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  1. Thanks for your Replies and Bug-Reports guys.

    Im already polishing some things up.

    The footpaths in the cities are something i work on. I want to add some to Nanchuk.

    Regarding the carrier, i made some tests even if the parts allign perfectly i fell trough on the forward part. But i hope i get it fixed in someway.

    The Aircraft Elevator at the End of the Carrier is not really missing. I just did not want it there :) The Reason for that is to insert your own working Elevator for Missions there.

    Take a look at what i mean:

    Cheerz :)

  2. Hi everyone,

    this is a small Tutorial to get you all started with Keypoints and make your Island MSO-Compatible and beyond.

    Since im not very good in this kind of stuff i try to make it short and step per step.

    Make sure your kptypes.dat is Up-to-Date and that you have one.

    If you dont have this file, create it by simple making a new Textfile.

    In this File write the following:























    Save the file and change the Extension to .dat , make sure you put this file in your Visitor3 folder.

    Fire up Visitor3 and your Island.

    Click on your Objects-Panel and choose Key points.

    Now simply double click on your Map to create a new point, a new window should open here.

    Lets take a look at some of the options there. Most of them are pretty selfexplaining.

    Class name : Make sure you write something meaningful in if it is something

    importent like a CityCenter , watch out that you have no classname twice and never ever use spaces there!

    Radius A/B : Size of the Marker, also tells the Game from what distance you can read stuff on the Map ingame.

    Type : Look at the Picture below how they look (you will only see markers here that actually get displayed)


    The last four Keypoints should not get names ;) They dont need them anyway.

    Display Text: This is what gets displayed in your Ingame Map, you can use spaces here.

    Properties : This one is importent for the CityCenter Marker.

    Now lets go a bit deeper into the rabbithole ;)

    You might wonder if the Markers like Vegetation-xy or Hill are useful or just eyecandy. Well infact they are both.

    A mission maker can decide for example to create an ambush at the proximity of those markers if you get close enough to them.

    This makes the mission more dynamic again. And it also applies for all other markers even those you don't see on the map so please use them.

    Explanation of Important Markers:

    - FlatArea for setting up large camps (MHQ Spawnpoint at the start of a Warfare/CTI Mission)

    - FlatAreaCity for bunkers (Spawnpoints in Warfare/CTI Missions)

    - StrongpointArea for MG Nests or Roadblocks (Strongpoints for Respawn in Warfare/CTI)

    - FlatAreaCitySmall for UAV terminals/Field Hospitals, etc.

    - CityCenter to enable Ambient Civilians, Ambient Traffic, and Ambient Vehicles (if properties are defined)

    The first five should be somewhat clear with the explanation, however here you can see a nice little picture of how they are set up in a town in chernarus. Note how the neighbors get marked in grey lines. They are connected with other CityCenters you wont see on that picture.

    Also note that there is only 1 FlatAreaCity in the Town for the Mainbunker (in CTI the one you cap the town with).

    You can also see some FlatAreaCitySmall Markers around the Town with StrongpointArea's in the proximty, these would be Medictents (FlatAreaCitySmall) in a Warfare and Strongpoints where you can respawn (StrongpointArea).


    Now we need to focus a bit on the Citycenter.

    The CityCenter marker is enough do get cars spawned, but not civilians or cartraffic around the Island.

    This is done by the properties. We have to define what kind of civilians we like to spawn here and what its neighbors are.

    demography[] = {"CIV",0.5,"CIV_RU",0.5};

    This definition tells the game what kind of civs you want in that city.

    The example above would be a town with 50% russians and 50% cherna-civs

    ALICE creates CIVs and CIV_RU if the demography is blank. ALICE2 creates BIS_TK_CIV if left blank.

    Civilian Classes:

    CIV = Chernarussis

    CIV_RU = Russians

    BIS_TK_CIV = Takistanis

    neighbors[] = {"citycenter1","citycenter2"};

    This tells the game what the cities in the neighborhood are, make sure you write in the classname of the other citycenter and not the cityname.

    In this example the game will send cars from this citycenter position to the citycenters with the classnames citycenter1 and 2.

    Now if everything fits your needs go save the .wrp of your island.

    Take a look in your Island Folder, a new "yourisland".hpp should have been created with all the marker information in it. Check if all looks fine.

    You can now copy its content in your config.cpp under your classnames entry, or you can simply include your .hpp file in the config.cpp

    with this command: #include "yourisland.hpp"

    To get an idea of how certain markers are used i would advice you to take a look at Wolffy,au's crB_LocationObjectsDemo which you can download here:


    At this point you should be able to do most markers yourself. Feel free to use them as much as you can/like.

    The more Markers you have the more dynamic missions can be that make use of them.

    I hope this tutorial helps you a bit and that you take your time to improve your maps with it. It's worth it.

    Special Thanks to Wolffy.au who helped alot with figureing this all out.

  3. Thank you for the replies so far :)

    Im already working on a new Version with the help of some folks. I will take a look at the carrier problem. Did not experienced that fall through the carrier myself yet.

    What do you exactly mean with the textures from grass to sand? The squareiness? Hard to get rid of since it would need a even bigger Satmask and Lco_mask. But i will see if i can turn it up a little. My PC is a bit limited when it comes to Image Files larger than 10240*10240 Pixels ;)

  4. Island Cicada v1.2 Release.

    Download Links at the bottom.










    - 10*10km Terrain

    - Island itself is ca. 6*6km big

    - Easteuropean architecture

    - Nice Mix of Beaches and Cliffs

    - Pinewoods, Green Valleys and nice green Trees

    - 1 Capitol

    - 3 Cities

    - 7 Villiages,

    - 1 Big Military Airport ; 1 Dirtstrip for Civilian Airtraffic

    - 1 Military Camp

    - and lots more to discover...




    - Added island Intro

    - ILS System fixed


    - Removed Carrier due to strange bug

    - Traffic Module should work

    - Market in Palmino fixed

    - Smoothed out some weird beach parts

    - Bridge at Drozhino slightly adjusted

    - some minor fixes


    - First public Version

    - All modules should work right except for the Civilian Traffic Module.

    - No Island Intro so far



    L3DT Pro, Wilbur, Photoshop, MSPaint, Visitor 3 and my Brain



    My thanks for their support go out to the following people:

    Bohemia Interactive Studios



    Bad Benson



    The Arma2 Map Makers Channel

    All beta testers

    And everybody else i forgot :)

    Download-Links v1.2:

    Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13631

    Arma2Base: http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=3260

    Rapidshare: https://rapidshare.com/files/459829839/Island_Cicada1.2.rar

    ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/island-cicada/downloads

  5. To make it short: ArmA II: Reinforcements is for Operation Arrowhead 1.56 upwards only.

    It is no "standalone Addon" lieke OA was. You will get the same content thats is already available as a DLC, the only difference is it's on a DVD.

    It is standalone according to BIS (http://www.arma2.com/gameplay/arma-2-reinforcements-features_en.html)

    Arma 2: Reinforcements is a standalone expansion pack to Arma 2. It does not require the original Arma 2 or Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

  6. So the new standalone DVD "Arma 2: Reinforcements" includes a light version of OA + DLC BAF (full) + DLC PMC (full) + RC 1.58 (for veryfastmovers)?

    I wonder too what exactly it contains, i would guess that maybe the campaigns and missions from a2 and oa are missing but you still have all you need to enjoy MP Games. Pricing would make sense then.. However any official statement about what precisly is in it from a2/oa and what not? I guess more people are confused about this.

  7. Nope Oktyabr, i have the same issue on my test swamp... so it should not be the card ;)

    Berghoff if it helps you this is what i see in my .log file.

    brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_3.p3d: wrong land flags 800

    brg_africa\brg_jungle_groundcover_1.p3d: wrong land flags 800

    SW keep height animation used for brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_1.p3d

    brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_1.p3d: wrong land flags 800

    brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_5.p3d: wrong land flags 800

    brg_africa\brg_jungle_groundcover_2.p3d: wrong land flags 800

    SW keep height animation used for brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_2.p3d

    brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_2.p3d: wrong land flags 800

    and some screens:





    (Screenshots taken from same spot and rapidly taken within a second)

  8. I wish I could figure out what format you have to save projects as though... I've tried a bunch of stuff and no file ever shows up??? Maybe saving projects isn't included yet?

    I have the same problem saving projects too, but Shezan is already informed.

    Lets hope he finds the issue quickly. You could help him with that by sending him the WorldTools Log-File :)

  9. Hey Folks,

    i have some good news for all of you who have troubles with the loading time when starting buldozer.

    After a lot of testing which literaly took some hours we came to a simple solution to that problem^^

    Fire up V3 , go to Tools -> System Preferences.

    In the line "Command to launch realtime viewer (buldozer) type in the following: -exthreads=0

    This decreased my actuall load time from 24minutes to less then 3minutes :yay:

    As far as i know the quicker load time has been confirmed for V.1.54 ; 1.57 and 1.58RC.

    I hope this helps alot of you Mappers outthere :)

    Special thanks to:

    Kju, Gnome, Tupolov Kartografski and Bushlurker

  10. I had problems with indexed colors and do it a bit different.

    See this as a small tip for Photoshop ;)

    Load your Picture and look for the posterize option and type in something like 4. (I do so)

    After that you will only have some colors left. Maybe one color even changed but you can easily change that one back with colormask and repainting it :) Works great for me.

    (Btw. I always have a bit more then 4colors,(some 480 to be exact :P) but visitor ignores them for me)

  11. //peaks are like mountains instead of the soft rolling hills that I saw in L3DT's 3D editor

    Make sure that the Values in L3DT for Vertical Range match your terrain.pbl

    (Operations-Heightfield-Change Vertical Range)

    That usually does it for me. On the opposite i inport a .png greyscale file in visitor instead of .xyz

    Besided that Horizontal Scale (m) in L3DT should match your Grid. I get good results by doing so.

    Edit: lol 3 Ppl posting at the same Time. Now if that aint helpfull :)

  12. @Darkxess

    The readme tells you what it does remove.


    Arma2P removes any relevent P:\folder before extractions begin.






    So basically anything that gets updated to the newest version.

    Your personal folders are not touched! Unless you put something in there^^


    Nothing really special.. except for the nice bunker and the v-type powergridthingy...

    The rest are some buildings that are already in arma2 execpt that they have different textures on them.

    If you like i can PM you a Textfile with the Objectnames of the PMC_Structures

  13. You can also try Mikeros Arma2P: Tool.

    It will setup your P-Drive correctly according to what Expansions/DLC's you use.

    I did it just 1 week ago or so.. great tool :)

    Source: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/mikero-pbodll/files

    Just make sure you install the latest DePbo, ExtractPbo and ConvertP3D with it.

    Forgetting one can result in some errors which was my cause for some trouble..


    There seem to be some troubles when using an arma2oa.exe beyond v1.54.

    Since Arma2P uses the available files from your Arma2\Folder it will replace the buldozer.exe with an the one you have there which if you have patched (i assume so) would be arma2oa.exe v 1.57.

    Im trying out the new beta.exe build 78188 today and leave a message here if that one works well.

    Edit: Tried it out, after 10minutes of loading i finally quit buldozer, wasnt responding too according to the taskmanger.


    If you want to do it manually here's a pic of my P:CA\ folder :)


  14. Well i dont know where you can change the export format options in l3dt.

    Never needed it since its always in 8bit RGB when i export. (I looked in the options, but did not find anything in my short overview)

    I would suggest you download GIMP (its free) and open the satmap with it.

    Im pretty sure you can change the color palette there with a few clicks and then save as non-interlaced.