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    Half ladder model issue

    Your welcome :)
  2. commander1985

    Half ladder model issue

    Guys there is a working Half-Ladder and a non working. Tested it on my new Project :P Working One: ca\misc\ladder_half.p3d Not Working: ca\misc3\ladderhalf.p3d Greetz Commander
  3. commander1985

    Mask_lco problem

    Maybe a soft color edge? Have you tried reimporting your masks? Have no idea what else could be the Problem....
  4. commander1985

    How do i angle a bridge?

    Yeah thanks Gnat! But one Question about those Bridges. Is there anyway to include them in my Island PBO? They have no Bikey, and i cant change the p3ds itself to set a new Texture Path. ( Yes i know that they are binarised for ..ahem.. Copy Protection :P )
  5. commander1985

    How to remove??

    Well mankyle is partially right, but this runway comes not from ils coordinates. If have ILS working in my map but no runway painted in it. Would like to know how to do that :)
  6. commander1985

    [object]Cargo containers..

    Here: ca\buildings2\misc_cargo\ and here? ca\misc\misc_cargo_cont_net1 (not sure what those are now)
  7. commander1985

    river in height ?

    Well basically its not possible.. But if you want to do a River in a straight (right word?) height you could use the pond.p3d's (i guess that's what some call the fake water)
  8. commander1985

    We need help!

    Thats right we have the American Empire where everybody talks english for them :p ;) But to stay on Topic, Creating a Mountain base like that would mean that you need a lot of new Models and put them piece by piece on the Map. Arma2 Engines does not allow us to carve caves and tunnels into the terrain. But its an interessting idea what you want to do there, hope you find someone who can help you :)
  9. commander1985

    Runways not visible

    Link does not work... If those are Kju's Proper Trees, Structures, Vehicles etc .cpp files they do not work with Runways and Roads. Well they didn't worked for me.
  10. commander1985


    Just one Question: Does a .bisign and a .bikey come with it? Would be a shame if not , there a much good addons out there that a totaly useless for me without them...
  11. commander1985

    Qucik question about work enviroment/vegetation

    Must look like this: P:\CA\plants2\Bush inside that you got your p3d's. If you do so everything will be right.
  12. Hi Guys, im having some really strange Problem with my Map, and i dont know what to do anymore :( I try to describe it. In Arma 1.04 the Map ran fine. Size is 10km * 10km. Settings for the Map where these: Sat_lco: 6144*6144 Pixels Mask_lco: 6144*6144 Pixels Heightmap: 2048*2048 Pixels Project Parameters: Terrain grid size: 2048*2048 Cell Size :5.0 Sat Grid: 128 Texture Layer: 80*80m That Map was running fine with some 600000 Objects. After the patch to Arma2 Version 1.05 the Map was not running anymore. I solved that Problem too and reworked some parts of the map because there where double Objects on the same Place (Trees). But a new Problem occured, the Map laged as Hell! I dont know why because there are much less Objects now (509825). I even changed the Parameters etc. They now look like these: Sat_lco: 2048*2048 Pixels Mask_lco: 2048*2048 Pixels Heightmap: 512*512 Pixels Project Parameters: Terrain grid size: 512*512 Cell Size :20.0 Sat Grid: 192 Texture Layer: 160*160m Even tried 360*360 with Texture Layer but the map wont load anymore with it. I hoped changing Resolution would help but its still lags like Hell. Well its not a Problem on Foot/Car but with Helis and Planes. As i told before i have no Idea anymore, maybe i forgot something... Hopefully Commander....
  13. commander1985

    Strange Map Problem

    Okay it runs great with 40*40 on a Sat-lco with 2048*2048 (or was it 6144*6144?) But now i got that MLOD Error, so i tried it with a 10240*10240 sat-lco,(It was mentioned somewhere that for a 10km*10km Map it should be atleast that big) but that caues lag again and produces that MLOD Error too. This is really annoying since i had all that trouble when i started that map. Still dont know why that patch causes so much trouble to my Map... Any other Ideas ?
  14. commander1985

    Strange Map Problem

    Well i had 80*80 on the first Version and on the reworked one.. My second Parameters just describe how much i went down with everthing... Tried Values: Sat_lco: 6144, 4048, 2048 same for mask_lco Heightmap: 2048, 1024, 512 Well Terraingrid; Cell Size and Sat Grid got changed to, depending on what Sat,- mask,- and heightmap resolution i tried. Tested Texture Layers where these: 80* ; 160* and 360. Well like i told 360* wont load the Map anymore. Well i try 40*40 now, but i dont think that will do, but thanx for your advice.
  15. Got that String Errors too... Doesnt matter at all. It still works. But im eager to see what our Pro-Mappers know about it :)
  16. commander1985

    scar's sa6 port to ARMA2

    Great work! Will you make a bikey ; bisign for it?
  17. commander1985

    Colored lights in my airport

    Or you open op the Ingame Mapeditor and Script them to the right Position. After that you take that Script, put it in your Project, and point to it in the config.cpp :) I not tested something like that, but since you can do scripts and put them in the Map like a Intro that runs in the Menu Background, something like that should be posible.
  18. commander1985

    Arma road generator

    Great to see all this Tools coming up. Cant wait to start a new Map and test em. Sadly i had everything ready on my current Island when these came out, could have saved me alot of time. Anyways, keep up your great work. This Stuff is Amazing!
  19. Maybe that neighbours is some kind of help for the AI? Like driving stuff or something like that. I dont know if CityCenter is for ALICE, but its for sure needed for SILVIE. I think to get ALICE working you need to add that demography stuff to the Town config. So it knows what kind of Peoples to spawn... @Beton I think that Strongpoint Area is definitly for Warfare. Ive seen it in Utes and Chernaruss config files. They seem to be on the exact Positions where the Strongpoints are from the BIS CTI's. I would say they are for automatic strongpoint placement so mission makers dont need to put them manually into their Mission.. But maybe im wrong....
  20. Hi Folks! just got a new problem with my Map. How can i get that Random Car Spawn Modul working with my Map? Do i need some special Keypoints for that? Greetz Commander
  21. What about Photoshop? If you mean editing Heightmap with terrain painting then forget what i said^^ Well i usually use about 4 different applications to do my stuff. (Photoshop, Wilbur, Paint, L3DT Pro)
  22. commander1985

    Problem with... roads :)

    Maybe you used a crossroad as keypart when you started doing a road. Well that was it for me...
  23. @Beton Yep thats right. @IceBreakr Oh really? Never looked at that Oo
  24. Well i finally made it, the Solution is pretty simple. Just create a keypoint and call the type "Citycenter" Example of my .hpp: class CityCenter1 { name=""; position[]={3332.57,5283.64}; type="CityCenter"; radiusA=50; radiusB=50; }; Just put this inside a town and voila! You get Random Cars spawned when using the Silvie Module of Arma 2. Hope this helps some People. Greetz Commander
  25. Copy\Paste??? Guys use the Export\Import Script within Visitor 3 :) Well that works great for me^^