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    Wall Street Occupation

    They seem to have a problem with certain redistribution of goods. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/criminal_occupation_oh3CnKANUqYHrGPCaZaLRK “I had my Mac stolen -- that was like $5,500. Every night, something else is gone. Last night, our entire [kitchen] budget for the day was stolen, so the first thing I had to do was . . . get the message out to our supporters that we needed food!â€
  2. HyperU2

    Wall Street Occupation

    This side would never arm themselves, it's their downfall.
  3. HyperU2

    War with Facebook

    I didn't want to just log off, I've talked crap about that forum on related forums. Better that anyone visits sees that HyperU2 is banned. lol That's another thing, I may have this silly name but it's consistent on ever forum I use. Can't say I'm hiding much on those either. We had a number of employees at a local hospital (I work in healthcare) get fired over some postings, even those who liked the statuses. I think you can set the privacy options fairly restrictive now, so that only your friends can see what you post. I have found simply updating my status to "at the pub" brings out a lot of friends without the need for multiple text messages. It's convenient.
  4. HyperU2

    Battlefield 3 Simulator

    Only until you have to drive or fly.
  5. HyperU2

    Wall Street Occupation

    lol at the guy at 3:00. He's fighting for all that his parents gave him. That sums up a lot.
  6. I know the extra mouse input always gave me steering troubles but not acceleration. Maybe there is another control setting that is giving conflict?
  7. HyperU2

    Battlefield 3 Simulator

    We used FATS, http://virtra.com/military-training
  8. HyperU2

    War with Facebook

    No it was just a site I no longer wanted to be a part of so I chose to go out with style. Nothing implied on here. I deleted my facebook once over concerns of the real world but I don't worry anymore. Those were job related. Privacy has never been a concern of mine. I should still be a member there, never touched the forums though.
  9. Yeah I have. If you go into Vehicle settings there is an option for "car more right" and "car more left" both assigned to the mouse. Delete these assignments. I leave mine empty and no longer experience the problem. At least for the steering troubles.
  10. HyperU2

    They better have female soldiers...

    I guess it depends on the buildings in the game. Will there be kitchens?
  11. HyperU2

    Wall Street Occupation

    They seem to think that money is a pizza, like if I eat 4 slices there is only 2 left for them. You can get your own, it's limitless.
  12. HyperU2

    War with Facebook

    I don't know I've been banned for threatening PM's elsewhere.
  13. HyperU2

    ACE for OA 1.12

    Just had a strange one playing locally hosted Dom, I was killed by the tail rotor of a stationary helo after exiting my own. Can't seem to repro in editor, that's not in a module is it? GeyL2VOSGY0
  14. HyperU2

    War with Facebook

    Off to Facebook where I can post what I think about you without a ban.
  15. HyperU2

    Wall Street Occupation

    They're better chanting in unison than embarrassing themselves solo. 7SwKxUz7osM
  16. HyperU2

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I'm all for the Government stepping in, and in some cases mandating abortion.
  17. HyperU2

    War with Facebook

    Well I was thinking stateside IED's. School buses don't have jammers.
  18. HyperU2

    War with Facebook

    Knowing what I know about IED's those phones you mention at Wal Mart worry me more than Facebook.
  19. This only happens to me in dressing rooms.
  20. HyperU2

    City Building/Management Game

    I know it's not modern cities but I enjoy Tropico 3, and probably should buy Tropico 4.
  21. I dunno I searched "cunt" and your thread popped right up. I guess the search works.
  22. HyperU2

    SLX Mod WIP

    I found that when using ACE.
  23. Thanks for the effort, again. SLX has been my favorite going back to ARMA, I barely have time to play let alone script so it's great to see someone pick up the pieces. There are just so many moments while playing with SLX that make me stop and think "wow, that's how it should be". Not so with the other mods I end up using more often.
  24. You could try one of the links.
  25. I set mine to zero so I can hop right in. Then again I don't have DOM 2.28, I posted before I read that. On 2.6 I know it's in the parameters.