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  1. I love Cipher, both the original and Valleys of the Takiban.
  2. I think Raven looks fine, I still play weekly.
  3. HyperU2

    ACE for OA 1.12

    Well you have to be in thermal and narrow view to lock and fire.
  4. I don't think anyone is disappointed in the game, as much as you're disappointed in who you have to play with. People still want ARMA to be popular?
  5. HyperU2

    Jetpack Addon - Project

    Two birds down, with one stone.
  6. HyperU2

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5

    Looks great. I drove by so many of these sitting in a field the other day it's hard to comprehend.
  7. I don't mind throwing him off the bridge, now I can go press X with his wife.
  8. Keep in mind it's just a development video. The real game will suck far, far more.
  9. :D I'll stay away from blue. I have had green once, but that was a St Paddy's Day bagel.
  10. I really don't like the looks, for some reason it seems too blue to me.
  11. HyperU2

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    It's a nice hobby you've got there but I pay it about as much mind as religion. If you have to wonder if others know who you're talking about you might want to consider the reason.
  12. HyperU2

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    The peacenik hippies who think they don't need law and everyone will just hug won't be armed. Rangers are boy scouts, send SF and maybe it would count.
  13. HyperU2

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I'm all for anarchy, I'm armed. I don't think the hippies that want anarchy understand that they're on the bottom rung.
  14. HyperU2

    They better have female soldiers...

    It would also hamper combat effectiveness if I were serving with an ex gf, with me constantly pushing her out from behind cover.
  15. I use Eliteness. Everything works fine with Dom 2.57 and not 2.60. But, though the units etc. don't show in the editor, when I go into preview it's fully playable. Z1VgQez4av8 I notice going to preview there is no load time for 2.60 either.
  16. HyperU2

    New to this...O my good god! :)

    My love is always there, the joy comes and goes. I've spent more time setting up missions than playing lately, frustration causes early exits.
  17. Well I think you're doing everything right and there is something up with Dom 2.6. I can depbo any other dom and everything shows in the editor as normal, but not with 2.6.
  18. When you get that blank map try the preview. Mine showed the mission as blank in the editor, but would still preview.
  19. HyperU2

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Are you sure you put a folder titled "addons" containing the mod files into the @yourmod folder? It won't show otherwise.
  20. I've done the same steps and seen the same results, when I added modules to the mission in the editor they did function during preview. I just couldn't save the edited mission.
  21. HyperU2

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Co-op is far less of an ego shooter, that's why the others are popular, and Arma is not. You can feed that ego elsewhere.