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  1. Has anyone any idea how to solve the problem below I have a flagpole with a simple add action to show a hint script. I would like to hint to show only to the player who activated it as any of the 10 playable slots can access I cant limit it to a specific player. Thanks in advance
  2. I am using the code below in a simple radio trigger hint format["There are %1 EAST units on this map.",{side _x == opfor} count allUnits]; Anyone any idea how I could then deduct a specified number from the result For example I may have 10 enemy troops but I only want say 6 to be displayed in the hint so something along the lines of hint format["There are %1 EAST units on this map.",{side _x == opfor} count allUnits -4]; Thnaks in advance
  3. PERFECT! Thanks guys for helping me out on these two issues both have been bugging me for a while and are just nice little finnishing topuches to the mission THANKS
  4. Thanks but I cant figure it out tried player distance floor_x & player distance floor 1.0000 neither worked - dont suppose you could give any more pointers Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks guys. Worked perfectly. Of course as I solve one issue another arises but thats half the fun. On an unrelated matter but I think it maybe the same sort of solution. I am using the following code to display name above players heads. onEachFrame { { if ((side _x == west) && (_x != player)) then { drawIcon3D ["\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\military\dot_CA.paa", [1, 1, 1, 1], [visiblePosition _x select 0, visiblePosition _x select 1,(visiblePosition _x select 2)+3], 0.1, 0.1, 0, (format ["%2 - %1",player distance _x, name _x]), 1, 0.03, "EtelkaMonospacePro"]; }; } foreach allunits; }; Works perfecet but it displays the distance to the player down to 5 decimal places. EG "player 102.12345m" Any idea if its possible to remove the decimal place as accurate to the nearest metre is enough thanks in advance
  6. would the best way would be to run null = [] execVM "vehicleLock.sqf"; from init.sqf? Thanks in advance
  7. I'd recommend the latest EOS especially if you are just making SP missions - superb performance
  8. Intresting way of doing it - On a dedi server would "player" refer to all HUMAN players? - there are only blue for human player? Thanks Will have a test and report back
  9. I made this post which may help you the last post in this thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?165589-Task-problem-with-multiplayer-mode&p=2518720#post2518720
  10. I did the above changes and it didnt seem to make any difference on either preview or on dedi so just want to check I am doing it right. Does the 100 refers to the fact the player has to be below 100m? to trigger the zone? Thanks
  11. you need to look for PERSISTENT somewhere in server config settings this means server will continue running after everyone has left the game - not at home now so cant check
  12. DEDICATED SERVER INFO Been testing latest version of EOS on our dedi server and reporting back it works really well now. Performance superb and the firefights intense. Try creating a "red zone" and put a bastion zone on top of it with a half hour delay before initial wave. Just as my squad had fought their way into the town and cleared out the enemy then the bastion waves kicked in and we had to fight our way out. Superb! After testing for a couple of days there are a couple of things that I wonder if anyone can help with or might be nice as tweaks/options to EOS. 1: Because it takes a few moments for the patrols to starat patrolling then it quite common to see a group of soldiers standing together and with an AP missile it's possible to wipe out almost the entire squad. The way I have got round this at the moment is to give my EOS zones a large "spawn" radius so enemy are spawned well before we reach the redzone to allow them time to start their patrol. The problem this creates is if a chopper flys within 1k of a redzone then troops spawn - is there a way or an option that would only allow ground troops / men to trigger zone? or not allow air units? 2 Is there a way to disable the Bastion countdown message? It interferes with other messages top right as it is always on top 3 Not sure but in bastion mode I had it set for 1 Armoured vehicle in each wave and I think it created 4 vehicles and there were 4 players in server was wondering if it was creating one per player? 4 Is there an option to have say 3 enemies remaining in a redzone to consider it "won". I noticed that its quite common to get an enemy "stuck/coverd" by a destroyed building anad there were a couple of zones that even though we knew there was only 1 enemy remaining we couldnt find him so we couldnt complete zone 5 Is there a way to have a message pop up when a "zone" turns green Thanks in advance
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    base rape [help]

    Lock the server and only let people in who you know? That way you wont have to deal with idiots and you will have a much better game of ARMA - win win situation
  14. @BangaBob Did you test this on dedicated and MP Hosted with JIP? If you did then I must be doing something wrong if you didnt then I suggest you do It seems to work fine when preview from editor (except helis dont despawn) but as we all know the editor preview is one thing MP is a completely different beast On dedicated if 1 player joins and activates a red zone that say spawns 40 enemy - dont kill anyone and let second player join and it will spawn another 40 soldiers on so on every time someone joins - we had 5 join and it spawned 300AI!and the game becomes unplayable The house patrols dont occupy the houses and just stay bunched up . If player 1 leaves server and player 2 leaves red zone enemy despawn - then if player 2 activates a redzone it will spawn 80 enemy - player 1 rejoins server and it spawns another 40. On MP hosted (though less testing on this) same thing that every time someone joins it spawns another bunch of soldiers - The patrols some seem to just bunch up in centre of red zone , house patrols though do seem to occupy houses better so just a heads up to anyone using this on a JIP mission on dedi or hosted might wanna check
  15. you may have a typo setBehaviour "SAFE"; NOT setBehaviour 'SAFE'
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    Kill all trigger

    Thanks a lot, much appreciated.
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    Kill all trigger

    Perfect - Many thanks Dont suppose you could help with what would I have to add to this so it deleted all vehicles and crew too. Or even better an seperate trigger that deletes all opfor land/air vehicles and their crews but not static weapons? Thanks again
  18. Thanks for checking good to know I was not going nuts. Lets hope the next update fixes this issue. Though I do forsee another problem that when the bridge was destroyed the tank was unable to drive out - cue ditches full of stuck IA vehicles
  19. Still looking at this issue. Just tested again from editor preview and I can definatley destroy the bridges in Kavala with explosives - The bridge in the centre of town I can destroy by driving a tank into it - the other two dont seem to be knocked down by driving into them - I fired multiple rounds from a slammer into a bridge and it didnt destroy it yet 1 satchel charge did
  20. Currently the enemy are taking a vast amount of bullets to kill them. Is there a peice of code I could put maybe in init.sqf that will make the enemy take more damage from each round? Maybe something using the handledamage EVH but I have no idea how to implement it. Thanks in advance
  21. Copied this into init,sqf and it worked perfectly - 6 or us just tested for 5 hours and all agreed it was much better, made the game enjoyable again as having to pump a magazine into a guy to kill him was getting depressing! Thnak for your help
  22. Cool another option - will try them both out over the next few days and see what one best suits the mission Thanks guys ---------- Post added at 12:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:32 PM ---------- Previewing from editor When I copied this into my init.sqf for some reason the init failed to complete - Is copying it into the init the way to run this? or am I doing something wrong?
  23. WOW Quick reply many thanks - will give this a test and report back - Any idea if this is DEDI and JIP compatible? And am I correct that *2 means my rounds will do twice as much damage to the enemy as vanilla - so I am guessing *4 would mean my rounds would be four times more lethal? Once again thanks
  24. Not sure if it was purely on reconnect to the dedi as I havent sat and waited to see what happens when the mission first loads and I initially connect. Currently the mission is running on our dedi and has been for 5 days so dont want to stop it at the moment. That said I have just tested from the editor with me as a blufor Engineer (with two satchels) - preview from editor and I can destroy the bridge with two satchels so now things are getting stranger if you cant destroy them- did you have any game logics on the map setting the bridge as "allowDamage false"? - Are you using the Dev build? - I am not using the dev build OK just tested again by driving a slammer into the bridge and i can knock the bridge down......confused now