: md5 correct Multiupload: md5 correct Sprocket Las Vegas ( md5 WRONG! Sprocket EU ( md5 correct Sprocket US ( md5 correct ---------- Post added at 12:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:54 AM ---------- It gives me a diffrent md5 each time I download the file, but never the correct one.
  13. Banshee

    Take On Demo!

    Well you can't expect it to be moddeled 100%. The scale is not 1:1 as well. The problem here is to stuff all the objects into that map. It's mainly a satmap that's been rendered to the ground. Imagine a lot more objects like road objects, more trees, all houses, etc to be processed. That'll kill every end-customer rig that'll be avaible within the next years. :) And after all it's a flight sim, not a "walk to your house" sim. Alltough I would have done the same. :)
  14. Banshee

    Take On Demo!

    For all euros the Tier1 #1 should be the fastest avaible. Dedicated box on 1 Gbit. I got it with 60 MB/s in the test DL. :)
  15. Banshee

    Take On Demo!

    Hrm strange. Talked to Dwarden earlier this day as he was asking around for mirrors. So we've prepped two as well: http://tier1ops.eu/take-on-helicopters-demo-version Cheers, Banshee
  16. Banshee

    Future Price options for ARMA games...

    To be honest, I would love the game to be sth like 40$, not more. The more cheap it is the more people will get it. Reduce another 10-5$ for the download version. Personally I would go and spend 100$ for it. If I'd get a nice box with a map, poster and other fancy stuff. Maybe a coffee mug? And alpha/beta access. Reducing the price and make it rather cheap might get peoples attention. They might think about rather spending 30-40$ for Arma3 instead of 60$ for CoD/BF/MW. Bringing out Arma2:Free was afaik a good move. Dragging more people into Arma of wich a lot purchased the original game. We have at least one in our group. I bet there are more out there. Another option would be a rather low price + diffrent DLC that add to the game. Want Armored vehicles in MP? Pay another 5$. Want choppers? Pay 5$. Want scoped weapons? Pay 5$. Want AT? Pay 5$, etc. Want the whole pack? Pay 20$.
  17. Banshee

    Plane and Helicopter handling

    Well render to texture is allready working in TKOH. So we actually have working mirrors, and in some missions the heavy helicopter (Merlin) gets a video picture displayed into the big MFD's. So that's also working like a charme. I bet that'll be included into Arma3.
  18. Banshee

    RH wip thread

    Again, any chance of getting marksman-/sniperrifles with a decent NV scope? Currently we only have the M110 non silenced provided by BIS. If we'd had an M110 or any other silenced NV-scope rifle, we'd be very happy. :)
  19. Banshee

    Wind! Do you want it to blow?

    Well that's how it is in ACE. I can see the grass moving. I can see how strong the wind is, by looking at the grass if there is any. So if I have eyes on my target and some grass in front of me (does more apply to marksman with RCO's ACOGS or non sniper-rifles), I can judge the direction and speed of wind I have to take into account by looking at the grass. That's in ACE allready. And if they're able to do it with Arma2, it shouldn't be hard in Arma3. And it's allready in TKOH. :) (Choppers beeing affected by wind. Dunno about bullets yet, because my only engagements were with an M4 on relatiivly close distance)
  20. Banshee

    Wind! Do you want it to blow?

    Ah sorry then. I was told diffrent from an ACE Dev. But that's a long time ago. :) I totally agree. We are heavily based on teamwork, so the spotter is a valuable asset. He's not only spotting the targets, but also tells the sniper about wind and all that. So it needs to be in sync.
  21. Banshee

    Wind! Do you want it to blow?

    Sure thing. Wind is not only challenging for snipers, but also for allmost all other elements. The question is: How detailed will the windcalculation be? I hope a lot. In Arma2 + ACE the actual windspeed and direction is taken into account at the very moment a bullet is fired. And only at the position where the shooter is at. That means: The flying bullet is only influenced once by wind, calculating an offset from the point where the shooter aims at. That's not very advanced, but allready a start. :) In real life a flying bullet is affected trough wind on the whole distance of it's travel. Imagine a bullet flying trough a crosswind (left to right) blowing with 10 bft. In the open field it'll be influenced much more than when crossing patches of wood hinders the wind. Or when flying trough an area where you have falling winds due to mountains and hills nearby. So the strength of wind and the direction are forces that may change a lot troughout the course of the bullets flight. Depending on speed, weight and other factors (humidity, temperature etc.) the flight of the bullet is influenced more or less.
  22. Thanks, aprechiated. :) If it's out, we'll implement it onto our testserver.
  23. I've spottet one of the churchtowers that pretty much looks like the venice style ones that are all around that area (at least at the coast) in TKOH. Ice, if you need some more refrence pics, I could provide you with some shot's I've taken in a holliday in bosnia, croatia and slovenia 2 years ago. Especially the northern (bosnia?) part of the map would need some really worn out, "littered with bulletholes" buildings, as this is still the status quo in the muslim part of BiH. EDIT: Yes I know that you have a lot of pics, but maybe not from BiH. :)
  24. But that you can/must accomplish trough the to_lower script pretty easily. :)
  25. Dwarden, do you need more feedbackto fix the bugs? If not, when can we expect a new beta to test?