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  1. Jeah took way to long until i started working on it again. I guess i was to annoyed by the troubles i had. However its nice to see that people are still looking forward for a new version and are helping when they can. Its very encouraging :)

    Btw. Fixed the first Bridge, just took me 8 Hours to make it work again Oo

  2. Hey there, my experience with bridges is. That you need them to be the same level as the road is, well almost :) Place the bridge piece slightly over the road to make AI get on it. Works fairly good. However there might still be some problems. I can only guess on some problems but i think bugs occur when the bridge is to far inland. AI will run underneath it then for example. I tried to fix that with rocks beside the bridge, but that can cause a collision bug that makes cars bump when driving over the bridge even if the rocks are far under the bridge...

    Hope this helps somehow :)

  3. Hey folks instead of opening a new thread i write here since its corresponding somehow.

    Because those Custom texture thingy seems not to work for me i removed the color from my mask, also deleted the files in my data folder and everything about it in my layers.cfg.

    Now i wanted to reimport my satmask etc. and i noted something very .. erm lets call it bad. You may have noted that i had my beton all over the island instead of where i wanted it. Now i have the same with my woods texture! I dont know why this happens now. Also loaded backups of my mask files (from before customtexture versions). and tried to reimport multiple times now, always with the same result! My Mask is totaly messed up in someway. And i only use 4 colors over the whole island. No idea why the backup wont work :/ I also noticed that when i open the mask files in the layers folder it only has 2 colors! I really could cry guys... Any idea what the heck is causing this?!?

  4. Hey there, next version will definitly come :) MR. Peanut already sended me the intro file (thanx mate). I am still thinking about redoing the Plant stuff with World Tools but im not sure yet because i think it might ruin the flair. Most annoying things are the bridges that are still buggy. I tried to create a custom bridge but im simple not able too. I dont have the time to learn it because i do a lots of things in my Clan and also post News on an Arma2 Community Site. Besides that i have a real life too :P As you might know i worked on my other island project "cicada" and thought about how i could enhance ovaron with the things ive learned while working on it. So once its finished i will try to optimice ovaron as good as i can. For example i want to redo all roads, delete more of those double objects and get all bridges back in and working. However since i had a very weird bug after reinstalling my windows it will take a bit. I still have 1 or 2 p3d errors which will take a lot of time. Have to export everything and delete those bad models in the text files before reimport :/

    Regarding those .rpt errors: Snake Man once mailed me how to fix it. And i really apreciate that. But i cant simple delete the configs from bis. As an Island creator i need to use the configs that are inside the bis.pbo's addons to make everythink work like ladders ,doors etc. It is also an important step that you can read in every tutorial about island creation. The only thing i did in the last version was to delete all configs that i definitly dont need. That was all.

    I dont know why the map doesnt seem to run on some servers. It works fine on our 3 servers and on some other server i know. Like those from the PH-Clan (Greetz Guys :) ).

    So if anybody know how to fix those feel free to tell me and i will do. I really dont know it sorry folks.

  5. Double checked all .Rvmats they are all right. Might be that i copied the grass one. But it was suggested to do so in the tutorial and since i repathed all it shouldnt happen i think :/

    However it did not use that material editor to edit the rvmats. Just use the good old notepad but i dont think that could make a difference... i mean its just about some paths right?

  6. Okay i check that later this evening. I already reimported mask and sat textures (cleared the layers folder before that). That did not solved it.

    Btw. can someone tell me how to create a grid in photoshop? ^^

    ---------- Post added at 11:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:28 PM ----------

    Okay i made this grid stuff in photoshop, no more than 4 textures per segment. Anymore ideas?

  7. arma2oa2010111620125240.th.jpg

    There it is. I hope this screenshot is good enough. The Beton Texture should only be under the Runway and the Roads on my Island, but it is overwriting the grass on the whole Island and not just next to the Runway. For me it looks like the grasstexture is not being loaded anywhere, instead i get the custom one. So i guess its not about having more then 4 textures per segment because if it would be so i only should get this on some areas right?

  8. Hey folks its me again :)

    And again i have some troubles, this time with custom textures :/

    I used Betons Ground Texture Tutorial to create my very first custom texture.

    So i made a custom Concrete Texture to put it under my roads and the main Airfield. But somehow it replaces my textures for the grass too and i have absolutly no idea why it does!

    I did this things in my files:

    Added this to config.cpp:

    class CMRbeton : Default {

    access = ReadOnly;

    files = "cmrbeton_*";

    rough = 0.01;

    dust = 0.01;

    soundEnviron = "concrete_ext";

    character = "Empty";

    soundHit = "concrete";

    Copied a Rvmat and changed its pathes like this:









    class Stage1




    class uvTransform








    class Stage2




    class uvTransform








    And of course i put it in my my layers config:

    class cmrbeton


    texture = "cmr\cmr_cicada\data\cmrbeton_mco.paa";




    class Legend



    class Colors


    /// color names should correspond to surface layer names








    My mask_lco is using the right color for it. Double checked that.

    Anybody has an idea what i made wrong? Tell me if you need pictures.

    Please help :)

  9. Hey Folks. Thx for the Update. I noted its a bit smaller then the first BAF-Patch. However i installed OA 1.55 and the old patch. Now i used your updated patch but im still not able to connect to our Gameserver :/ Tells me Wrong version. I have 1.55 and our server does have it too. Any help?

    Edit: I took my BAF out of the Arma2 Folder and tried it again. I still cant connect! Oo

    Edit: Oh forget what i just wrote. I forgot to take the old beta out of my Arma2Launcher :D (I feel so dumb^^)

  10. Well there are some parts with large forests. However the areas with not much trees are intended. Im still working on a city, after that i go into more details and place more bushes etc. for good cover / ambushes .Maybe i still add some trees after first MP tests on our Clan-Servers so lets just wait and see where it leads to :)