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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well full game in terms of feature complete (as in they've mentioned you'll get in the run up to release) I'm sure most people expect as they should. Heh, see CM with OPFDR and RR :P Totally bug free, well that's asking too much to be honest.
  2. Ulysses

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well this is pretty disappointing news, I must admit I'm not sure why they can't delay though - what time pressures are they under (other than egg on the face more missing a release date).
  3. Ah, I can't wait to see what contrived 'emotional' moments they can come up with. Might be a fun FPS to play though, Vegas 2 was fun to play with your 3 Space Marines taking on an army.
  4. Ulysses

    New Metallica and Lou Reed track

    Ugh those vocals.
  5. 1. A Cure for Alzheimers 2. Freespace 3 3. Arsenal winning the CL (it has to happen sometime!)
  6. Ulysses

    Steam Sale!

    Good timing on this, heh, was mucking around with the free version and decided to get it the night before the sale. Now if only I could download both A2 and OA (damn bandwidth cap)
  7. Their mods seem like trolls, so not a shock, heh.
  8. Should try to look at Templar's source. I made one that made the US AI super lethal simply because they shoot deadly lasers, heh :D
  9. Maybe they're setting the bar low enough they can straddle it. :)
  10. The tendency to want to rush into close quarters when it's not wise, alot of the time the PLA just murder the USMC due to the automatic weapons in that situation. I've noticed them not noticing the ground is between their targets and themselves, so you'll see a SAW gunner just unloading into the turf with minimal effect. Friendly snipers are pretty useless in that regard, especially. The AI does use cover well, if available in the form of large objects. On a road, they like to just prone on the road rather than try to scoot into the woods. Using heavy weapons is funny, trying to get them to shoot down a chopper is hit and miss, sometimes they'll take it down swiftly, others they'll let the chopper fly right overhead or bizarrely unpack the weapon, aim, then sling it. Gunners on the Seahawk spraying bullets at a target they can't aim at, or even worse is on the opposite side of the aircraft to them. That's just what I've noticed fooling around with scenarios in the game.
  11. Ulysses

    RIP Pete Postlethwaite

    First saw him in Sharpe, so always remember him as Hawkeswell (sp?).
  12. A lot of them seem to spend more time on the UI or the 'unforgiving' nature of the game than they do railing on about the bugs, mind you I've only skimmed the 70s reviews on Metacritic. DR's campaign was ok, incredibly uninteresting or silly at times - the landing in mission 3 for example with a force that small. Other than that the only bugs I've seen have been the bizarre model behaviour with people's legs, the reloading animation. The driving AI I guess is buggy at times.
  13. Ulysses

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Pretty apt description of Dragon Rising, come to think of it. Didn't you have to script it so they'd notice taking fire at range ? Break pretty easily too, and for the ignoring orders part - ever try to get a SMAW operator to take out a tank via "Engage" ? Hit or miss if they'll actually do it, in my experience.
  14. Ulysses

    Dragon Rising has been released

    So, how's the view from up there on the cross, Templar ? Commend your dedication to the game (so much as wanting to give CM revenue based off your work, even if they did help you out a bit), though. But the game's disappointing, my attempts to make nifty missions always die when I hit the entity limit then have to play stupid spawn games - can't really get an organic battlefield that way.
  15. Ulysses

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    No not necessarily, but in the game industry it usually means they simplify things so people don't have to learn/think over things (a bit of an insult to the customer but oh well).