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  1. echo_2-7

    EricJ Release thread

    Looking forward to it then, thanks!
  2. echo_2-7

    EricJ Release thread

    The color and texture details on the Ultimax 100 Mk 3 and 5 seem a little off, do you plan to do a rework?
  3. echo_2-7

    Underwater Warfare?

    After seeing a screenshot of a combat frogman, will we finally swim underwater without dieing? Perhaps there would be some missions where as an EOD diver you have to disarm or detonate sea mines, as well as underwater insertion as a SF Diver. Maybe modders can create real-world frogmen like the Navy Seals. http://www.bistudio.com/images/stories/arma3/screenshots/scr02.jpg
  4. echo_2-7

    What will happen to Stealth chopper wreckage?

    Maybe if ever they revealed the aircraft, we could have one in ArmA 3.
  5. I bought the Reinforcements edition that includes the print map of Takistan, Proving Grounds and Shapur. Is there a similar map for Chernarus?
  6. echo_2-7

    Defence Cuts

    With Britain pulling out from the F-35B, I think Italy and Spain and perhaps India seem to be the only other potential countries to operate it from a carrier besides the US since they are the only countries with experience of seabourne jet VSTOL operations other than Britain and Russia.
  7. echo_2-7

    Defence Cuts

    Well, these cuts sadden me. So that means we won't see any 100% British fighter in the near future, since the Tornado and Typhoon are multi-national aircraft and the F-35 being American-made. I think this would be the first time in recent RAF history that it won't operate a locally-designed and built fighter.
  8. echo_2-7

    Defence Cuts

    Agreed. I still think that the Harrier is useful because of its "first strike" capability as a VSTOL aircraft. That's why I think at the earliest, 2015 is still a better time to retire it because at least the F-35 would be ready and there won't be a shortage of aircraft. As for the Nimrods, Shadows and Sentinels, what do you think would replace them?
  9. echo_2-7

    Defence Cuts

    It is sad to see the Harrier retired from British service so sudden next year after more than 40 years of service. Recently, major powers in the West have such as the US and UK have been carrying defence cuts to save costs due to the financial crisis. However, countries like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and India have increased spending on their militaries. Why are they able to increase their defence spending whereas the West is experiencing defence cuts?
  10. Where can I find the SVD with bipod?
  11. In my Six Updater GUI, all the extra mods like ACEX_USNavy, ACEX_RU, ACEX_SM are marked "to be skipped" by default. I tried to unselect the skip box but when I return to the main menu, it still shows "to be skipped". How do I enable the mods in the configuration file?
  12. echo_2-7

    Windows Version

    Will running A2:CO and other games in general in compatibility mode (e.g. XP instead of Win 7) increase performance like higher fps?
  13. For the mortar teams, where are they classified in the Editor?
  14. How about a replacement skin for the takistani hind with the eyes removed?
  15. echo_2-7

    Takistani Mi-24

    If I wanna remove the eyes, which pbo do I have to open?