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  1. After a reboot of the ipad the problem is not there anymore. Bad thing this sucker has such a long battery life and I never reboot it. :P
  2. Hi, SIX Launcher can do that. :) The real question here is: Why do you want to use an outdated unsupported tool if you can have something better? SIX Updater can everything YAS can do and much more. You can create custom repositories if needed, you can create modsets to share and a lot more. If YAS is dead (and by the means of it, it looks like that) you could simply change your attention to a working alternative. (If YAS wouldn't be dead, I would not have written in here)
  3. Banshee

    Fayshkhabur V1.0 Released

    The reason for this is obvious. SIX Updater prevents the users from having 4x ibr_dtowns and 10x opx_buildings and so on. And every SSD user is loving it for that. :)
  4. No feedback at all? I know that DayZ and Arma3 is eating up nearly all resources but is there any chance for support? After all I bought the app. :)
  5. Are you running a 64- or 32-Bit OS? What version of CentOS are you using? Please also check this: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Dedicated_Server#Linux
  6. First of all: We love your maps and play them a lot. We value your effort in providing awsome game content. But: Icebreakr your attitude here is really not helping anyone. 1. Your denial of creating own signature files to fix the issue of you not providing V2 signatures (even if requested in http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?100135-Jungle-Wars-Island-of-Lingor&p=2131018#post2131018) will stop people using your mod. 2. Your adapted version of brg_africa (you have the permission to do so?) will most likley break other mods that uses brg_africa as well. How about Isla Duala or Fallujah? Or the other maps using it? Why not push the changed mod to the network where it belongs? Or rename it and put it in as a diffrent mod with a diffrent name to avoid conflicts with other mods? 3. Adding mods directly into your release wich are used by other addons is a bad practice as well. Why do I need 2-3 versions of brg_africa on my SSD? Not to talk about bandwith, diskspace on the mirrors and so on. 4. Blaming SU that the programm did what it was designed to do (download the version that is on the network to your folder or 1-way sync your local folder with the network) shows that you didn't understand what you were doing there. Maybe create a local folder called @Lingor_testing? You could even distribute that for alpa/beta testing trough a custom repository (Need help with setting up? Ask me, I'm glad to help out with that). 5. Why didn't you just put up the six_lingor key on the server? It's easy as cake and every serveradmin should know how to do so. So I would like to ask you the following: 1. Create V2 signatures or allow us to do so. Otherwise we (and a lot of other communities) won't be able to use your islands anymore. 2. If your version of brg_africa is the latest one, get it on the SU network/Armaholic rather than just including it into your lingor mod. Doing so will affect other addons as well. 3. Stop including other mods directly into your mods. People still have low bandwith and/or diskspace. In addition to that it's just unneccessary to do so. (mbg_buildings2 = 117 MB, brg_africa = 39 MB, ibr_plants = 115 MB, csj_snake = 4.8 MB. That's allmost 300 MB overhead)
  7. Are you running linux or windows? If you run windows do you have RDP acces? SixUpdater has a very very good support in form of a skype channel. :) http://six.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Six_Updater+GroupChat
  8. Banshee

    Think i can play this game?

    Hmm... if you're mature and patient enough, there's no problem with you playing Arma/2/3. I would recommend you to grab a copy of Arma2 CO right when you got your new rig and start playing it, to get the feel. Other than BF3, OFP or others, Arma is never "finished". Yes, you can finish the singleplayer campaings. But Arma is a sandbox, so you have allmost unlimited freedom in what you want to do, as long as you understand how Arma scripting works. Or you just let others do the work for you. :P Learning Arma on your own might be challenging. Learing it in a group is fun and great. It lives trough multiplayer. There are many diffrent groups out there. From layed back and mostly unorganized playing on public servers to realism groups that do training, teach tactics, skill and other things to have more epic and advanced missions. Your choice. :)
  9. Banshee

    Can not get Mods working on Dedi

    ... because then you won't need to bother with the script, but can possibly alter the additional modfile trough a webinterface or in any other convenient way. :)
  10. Banshee

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    I know it's been stated here several times, but I'll do it again: ASR_AI is an awsome mod to accomplish what you want. And the best: It's serverside only. Means: You can still run a vanilla server if you want. :) We're using it at Tier1 with great effect. We love it. And no client has to install that mod, it only runs on the server.
  11. Banshee

    Can not get Mods working on Dedi

    Instead of MOD="@lingor" try MOD=${ARMA_DIR}/modlist.txt whereas modlist.txt is a plain txt file with the mods in form "@cba;@ace;@lingor" without the "" in the file. If that doesn't work, doublecheck if you have a @lingor directory in your gameserver root directory wich actually also contains that addons folder and all the files. And check if it's readable by the user the server runs under. Is it a Linux or Windows dedicated?
  12. Well, we're using the Six-Updater in our communtiy to keep in sync with all the mods. Sickboy is right when saying, that he's running nearly 24/7 support. I wonder if he ever sleeps or work. :P SU is defnetly a big go. Especially with the latest performance improvements.
  13. You want to search this forum for MCC. :) Or go to: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15546&highlight=MCC
  14. Banshee

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    Well as I've stated it all boils down to the initial learning courve. It's too steep at the moment. When people buy a game, they want to dive right into. Start the game, update it and play. Whereas updating can also mean: Download some mods if needed. People do that everywhere. When playing Counterstrike, the serveradmin can specify mods/music to download, and the game will just DL and install it. You can clearly see: Okay, I need 20 minutes to join this server due to downloads. Well that's how it should be, right? You know what's going on. It presents itself to you without the need to do research huddle around forums to just hear: RTFM and use the search. Arma is like the latter at the moment. It's not really selfexplaining why you can't join a server. The gameplay itself in normal domination/whatever maps might be too complicated to beginn with. But that's why we play Arma, right? Because of the complex missions. Because we don't want to hopp into a game, have 2 minutes full of adrenaline or frustration because of some damn wallhackers. We want the satisfaction of a simulation. Some people I've talked to said: Well I've tried Arma2 when it came out. It was buggy, it was a pain in the ass with addons, and other games just do it better. Movementwise, UI/UX-wise. That's a bummer. They're clearly intrested in more simulation-like gameplay. They are sick of BF3/COD quick'n'dirty roundbased "killeachother" fastpace stuff with all those insulting kids that don't know how to behave. But the barrier to get into Arma is just too high and the hurdes of frustration you have to climb over before you start to experience the cool gameplay is just too high and there are too many of it. If it wouldn't be a groups of friends who were from flightsimulations, and allready acustomed to dive into a simulation, learn it and be patient with it, I wouldn't play Arma these days. If I had to enter the world of Arma alone on my own: No way!
  15. Maybe you want to join the Linux Arma Server Skype group (see my signature). What are the exact error messages? Maybe you want to have a look at the LASCP (http://github.com/zeidlos/LASCP/). This is a simple PHP+Bash-Script powered control panel for Linux game servers, including mod update against the Six-Updater network and some other stuff. #!/bin/bash # # armaserver: ArmA 2 Linux Dedicated Server Control Script # (c) 2010 BIStudio # ArmA 2 binary version must be 1.04 or later # Edited by Banshee for LASCP #======================================================================= #======== CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS ======== #======== MUST BE EDITED MANUALLY TO FIT YOUR SYSTEM PARAMETERS ======== #======================================================================= ARMA_DIR=$2 CONFIG=${ARMA_DIR}/../tier1ops_main.cfg PORT=$6 BECONF=$4 WEB_DIR=$3 PIDFILE=${ARMA_DIR}/${PORT}.pid RUNFILE=${ARMA_DIR}/${PORT}.run LOGFILE=${WEB_DIR}/logfile.txt SERVER=${ARMA_DIR}/server OTHERPARAMS=-cpucount=$5 MODFILE=${WEB_DIR}/inc/$7 MODS=$(< ${MODFILE}) #======================================================================= ... This is a slightly customized version of the startupscript. You see we have a MODFILE variable wich gets a file as a parameter. This file just contains the modline as a string. E.g.: @cba;@ace;@acex;@fdf_podagorsk;@isla_duala;@glt_missilebox;@torabora;@fallujah;@ngs_capraia;@brg_africa;@jsrs-e;@jsrs-v;@jsrs-vw;@jsrs-w;@acre;@jayarma2lib;
  16. Yepp, I know. Dwarden said once or twice that they're thinking about such stuff. :)
  17. Thanks for the effort, I'll defnetly give it a try on our boxes. But I'm still hoping for some sort of Linux DS server install package. Or at least an rsync source. :)
  18. We've used this for Enemy-Territory servers in the past. It seems a good solution for public servers with frequently changing big missions and limited bandwith. With that feature you could place the mission file on a CDN or filehoster. For example Dropbox, Github, Rapidshare or simply your own webserver. This allready works with the Six-Updater by the way trough YML-files and a custom repository. This will stress the network connection of the gameserver less than now. I think resources should go into other stuff, but if you want, go ahead. :)
  19. Banshee

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    What BIS would really need is a group of UI/UX experts, doing some user research. This would give BIS an overview of what's wrong with the game and UI in terms of new players not staying long enough with Arma to finally get into the game at a full extend. It's not about the possible depth of simulation, scripting etc. It's about how easy it is to get into Arma gaming. The new training in OA allready was a huge step into the right direction. But maybe more fluent movement, better interaction design and less buggy interactions and CQB movement would be a great improvement. For example: Why is it such a pain in the ass to climb a ladder up? Climbing it down it's even more painfully. It's so hard to find the correct spot that I've seen people giving up to climb it a lot. Another example: The action menu and the commanding menu. Those needs a huge overhaul in terms of usability. Why do we still have the ability to change our weapon in there? Most people are used to 1,2,3,4 to switch weapons. With a layered menu like the ACE menus, you're actually be able to not have to memorize all the numbers to assign your AI or teammates to certain groups. Or to order them "stop" while still having the ability to use numbers for faster accessability. Those are just a few examples of strange input requirements. Another big point, and the most important one: Mods, updates and servers. As someone new to Arma, it's not obvious, that there are mods out there, and that there are a lot of servers that run mods. It's not obvious, that there is a tool called Six-Updater. It's not obvious to them wich servers run mods and wich don't. There is no direct and good feedback for players trying to join a server why they're getting kicked out. They simply get kicked for not having the correct mods or mods at all. Desired behaviour for this: Include the Six-Updater into Arma, or make it the only way to get Arma and all the updates. Do not use an ingame server browser anymore, but only the Six-Updater. If people intend to join a server, SU will determine that the server runs mods, it'll ask the player if he wants to install/update the mods to join the server and all that. Of course SU will need to get more user-friendly and performant to accomplish the task. But the foundation allready is there. Having a SU-like tool beeing mandantory to start Arma, all the hassle with mods or no mods could be gone. At least from a players perspective. And this will allready be a huge improvement. I think it's the biggest barrier for new players: Find a public server that runs vanilla and get involved. IF people find a public server that runs vanilla only, they'll not get involved, because the missions that are running on those, are not very self explaining. Let's take a warfare for example: It's not self-explaining, what the next target is, where to get vehicles to get there, where to get other weapons. Better might be a domination with designated chopper pilots. People will find weapon crates. Then see a chopper and might get in one and get transported somewhere, just to wander around without really knowing what to do. Most people will get frustrated and stop beeing intrested in a fast period of time. Just imagine: You try to join some servers. After the 6th try you actually don't get kicked without knowing why. You're on the server and allready frustrated. Now you are finally up for some action. But where is it? Where are all the people? Ah,... cool! Weapons. Let's try those out and shoot a bit at base. Wait, why did I get kicked? Damn. If people are not allready sick of playing Arma then, they might try to rejoin the server or try to find another one. Good, they're finally on a server, have learnt to not shoot at base. What now? Sitting around for 5 minutes without doing stuff, they allready are bored. Now they get into a vehicle/chopper and try to look around. Just to get their asses whooped by a serveradmin, telling them to get on TS. But they possibly don't know the TS3 adress. Why would they? So they might leave at this point or wait another 5 minutes until finally someone might show up. But what's then? Boarding a chopper, flying, getting out and possibly following a teammate just to get shot by enemy after a short period of time. What's next? Waiting 2-4 minutes in the dead script, respawning at base and waiting another 5-10 minutes for transport ... I could continue here, but probably most of you know how this story evolves. You've been trough this yourself. That's the reason why I don't play on public servers very often. That's why new people get confused and frustrated very quickly. Try to solve those issues, and you might actually be able to drag more attention and get more players in that play for a longer period of time and buy DLC's and follow-up titles.
  20. Banshee

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    Status Quo on 1.60 + ACE, AI Skill 0.98 with a multiplier from the missions of 0.5: All test with player laying prone on little hill. AI on the airfield. Test #1 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 1000m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: None Time to reaction: N/A Time to player dead: N/A Reaction to teammate down: None Time to reaction: N/A Time to player dead: N/A Test #2 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 900m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: None Time to reaction: N/A Time to player dead: N/A Reaction to teammate down: Getting crouched, then advancing on players position flanking and shooting at him after some time. Time to reaction: Not much. He instantly knew where the shot came from. Time to player dead: Didn't wait long enough Test #3 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 800m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: None Time to reaction: N/A Time to player dead: N/A Reaction to teammate down: Started to flank Player Time to reaction: 1 Second Time to player dead: Didn't wait long enough Test #4 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 700m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: None Time to reaction: N/A Time to player dead: N/A Reaction to teammate down: Getting prone, standing up, getting prone. Looked like he wants to shoot me, but is unsure if he can. No rounds fired. Stopped waiting if he's advancing after 2 minutes. Time to reaction: 1 Second Time to player dead: N/A Test #5 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 600m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: Getting prone, looking at Player. Advancing after 15 seconds on Players position. Starting to shoot at Player from 500m distance, landing pretty close shots but no hits. Time to reaction: 5 Seconds Time to player dead: N/A Reaction to teammate down: None Time to reaction: Time to player dead: Test #6 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 500m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: Detecting player, getting prone, advancing after some time, shooting at Player from 400m, getting very close hits. Time to reaction: 5 seconds until detection Time to player dead: N/A Reaction to teammate down: Advancing/shooting further Time to reaction: 1 Second Time to player dead: N/A Test #7 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 400m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: Dectection of Player, getting prone, advancing and shooting Time to reaction: 1 second Time to player dead: N/A Reaction to teammate down: Further advancing/shooting Time to reaction: 1 Second Time to player dead: N/A Test #8 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 300m with M4 Reaction to weapon sound: Player detected Time to reaction: 1 Second Time to player dead: 5 Seconds Test #8 Isla Duala 3x Russian Soldier @ 200m with M4 Time to player spotted: 3 seconds Time to player dead: 10 seconds Test #10 Isla Duala 1x Squad @ 400m with M4 Reaction to weapon sound: Detecting Player Time to reaction: 1 second Time to player dead: 3 seconds Test #11 Isla Duala 1x Squad @ 500m with M4 Reaction to weapon sound: Detecting Player Time to reaction: 5 seconds Time to player dead: 2 seconds Test #12 Isla Duala 1x Squad @ 600m with M4 Reaction to weapon sound: Detecting Player Time to reaction: 8 seconds Time to player dead: 3 seconds Test #13 Isla Duala 1x Squad @ 700m with L115A4 LLR Reaction to weapon sound: Detecting Player, shooting back Time to reaction: 10 second Time to player dead: 35 seconds Conclusion: The AI gets aware of the players position quite fast and if they have the weapons to engage, they will do so or if they lack the weapons for the long range engagement, they will try to flank, allways beeing aware of the players initial position. This setup is pretty deadly. Test have been conducted at day. Will now go and have a look at ASR_AI. Because that's a serverside mod, even communities with a "no mod" policy could adapt it.
  21. As we (Tier1 Operations) are taking so much from the community (see ACE, SixUpdater, Maps, etc) we're glad to be able to give something back. Today I've cleaned up some code and prepared a neat little tool for other communities to use. If you are running a phpBB you can use this to generate your Squad.xml to use in Arma2 or other Bohemia Interactive Titles. In fact we support the generation of multiple Squad.xml files to reflect groups with diffrent ranks, as we are one as well. With some tweaking, you'll be able to mange your members, their ranks etc. trough the phpBB (as you might allready do) and let the Squad.xml be autogenerated. We've decided to provide this code under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 Licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/deed.en). However if you have any valid input, please let us know here, so we can improve the script even more. You might also fork the project on github, then sending pull-requests. You can get the code at https://github.com/zeidlos/Auto-Squad-XML/zipball/master. Thanks to Bossman from Tier1 who started this job. Awsome! Thanks to TomNedry for his squad.xsl
  22. Well, there is a README file inside the ZIP-file with instructions. Are those unclear? https://github.com/zeidlos/Auto-Squad-XML/blob/master/README Squad XML Generator by Tier1 Operations (http://tier1ops.eu) v0.2 This work is licenced under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0 Licence https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/deed.en *Install instructions* phpBB Setup: 1. Go to your phpBB admin panel, go to users & groups, click on 'Custom profile fields' 2. Create a new field, called 'arma_player_id' (single text field). 3. Create a new field, called 'xml_remark' (textarea) 4. Create a group for every rank, or note the group_id from your allready existing group. 5. Go to xml.php and change the values in 'ranktogroupid' according to your stuff. <?php function ranktogroupid($rank) { $out=9; # Default to Recruits switch (ucfirst($rank)) { case 'PRCT': $out = 8; break; case 'Recruit': $out = 9; break; case 'Grunt'; $out = 10; break; case 'Regular'; $out = 11; break; case 'Specialist'; $out = 12; break; case 'Corporal'; $out = 13; break; } Note here: The numbers are your group ID's. The case 'Regular' is the rank. This 'Regular' String needs to be the same as the filenames. If you change 'Regular' to 'Sgt' you'll need to rename the files accordingly. XML Generator Setup 1. Copy this code onto a webserver running php-cli (naturally the server that runs your phpBB installation). 2. Change the values of config.inc to your needs. The config.inc should be pretty self-explaining. You'll obviously need to provide login to your MySQL database and specify the table the installation is running at. 3. If you want, rename the ranks provided and change the pictures. Note: You'd also need to change the names in the xml.php 4. Run generateXML directly on the shell or trough a cronjob. 5. Have Fun. :) Anything still unclear?
  23. As I said, PM me for the dirty details, please.
  24. Well it's designed to work with the phpBB database. If you want to use it with any other database, contact me trough PM, so I can assist you. For now the xml.php has table names from the phpBB database. However, we could rename that to phpBB.php and create a vBulletin.php to make it work with vBulletin. But for that I'd need access to your database or at least a dump. But we can really figure that out together if you want. Any other sytem like for example Wordpress, PHPNuke, or else would be possible as well, as long as you have access to the database. With some work, we could as well make it standalone, but that really defeats the purpose of this script. I'd love to have some more feedback at all if possible. :) Anyone using this after all?
  25. Banshee

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Cheers! Good work. Let's hope the comming year will do as good as this one did. :)