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  1. Another day another question. I ahve an ammobox at the start of the mission that uses this "null = OA_ammo3 execVM "ammo-oaw.sqf";" to custom load the box. Was wondering if there was a way of having the same contents to the ammobox that gets dropped when the MHQ is deployed Again thanks in advance for any help
  2. Thanks that sorted it out. I thought I was going crazy I knew I had seen it somewhere. Many thanks
  3. Wonder if anyone is having the same problems as me. I have searched but to no avail. The issue I am having is getting the countdown to work. When a player has been killed they immedatley get the option to respawn instead of the usual XXX amount of time before the respawn button is available. This means they die and can instanly respawn. I would like them to have to wait a certain amount of time before they can respawn. I can see the countdown timer set to 300 counting down. I have tried with both V49 and v 50 with the same results This is for a 5 man mission using british soldiers on Cherenus with a jackal as the mobile respawn By the way I am using combined ops. Any help greatly appreciated
  4. any idea if this works on mp dedi server?
  5. would you mind posting your solution so others may benefit please
  6. Like I said I am no expert but luckily an expert turned up!
  7. the UN troops are GUER side="GUER"; vehicle="UN_CDF_Soldier_SL_EP1";
  8. It might be GUER countSide this list <=5 I think Independent forces are refered too as guerillas But I am no expert
  9. this worked perfectly! thanks for everyones help
  10. I have a mission where a UK (Blufor) alpha squad and UN (Independent) bravo squad forces have to work alongside. I know how to set a trigger Blufor present etc, but what I need to be able to do is have the trigger activated by either Blufor OR Independent present. The nature of the mission means as it cannot be guaranteed which side will arrive at the trigger first. Even better would be a trigger that only activated if any member of alpha or bravo was present. hope this males sense. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks for replying guys With this method I can seem to be able to group it to 1 player only. If I drag the GROUP line from the trigger to the Alpha leader then another line to the Bravo leader the line from the Alpha leader dissapears. Maybe I am doing it wrong? This method appears to produce no results. (though it might be me) I have tested it with a radio trigger, Blufor present and Independent present and it does work then Somthing like this Activation Anybody Prestent Condition Bravo1 or Bravo2 or Bravo3 or Bravo4 or Bravo5 or Sabre1 or Sabre2.....Sabre5 (2 squads - 5 men per squad) On act hint "boom"; (just to keep it simple) its a 10 man mission and any one of the player might be the activator. Maybe on the condition line something that would work along the lines of If any member of Alpha or any member of Bravo present then activate trigger. Thanks again
  12. This seems to work - still need to test on dedi but looking good - Many thanks
  13. I am making a mission where 1 blufor guy has to kill 10 opfor guys. In the mission I have various explosions set to go off as the player moves towards the enemy. The problem I have is sometimes these explosions kill the opfor What I need to be able to do is have some sort of code in the badguys init field such as: badguy1 allowDamage false; (execpt if he is shot by the good guy) And while I am at it. Can anyone help me with the following. I need to set an area trigger that if a particular faction, in this case independent, enters the area they are killed. - Think instant death zone for independent Trigger conditions Activation: independent present Condition: true Act: what would I need to put in here? Any help greatly appreciated
  14. Thanks for quick response I will try it out and let you know
  15. Thanks for the quick reply though I understand the therory behid "land vehicles" and "west" I have no idea how to implement it.
  16. Thanks for this - will go and try it now and report back EDIT: Just to let you know updating to the beta patch fixed the "unable to complete repairing vehicle issue" - Thanks Xeno
  17. Thanks for this - will go and try it now and report back
  18. Can anyone help me with this - When I stop a vehicle on the rearm/refuell point I get the "refuelling vehicle please wait..." message and the engine stops just fine. But then nothing the vechicle seems to get stuck and is unable to complete the refuell/rearm process. We are getting this error when we load Domination OA West Revive on our Dedi server _magazines = _object magazinesTurret _thisTurret; if (!alive...' Error missing ; qf, Line 54 thanks in advance for any help
  19. If you are using ACE Mod there must be a way of attaching a glowing chemlight or IR Stroble to the enemy. That may help you buddy.
  20. Perfect! many thanks I had been searching for this for the last 2 hours :-)
  21. maybe try setting combat mode to careless also depending on what you want to acheive you could always put this allowDamage false; in the choppers init if you dont want the chopper to be destroyed before it lands
  22. there is a whole thread about UPSMON and you should find your answer in there I think it only shows those messages because it is in debugging mode - there is a way to disable debugging
  23. OK anoither question. My convoy of 6 vehicles works fine from start to finish. But when the lead vehicle reaches the final point it stops but then the other vehicles try and get to the last point also and seem to get stuck as vehicle 1 is "blocking" the final marker. Is there a way that when vehicle 1 reaches final waypoint all the other vehicles stop. thanks in advance
  24. in your init file uncomment this line change it to