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  1. If you are looking for the Tarmac stuff (Runways; Taxiways etc. ) you can find them all under \Roads2\

    Its mostly up to you how you want to build it. I think there is no special advice needed there. Just load that stuff and play abit around with it.

    If you want to make that AI landing stuff and Map markings you can grap a nice tutorial here:


    Look into it. And if you still have Questions feel free to ask.

    Hope this helps :)

  2. you can fix this by unpacking the Roads2 pbo like Commander says - but DON'T overwrite EVERYTHING - just drag over the "Data" folder with the textures - DON'T overwrite the .p3d models or you lose the special unlocked memory point ones and the Road Network tool won't work properly...


    Oh really??? Overwriting worked fine for me.... Or do you mean something like snaping one road-network onto a nother like for example road1 to road2_specialpart??

    Anyways im getting offtopic.. just listen to bushlurker he knows far more then me, thank you again for helping me bush... damn "\" :P

  3. hey shez, im not sure if i understood you right. but if you use the same class names as on the other island it wont work. you have to rename the classnames and the texture names!

    for example: siErbaClutter to shezErbaClutter or sitexture1.rvmat to sheztexture1.rvmat

    i hope you know what i mean with those examples. I had a similar problem before, using same textures and clutterconfigs etc. i had to give them all completly different names then on my first island to make em work :)

    Hope this helps.

    P.s. If i not understood you right forget this^^

  4. White Roads?? Only one thing i can think of there. After installing BI-Tools 2 which makes your P: Drive you have some preinstalled stuff like roads2. However these roads do not work! You have to go into your arma2 folder and search for roads2.pbo. Take this and unpbo it. After that copy it over to the right folders and overwrite everything in it. Example: P:\CA\Roads2

    Maybe that was it. But i dont know what could be the problem with buildings. Do you use standard arma2 buildings or do you want to use custom buildings?

  5. A bit long since i posted here, i have reformated my HD. Errors on disk are gone. So after that i completly rebuilded my Tool Drive with all bis-tools2. Unpacking all pbo's etc. However i get the same error again on ovaron and my new island. However if i try to load them in the game and wait enough the game loads, but both maps dont show up in the editor, however i can see them in the armory but i get the error that it could not load the pictureShot of the map if i try to load em there :/ (i never changed the configs in ovaron for pictureshot or the the picture itself)

    Any suggestions? im kinda helpless ..... man this sucks hard....

  6. Okay i reinstalled arma2 again to check theres no error in the install.

    I also deleted all objects from the map and deleted the unused in the artifical objects management (natural too) to check if something is placed outside the grid.

    Both didnt work, i really think it has something to do with the configs but i still have no clue. However found some bad messages in logfile after binarize:


    W:\c\Poseidon\El\FileServer\fileServer.cpp(2287) : Assertion failed '_workerThread.Size() == _nRequestsLoading'

    p:\cmr\cmr_cicada\ClutterCutter.p3d -> C:\temp\cmr\cmr_cicada\ClutterCutter.p3d

    Convert world p:\cmr\cmr_cicada\cmr_cicada.wrp -> C:\temp\cmr\cmr_cicada\cmr_cicada.wrp


    Warning: 'ca\misc\pallets_column.p3d': LODs not ordered by face count 1 (2): 662 faces < 2 (3) 992 faces

    Could anything of these be the cause?

    EDIT: Since i couldnt find any errors , i checked my harddrives for errors (had a partition i cant remeber after deleting win7 and installing xp again) Well looks like both Harddrives got some bad errors according to partition magic. i go make backups now and delete all and install again... hope that does it :<

  7. @Bushlurker: Layout is done already, 2 Big cities in middle part and 1 big in the southwest.

    I thought that a big city in southeast dosnt fit well....

    @Martin: there are currently 2 bridges at the center island. Doing one to the other Islands doesnt look well. However i am thinking about adding a bridge from the west landmass to the harbour that you can see in picture1 .

    If you want to see more pictures take a look into the photobucket album i linked in the first post (link is below the pictures)

    However progress is at a halt at the moment since i have some weird troubles with my binpbo, configs etc..

  8. 1° Check

    2° i used the cluttercutter from a1 but i remove it now for testing so i go point out to

    P:\ca\ here (cluttercutter worked on ovaron map) however i would like to use my custom stuff later here :) trying to create some stuff

    with oxygen right now

    3° Check

    4° p:\ca\ has decompressed pbo files; p3d's, configs etc)

    P:\cmr\ca\ contains just configs from buildings / 2 , misc /2/3 ,roads2 , structures.

    Seemed to be the only needed configs because using all configs in my ca\config stuff

    caused my ovaron map to not load anymore after the patch from a2 1.6 - 1.7


    @2° Pointing out to p:\ca causes no objects to be loaded in visitor3.... took it out again...

  9. Okay i tried it sometimes, there are no bad errors in the config anymore, however if i load the map with a picturemap configured in the config cpp it loads arma but i cant start it plus error message that it could not find it... if i dont use it and binarize the game wont start.. it keeps loading for ages!

  10. Problem solved!

    I had the clutter p3d's place on my object area on the map (kinda libary to find things quickly :) ) i deleted them and all of the mentioned errors are gone now :)

    However i still wonder why plants2\misc\trunk_something was causing this too..

    Just one more Question! Will this error appear generaly why i place some clutter p3ds manually or just when i place some that are used in the mask/clutterconfig and are definitly used for procedually placement?

    Thank you all for your help, its much appreciated :)

  11. Well 1 good and 1 bad News.

    Namespace folder is working and binarize works again. Had all the stuff right but i made a mistake in the binarize settings.

    The bad news is that i now get the old error again:

    Warning: Embedded material ca\plants2\clutter\data\c_raspberry.rvmat differs - repack data

    source used: ca\plants2\clutter\c_raspberry.p3d

    source ignored: ca\plants2\clutter\c_raspberry.p3d

    hint: ca\plants2\clutter\c_raspberry.p3d is older

    I could cry :( I even extracted the original p3d's to p: drive again. And i still encounter the old phenomena. binarize ovaron: all fine binarize cicada: above error ....

  12. Okay im sticking with Synides Way of doing it.. I made a namespace and put my cmr_cicade folder in it. Edited all configs, rvmats etc reimported the sat and mask lco's etc.

    Now i wanted to go binarize and see what happens... Well its crashing because of this:

    Cannot load font core\data\fonts\lucidaconsoleb8

    Fonts file \core\data\fonts\lucidaConsoleB8 not found

    Cannot load font core\data\fonts\lucidaconsoleb11

    Fonts file \core\data\fonts\lucidaConsoleB11 not found

    <model = "p:\cmr\cmr_cicada\ClutterCutter.p3d">


    <world = "p:\cmr\cmr_cicada\cmr_cicada.wrp">

    Cannot open object core\default\default.p3d

    Cannot open object core\skyobject\skyobject.p3d

    Cannot load font core\data\fonts\tahomab16

    Fonts file \core\data\fonts\tahomab16 not found

    Cannot open object ca\data\blesk1.p3d

    Cannot open object ca\data\blesk2.p3d

    Cannot open object ca\data\mrak1.p3d

    Cannot open object ca\data\mrak2.p3d

    Cannot open object ca\data\mrak3.p3d

    Cannot open object ca\data\mrak4.p3d

    Cannot open object ca\plants2\clutter\c_grasstall.p3d

    What is goin on now?!? I have my P: drive and want to binarize from it. i have P:\ca\ with its orginal bis content. And i got a copy of the needed .cpp's in my cmr\cmr_cicada\ca\ folders... I also put them into P:\cmr\ca\ to see if it helps, but i get the same error over and over again.....

  13. Okay thank you guys for the advice, maybe i check this out tonight.

    I readed your guide synide and it teached me alot when it was starting to do maps in arma2. Must have somehow missed the point with the namespace.

    Everything else is pretty clear, since i just started trying to do my own 3d models they are not placed yet in the maps or ca\ folder... the only content in the ca\ folder is from bis! i do know that i should never ever put anything from my stuff in it. But thank you for reminding me :)