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  1. Havent read all the tips that went in so forgive me if it was already told. But i would suggest importing the heightmap into L3DT and generate a satmap with it. Its quite easy to do and make fixes on it :) And do my Maps with it too. Looks pretty nice. THere might be better ways but i think they will be very time consuming unless you are very experienced :)

  2. Yep i deleted every temporary content manually.

    And yes clutter was all renamed. If i won't do so the clutter would just show up on one map if i load both up in arma2. Tonight i reinstalled windows, i will test this afternoon if it works now. As i mentioned in the first posts i had troubles with my visual basic which is now gone (memcpy_s in msvcrt.dll). If it works now i know what was causing the trouble :) Atleast avenue script is working again :P

  3. Yep i tried binarize with BinPbo as usaual. I cleared the temp folder my self, maps still binarizing but the error showed up in the log again. I could try it without the rvmats. Which means deleting them in p: drive, well atleast those of the clutter (dont need textures for clutter in buldozer since they are not shown, unless i want to place em manually). Still very confusing.....

  4. Hello Folks, new work in Progress map in the works.

    A Nice new Island for Landingoperations from the Sea

    Infos about Island:

    Island Cicada

    - 10*10km Terrain

    - Island itself is ca. 6*6km big

    - Easteuropean architecture

    - Nice Mix of Beaches and Cliffs

    - Pinewoods, Green Valleys and nice green Trees

    - 1 Capitol

    - 3 Cities

    - 6 Villiages, maybe more later

    - 1 Carrier in the NO

    - 1 Big Military Airport ; 1 Dirtstrip for Civilian Airtraffic

    - 1 Big Military Camp

    - and lots more to discover...







    More Pics -> http://s561.photobucket.com/albums/ss52/Commander1985/Island%20Cicada/?start=0

    Still lots to do, but hey its making good progress^^

  5. i don't think so, i have also included them with ovaron. so i guess they are needed.

    But i will try it. Other thing i have in mind is that i have a problem with visual c++ since a dll is broken, maybe that is causing the trouble. i pbo ovaron some weeks ago (last update) all was fine, then dll got broke now i have some trouble in some applications Oo

    If your suggestion doesnt work i reinstall my windows :P Maybe that helps. Had to do that anyway^^

  6. Hey Folks, im working on a new island and now got a very weird error in the .log.

    Warning: Embedded material ca\plants2\clutter\data\c_grassautumn_t.rvmat differs - repack data

    source used: ca\plants2\clutter\c_grassautumn_t.p3d

    source ignored: ca\plants2\clutter\c_grassautumn_t.p3d

    hint: ca\plants2\clutter\c_grassautumn_t.p3d is older

    This seemed to happen from one day to another, i never altered the files as these are bis standard ones. i even unpboed the original files from arma2 again and put them on my p: drive with the same result. I have no clue why this happens or how to fix this bug. Any suggestions?!?

    Most strange of all is that the map works fine in Singleplayer without errors in the clutter. But when i want to load the map on our server to test it with my friends/members it just throws me back to the lobby....

    If it helps heres my config.cpp not sure if its caused by it.


    Looking forward to a quick solution.

    P.s. sorry if theres already a post about it but i couldnt find something that really fits.

  7. I love flying the BlackShark but there is one big problem i have with it, when do you release it with a .bisign and a .bikey?? Because i would really like to have this in MP-Missions and need the keys for our server! Please update soon and continue your great work :)

    Edit: Is it just me or do people generally answer no key questions? (have seen no responses in other topics too regarding this...)

  8. Okay great, so i wasnt aware of that but its gone now :P Hope that was all. Now i can focus on some improvments and the other maps im doing :) Have to make the Runway's longer (Requested) So expect a update in the near future for this map if no more bad bugs appear. Runway is quickly done :)

  9. Erm, wait a sec. Did you tested the backpacks with 1.1 or 1.2 ?!? The only change in configs from 1.1 to 1.2 was that i took all unnesesary config.cpp's out like the ones from water.pbo or weapons.pbo. The only configs that are still inside are those of structures/buildings since i need them to get ladders working ingame etc...

  10. Well the only config file (beside those that are needed from arma2) is my own config.cpp i cant name it different. If i would the map won't work anymore.. Its in every Island addon so this cant be true. However might be true that there are some variable names inside it that ACE Mod uses too. But i cant see any inside that might be it. Is there any Documentation about that Variablenames? Otherwise i would just add some letters to my own stuff and hope no one has that variable ^^

  11. Thanks for the Bug Report Guys.

    Im already aware of most CA\... RPT errors, and took most of the config stuff already out like SnakeMan already suggested in a private PM. I had some time to tune some things this week but work is somewhat horrible these days. I hope i can fix that stuff and upload a new version soon.

  12. Islands are compatible? Why? How? I mean, on our server we installed OA over Arma2 so we got Combined Operations on it. When i try to load and play a mission on a map like Thirsk or my Ovaron it just jumps directly back to the mission choice screen. It doesnt even think of loading anything... However Arma2 Standard Maps work.

    Any idea what could be the Problem?!? Until i readed this Thread i thought it was a new bug^^