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  1. I guess this is about adding a runway to arma2 in visitor?

    I just doin this now. Is that all handled with a config? to avoid that bumby terrain under the tarmac? If yes, could u please give me the Link for that page with that //ILS stuff?

    And maybe an example for the config? :)

    Would be really nice


  2. My Config now:

    Terrain grid size 2048*2048

    Terrain Cell Size 5m

    Sat Grid is at : 6144 because it does not want to take bigger ones :(

    That always runs with an error.

    @SnakeMan my map is intended to be that small. But i have no errors so far when testing things out in Arma2. Looks quite good too :)


    Only Problems that i face now are that i dont know how to make that Runway and how to integrate own addons or addons from other guys (the last just for personal testing)

  3. Just got another error, i hope i dont open a new thread, but i couldnt find anything about it. I readed about L3dt for Terrain generation some days ago and made a new map with it.

    Started a new project with these settings

    Terrain grid size 2048*2048

    Terrain Cell Size 5m

    Sat Grid: 8192

    Everything worked fine so far. When i placed a road part in the middle, it still worked, but when i moved it more north i got this error


    Looks like i just happens when i go up north. Any Suggestions how to fix that or what i made wrong???

    ---------- Post added at 07:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:05 PM ----------

    Okay i changed the Heightmap (Terrain Grid size) to 1024*1024

    and imported it again. Tested it and it works!

    Dont know why it does not on higher Res.

    Well i go work with that now, i hope this helps others who get this Problem.

    However i would still like to know what causes that bug :)

  4. Hey Guys.

    Im trying the half day to fix a bug in my map, i pretty sure i read something about it somewhere but i cant find it again.

    So i hope someone can help me with this !


    As you can see the Terrain disapears in the mid/far...

    I have no idea what to do anymore :(

    P.s. Have to fix Satmap... Looks like an Alienplanet somehow :P

    P.p.s. the map looks fine in visitor!

  5. Thanks for your fast replies.


    I knew i forgot something. I readed that .rvmat thing somewhere else already.

    But i did not renamed the Png.s i converted them with Texview.. (Or is it just renaming them??) Well whatever i take the normal pngs instead now.

    To your other Peoples thanks for your advice, I will delete all now and reinstall it.

    This time without the SampleModels and the spaces in the Folder Name.

    I hope this time i get it right :)

  6. Hi folks, i also got Problems with the Binarizing.

    I just reinstalled everything yesterday for the 10th time!

    But i got still Problems :/

    Well but i writed everything down i did. So i hope you can tell me where i made the error.

    Now for what i did:

    I created a folder in the root of drive C:\ called "BIS TOOLS 2"

    I then created a new Folder in that "BIS TOOLS 2" Folder named "ArmaWork"

    In that folder i created a new one called "ca"

    Looks like this C:\BIS TOOLS 2\ArmaWork\ca\

    Now i put all the .pbo`s and .bisign's from Arma2\Addons folder in it (roughly 10gigs) and extracted them with "ExtractPbo.exe" from Mikero. (

    Just drag and dropped them on the extractpbo.exe from mikero which i copied over there too, i did that not with the .bisigns)

    My UnPBO.dll is in the System32 folder of Windows.

    NOTE* In created a Plants2 Folder in my Armawork\ca\ folder and put the decyrpted Plants2_bush , clutter , misc etc in them and removed the Plants2 in front of the foldernames.

    Looks like that: armawork\ca\Plants2\Clutter





    Same with Buildings2_Ind_CementWorks...

    Looks like this: armawork\buildings2\Ind_CementWorks\

    NOTE* There is even a $PBOPREFIX$ in it that tells me to do so.

    NOTE2* Its the Same for the Chernarus_data and _data_layer folder. They belong to ca\Chernarus\ but since im not using them i leave them where they are

    I entpacked the ca.pbo in a different folder on C:\ called BINTEST and moved the unpacked DATA Folder and the config.cpp and $PBOPREFIX$ inside my armawork\ca\ folder

    Now i started the Install Suite for BI_Editing_Tools_2 and installed them to C:\BIS TOOLS2

    After that i extracted the ARMA_SampleCharactersAnimals; ARMA_SampleModelsEnvironmentOther and ARMA_SampleVehiclesWeapons and put the Extracted Data to

    my Armawork\ca folder overwriting everything!

    Now i copied the old BISSAMPLE MAP in the ca: folder knowing that it wont binarize because of the errors in the config.cpp of that map. lol ^^

    Well i followed the Arma2 Terrain tutorial from here and created the TUT namespace in my root of Armawork and copied the .cpps from armawork\ca to the tutnamespace

    with the xcopy *.cpp P:\<YourNamespace>\ca\ /S /Y command , actually i took the copy_cpp.bat.

    NOTE* I read some about this UnRapify in some Threads but i dont have any .bins after unpbo'ing the addons or after doing that copy_cpp.bat thing

    The only .bin files i found are in P:\Dta and P:\Bin

    After that i copied the TUT_Samplemap in the TUT Namespace so it looks like P:\TUT\TUT_SampleMap

    Now i followed the Tutorial again starting Visitor3 creating a new map etc. i just got 1 problem at point

    * 4: In the Project parameters window click on Base (active) and

    press the Edit Button. Choose 40x40m Texture size. Apply and close the Project parameters window .

    That only worked after i created the map. I changed it after i klicked okay the first time.

    I now telled visitor where to find the textures for that TUT_Samplemap as described and then imported the Terrain and so on.

    No Errors when loading up Bulldozer. Everything works find so far....

    When i go on to Binarize after that i click on "Pack" after i made the Settings as told in the Terrain Tutorial

    And i get a Error Message just on start ::::

    ERROR in Config p:\tut\ca\a10\config.cpp

    ERROR in Config p:\tut\ca\air\config.cpp

    ERROR in Config p:\tut\ca\air3\config.cpp

    ERROR in Config p:\tut\ca\animals\config.cpp


    Looks like those files i copy there from the ARMA_SampleCharactersAnimals; ARMA_SampleModelsEnvironmentOther and ARMA_SampleVehiclesWeapons Packs :/

    At least the Errors seem to be in the folders from them...

    However, Binarizing still finishes...

    And i dont know why, but this time i could load the map in ARMA2 !! I dont know what i made different this time Oo

    I loaded the map in visitor and made a fly with the cobra.. Textures where fine.

    Funny thing was that when i switched back to Mainmenu the carrier was gone and everything felled into the water

    Well after that i tried it with my already made map

    I changed the configs etc and made a namefolder for me.

    Imported terrain etc and binarized it, with the same config.cpp errors i could load the map for the first time!! *JEEHAAA :P*

    But i had no Textures , the map started with this error: can not load layers\p_000-000_I01_I02_I03_I04.rvmat.

    NOTE* i use textures from the old BISampleMap because i aint got better ones...

    I also converted the .pngs to .paa because it was suggested in a tutorial from opfec.com

    Might that be the cause of the error???

    Thats it, i have to go to some docs now i hope there will be an answer when im back.

    Btw, i had somekind of flickering when i was playing on my map... it was on the borders from water/terrain. Also made some Pics of em.

    I will upload them if needed but i hope you can help me find the errors without them for now.

    Cya Comm.

    P.s. sorry for my english.

    Edit* Sry for the bad grammar, but i wrote this text at night and just copy & pasted it. I hope u still know what i mean^^