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  1. Well i agree that you have to look carefully where to place those warfare-building stuff but im not sure how i could improve this right now since i almost have no time at the moment to work on my stuff. When i got some spare time to look over the issue i will do what i can to fix this, hopefully somebody of our fellow mapping comrades has an idea :)

    thanks for your feedback!

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    That's mine, jeah i thinking of ascii pictures too.

    Besides that i put the text in a text unscrambler here: http://grecni.com/texttwist.php

    maybe its nothing important but it came up with atleast a few words like: "spy", "say", "yay" and "pay" ^^

  3. Does civilian module works with this island? The readme said Traffic module.. is that the JTD traffic module or BIS Ambient civilian vehicle module?

    I tried using ALICE and ALICE2 module, both doesnt seem to spawn civvies. Is that correct?

    I mean the BIS Ambient Modules (SILVIE and ALICE) they both work, i just took a look to be sure. However civs are somewhat rare, i think this was because of some proxies that had to be in the building models. If you want more RL-Feeling try out Wolffy.au's Modules, this will add more civs aswell as alot more traffic on the roads like busses with passengers :)

    http://dev-heaven.net/projects/mso (Mission Framwork containg ambient)

    http://dev-heaven.net/projects/mip (Module Improvment only)

  4. Odd, landing via Autopilot (which is the same the AI does as far as i know) caused no crash at the landing on the mainrunway. Besides that, yup there is definatly a problem with ILS config. I thought its working right since i made it the same way as i did on Ovaron which is working fine. Looks like have to redo it, well atleast i now have a reason to update and include the island intro :)

  5. The Music in the Trailer is: DJ Hell - The Angst

    I dont know if there are any SP Missions right now for the Island Jonney, but if you like i could try to port over some existing ones.

    Btw. not all buildings are enterable, just like rikjuuh said but alot are, besides that you can even climb some rooftops with the help of some ladders i placed ;)

  6. Started working on a switzerland map some weeks ago, making slowly progress since im in a professional retraining.

    Still alot to do as you can see on those pics, like detailtextures, outside terrain texture, clutter, satmap tweaks etc.

    Anybody has some nice alpine huts/buildings btw.? ^^





  7. 		class OutsideTerrain {
    		satellite = "cmr\cmr_cicada\data\s_satout_co.paa";
    		enableTerrainSynth = 1;
    		class Layers {
    			class Layer0 {
    				nopx = "cmr\cmr_cicada\data\cmmtravad1_detail_nopx.paa";
    				texture = "cmr\cmr_cicada\data\cmmtravad1_detail_co.paa";

    Thats the part in your config.cpp

    Correct me if im wrong but the s_satout is the texture you see from the distance and the other 2 are the detail textures you see up close.

  8. Updated Island to v1.1!

    Changelog and Links in First Post.

    Sadly i had to remove the carrier because i could not get that bug fixed. But i think that is nothing bad at all. If you like to start from a carrier to attack or liberate that Island for example you can add it where you want in the editor :)

    I guess the most important things are fixed so far. For those who complained about the satmap, i was not able yet to increase its detail level due to my hardware limitations.

    I hope you like the new footpaths in Milovitz and Nanchuk, i was thinking of adding even more but was somewhat unsure because of the suburban areas, well i can add more at anytime ;)

  9. Nice to hear that some people still like to play on it, after all those great maps that came out since its first release. I should have my Cicada update finished in the next days. Already fixed the Bridge bug posted above. Planning to add full Modulesupport and make this Island MSO-Ready too. Should not take that long :)

  10. You mean that guy in those pictures? Type "exit" in google and let it look for pictures, your be suprised :)

    Btw. juicedk.jpg

    P.s. somehow i cant get those as avatar, they show up in my profile but thats all :/

  11. Sometimes i wonder if people are being spied.jpg on in here :)

    Btw. if you dont want to get banned we can get you jailed.jpg


    P.s. i love the Spammed and Sam'd one, well basically all are great and made me laugh for quite a while :D

  12. Most issues are fixed, Added footpaths to Milovitz and Nanchuk.

    Only issue left is the carrier. Bigger satmap is makeing trouble though, so i cant promise to raise its detaillevel. Besides that, what would you guys think if i take out the carrier so you can place them in the editor where you like to have it?

    @Whiteeraser, i wont add any kind of Industrial complex like on chernarus.

    Wont fit good on the island.

  13. First great Island you do bracer, cant wait to check it out once it done :)

    Second. I would suggest to just add the lines for the Soccer field. Goals are not necessary since in much smaller Stadiums or those for multiple events they get put in storage for use when they are needed. If someone likes to have them in they can script them in :)